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From: Sweden
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Avatar: Portrait Of A Mad Frontman

Thursday, October 2nd saw Avatar, one of the most intriguing and visually arresting metal acts to emerge from Sweden this decade, perform in a support slot for Mushroomhead at Phase 2 in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Well prior to showtime, as early arrivals were casually gathering outside the venue doors, I sat down at a table in the adjacent restaurant with Johannes Eckerström, a true frontman if ever there was one. An outgoing giant of a young man, both in physical height and in spirit, Johannes is the latest in a long line of theatrically-inclined metal figureheads such as Marilyn Manson and King Diamond.

With the donning of trademark ghoulish face paint still a couple hours away, the German-Swedish singer and I were able to relate as contemporaries on a multitude of topics, starting with his band itself and running the gamut from musical nostalgia, to “selling out,” to nü-metal woes, to piracy, to cultural differences, to the “Rock God” myth and the “groupie mentality,” and much more.

We discussed artists as diverse as KISS, Foo Fighters, Christina Aguilera, Black Sabbath, Mayhem, Pink Floyd, Opeth, Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot, In Flames, Rammstein, System Of A Down, Limp Bizkit, Soilwork, Blind Guardian, Devin Townsend, The Beatles, Beethoven, Machine Head, Nine Inch Nails, the Jonas Brothers, and Led Zeppelin.

If ever an interview could be described as a portrait of a person, I daresay it would be this one. I give you Johannes Eckerström of Avatar - unabridged, unedited, and uncensored. More...

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