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Stonehaven Announces West Coast Shows

Midwest black metal legion Stonehaven is pleased to embark upon four special West Coast rituals this week. The Harbingers of Ruin Tour will begin this Thursday and includes two performances at the Northwestern Black Circle Fest IV alongside blackened behemoths Marduk, 1349, Weapon, Ceremonial Castings and more.

Notes the band of the upcoming voyage: “It is often that this time of year we see fit to assert ourselves on the West Coast. With precision and decisiveness we will ravage the shoreline, and we will meet our foes in climax at Portland.”

6/14/2012 CIA – North Hollywood, CA w/ Icon of Phobos, Hordes of Hate, Sein Und Zeit
6/15/2012 Casa Sangre – Oakland, CA w/ Icon of Phobos, Hordes of Hate, Sein Und Zeit
6/16/2012 Northwestern Black Circle Fest IV @ Bossanova Ballroom – Portland, OR
6/17/2012 Northwestern Black Circle Fest IV @ Branx – Portland, OR

Stonehaven will be touring in support of "Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes," released earlier this Spring via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out the track “Suffering The Swine-Array,” currently streaming at Cvlt Nation.

The band commented on the track: “The song details a field battle in the late 800s between Anglo-Saxon defenders and a large force of Danish invaders. During the song, we hear the boasts of three Danish Viking leaders, Kale, Thorstein, and Halfdan, as they break their way through the Saxon lines, and finally, the lament of dying Saxon warrior as he drifts in between the world of the living and the dead. He cries out in shame as he views the victorious dead of the Viking army carted away to the heavens by valkyries, and his own Christian brother laying in the field to rot.”

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Stonehaven To Release New Album

Midwest black metal behemoths Stonehaven are set to unearth their second full-length offering through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on April 20th, 2012. Entitled "Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes," the album was recorded and mixed at Massive Sound Studios in Kansas City by Corey White and mastered by Mike Nolte.

The cover art — a scene meant as a direct correlation to the mood of the record — was crafted by the band’s own Caleb May and depicts late 10th century King Olaf Trygvason of Norway and his men at the Godey Isles, torturing Raud the Strong. The band commented, "Raud was a priest of the local Scandinavian pagan religion, and had refused to convert to Christianity at the point of King Olaf’s sword. Seizing him from his bed at night, they dragged him outside, where Raud refused conversion once more. The king decided he should die the worst of ways publicly to set an example. Thus, Raud was held down and after many attempts — including the use of a drinking horn and hot poker — he was forced to swallow a snake. The title in turn is meant to resemble the tongue-in-cheek chapter titles of many Icelandic Sagas. Two kennings are used, old-strife (representing historical woes) and man-banes (swords). Kennings are a type of old Scandinavian figure of speech found in Sagas and other writing."

“We pride ourselves on our theme and style,” addded the band in a collective statement. “Our album is the end product of years of hard work. It captures the horrors of old world Europe: atrocity, murder, and Norse Heathenism. From aggressive black metal riffs to magnificent Viking melodies, Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes encapsulates a journey into the terrifying past of our ancestors.”

Check out “Addressing a Scorn Pole” at the band’s official Facebook page. More...

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Stonehaven Streaming New Song

U.S. based black metal act Stonehaven has checked in with the following announcement about streaming a new song online:

"A new track entitled 'Addressing the Scorn-Pole" from our forthcoming album has been posted at our bandpage link here on this page.

"More information on the album including its name, album artwork, and the date of its release shall be revealed very soon. Observe!"

Stonehaven also commented on the band's sound and lyrical themes:

"Thematically representing the horrors of old world Europe, atrocity, murder, and Norse Heathenism; Stonehaven delivers a brand of black metal that upholds traditionalism and primitivism, with musical ornamentations cloaking much of their music that intends to reopen a door to the past."

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