"some music was meant to stay underground..."


Formed: 1993
From: Melbourne, Australia
Last Known Status: Active


The idea behind Australia's doom metal band Elegeion was initially conceived during 1993 by Anthony (guitar/bass/vocals). After playing a few of the songs in another band throughout 1993 and 1994, Elegeion finally materialized at the beginning of 1995 under the name Transcendence, consisting of Anthony and James (bass).

1996 saw the release of the demo of epic proportions "Induction to Eternal Rest..." which gave rise to interest from several European labels, tape traders and magazines worldwide. 1997 saw the demo's release on MCD by Candlelight Records under the title "Odyssey into darkness", aptly described as "gothic / classical metal with the emphasis on trance-like, hypnotic riffs with powerful operatic female vocals and mournful violins".

In 1998/99, rehearsal tapes and a demo of the new album was recorded. Line-up changes occurred in 2000 resulting in Elegeion consisting solely of the main songwriter Anthony Kwan.

The quest of Elegeion is to discover a beauty. One that transcends the boundaries of aestheticism. One which is expressed through sound, and captures the purest of all emotions, and delves through the darkest recesses of the mind. Elegeion attempts to capture the savagery, torment and solitude of this emotion through natural resonance and reverberation to achieve a brilliant, vast atmosphere.

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Elegeion Update

Long running Melbourne Doom band Elegeion have just completed recording and mixing their second album at Nesci Recording Studios in Adelaide, for record label Modern Invasion Music. The album is entitled ‘The Last Moment’. The line-up for the album is Anthony - Guitar / Bass / Vocal, Dieudonnee - Piano / Vocal, James - Drums / Bass / Acoustic Guitar.

Members from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra were also used. The band are now working on artwork with Travis Smith (of Opeth, Katatonia and Death CD cover fame). The new release is expected to be out in August.

For more information, check out moderninvasionmusic.com.

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