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From: Atlanta, GA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Interview with Kyle Sanders Of MonstrO

Heavy rockers MonstrO released their first album earlier this year. On paper, the group is a newcomer. However, each member has a long resume, playing in numerous, recognized metal bands such as Danzig, Torche, Bloodsimple, Skrew and Jerry Cantrell. The group has a long-standing relationship with Alice in Chains. MonstrO used Chains vocalist William DuVall to produce their debut, self-titled album. Kyle Sanders opened for Alice in Chains on his tour with Bloodsimple, and drummer Bevan Davies sat behind the kit for Jerry Cantrell and with William DuVall in Comes with the Fall.

The vast experience each member brings surely played a role in MonstrO’s myriad sound. The group displays elements of stoner rock, psychedelic, heavy metal, hard rock and grunge. In an effort to describe the band without boxing it into a single sub-genre, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Kyuss are bands that come to mind. The group lists Kyuss as an influence, which makes their current tour with the renamed and revamped Kyuss Lives! all the more sweeter.

Before treading a path to the stage for The Sword and Kyuss Lives! (reviewed here ), arguably the stoner rock tour of the year, MonstrO founder and bassist spoke with Metal Underground from Stubb’s subterranean dressing room in Austin, Texas. The dreadlocked, deep-toned provider enthusiastically stated how grateful he was to open for a band of such admiration, while recalling the closing of a chapter in his life in Bloodsimple, and the opening of a new chapter with MonstrO. More...

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