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Drakkar Photo

Band Photo: Drakkar (?)

Formed: 1995
From: Milan, Italy
Last Known Status: Active

Drakkar Interviews and Features

Below are our features and interviews with Drakkar.


Drakkar Tells All About "When Lightning Strikes"

Many fans of European power metal, and the Italian scene in general, equate great music with Rhapsody Of Fire. However, were you aware that one Italian band, who has been around just as long, has virtually gone unnoticed in the “New World”? In 1997, right around the time that Rhapsody Of Fire, then Rhapsody, was just releasing its “Legendary Tales” album, a band named Drakkar (a variant of the Norse word “Dreker” or Viking long boat) was starting up in Milan and demoing material for what would be the first, and appropriately titled album, “Quest for Glory.” The album was released in 1998 through the Italian record label Dragonheart Records. The band played epic power metal, but with a slightly less symphonic element at the time. They went on to record two more releases with the label, “Gemini” (2000) and “Razorblade God” (2002), with various lineup changes along the way, most notably the addition of vocalist Davide Dell’Orto and keyboardist Corrado Solarino on the latter.

Just as the band became more cohesive and defined with the release of “Razorblade God,” they fell off the face of the earth. The longboat was not seen again until the “Classified” EP, which contained material written just after the tour for “Razorblade God,” was released in 2007. The release was meant to tell the world that the band had not split up as one might have suspected. It took another five long years for the band to release what is arguably the best material they have ever written, in the form of the science fiction concept album “When Lightning Strikes.” With strong label support from My Kingdom Music, the Drakkar seeks to recapture its place in the Italian metal scene, with an even greater eye towards a global attack on the entire epic power metal scene. By reaching into its past with a goal to firmly grasp the future, this more mature group of musicians have not only closed the gap of a ten year absence, but propelled itself forward.

Guitarist/songwriter Dario Beretta and vocalist Davide Dell’Orto checked in with Metal Underground for a light-hearted chat to provide the "tell-all"story of the band and the new release “When Lightning Strikes.” In addition, we break the first in-depth news behind Crimson Dawn, a band that started as a traditional metal project and now resurrected by Dario Beretta as regular epic doom metal band. Crimson Dawn has tapped Betoken frontman Antonio Pecere for vocals.

"When Lightning Strikes" is available now through My Kingdom Music. Metal Underground's review can be found at this location. More...

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