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Callenish Circle

Formed: 1992
From: Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active

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In Search Of...The Best Underground Metal Songs

The vast, expansive world of underground metal can leave even the most persistent headbanger’s music collection lacking of many of the industry’s finest songs. With the depths of MySpace and the many other music sites which lend themselves to the exploration of one’s musical tastes, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to dig up the finest metal gems. Moreover, some metal fans so deeply embed themselves in one sub-genre that they might be missing some truly great stuff. This brief guide is intended to give you, the metalhead, a reference to some of those songs that “make” an album, that rattle around in your head for hours, and that warrant a deeper exploration of a band’s entire body of work. Furthermore, newer metalheads will find a few older songs from current big-name artists that are worthy of tracking down. More...

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Ex-Genetic Wisdom Members Launch Why She Kills

The sensational new Dutch metal machine featuring two female vocalists and 4 ex-Genetic Wisdom members, WHY SHE KILLS have recorded their first EP, expected to be released on September 7th 2006.

WHY SHE KILLS came to life in March 2006. The Dutch six piece featuring Ronny Scholten (ex Sacrosanct drums), Peter Slootbeek (lead guitars), Ralph Roelvink (guitars, also Callenish Circle touring bass player) and Gerrit Knol (ex Sacrosanct)–all ex Genetic Wisdom –and eye catchers (the blonde) Janneke van Berkel (vocals/growls) and Imke Kuipers (vocals) are fully armed and ready to deliver some fury.

The press release reads: "The introduction of Janneke and Imke means a very fresh, unique and new approach of the aggressive and melodic 'newcore' this outfit brings to your ears. Battling over vocal ground these two 'bitches in disguise' will bring it all; the grunts, the screams, melodic clean vocals and sisterly harmonics. The experienced musicians delivering the music are widely influenced coming from classic Bay Area thrash all the way to modern metalcore and melodic death metal. Yes, it's cooking with lots of different spices in the WHY SHE KILLS kitchen! Their one and only motto however is; brutality and melody'."

WHY SHE KILLS has worked hard the past weeks. Together with producer Arno Krabman (Wackmobil, Lange Frans baas B) and Nienke de Jong (Autumn) the band recorded their "Of Hope and Suffocation" EP at the Graveland Studio. "Of Hope and Suffocation" is currently available for FREE download now at the band's myspace page.

The "Of Hope and Suffocation" tracklisting comprises:

1. Demise of Your Crown
2. A Lover's Poetry
3. Of Hope and Suffocation
4. Spasm of Violence [to be continued….]

WHY SHE KILLS continues talking to labels that already showed interest and the first string of live dates will be announced shortly. The band hopes to release their debut full length in the second half of 2007.

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Callenish Circle To Support CoF In Holland

Dutch melodic death metallers CALLENISH CIRCLE have been confirmed as the support atc for CRADLE OF FILTH on their only Benelux club date on Thursday, June 1 at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

CALLENISH CIRCLE's new album, "[Pitch.Black.Effects]", was released in the U.S. in January via Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2003's "My Passion // Your Pain" was recorded at aRe U Recordings in Holland under the supervision of producer Gail Liebling (mastermind behind GAIL OF GOD). The final mix was done at Antfarm Studio in Denmark with Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, ILLDISPOSED, MNEMIC). Mastering duties were handled once again by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound in Germany. Last but not least, the complete artwork was created by Danish artist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of Cadaverman Media.

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Five More Bands Confirmed For Bloodstock Open Air

Five more bands have been confirmed for BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR, which takes place on 14th-15th July 2006. The festival, in its second year, will offer the UK an equivalent show to the major European Metal Festivals, albeit on a smaller scale for a 5000 capacity. However all the things you would expect from such a festival will be present. Food, Stalls, Camping, Beer tent (housing the second stage) with Metal Karaoke up to 2am each night for those of you who can stand 14 hours of metal per day.

The following bands were just confirmed for Bloodstock Open Air 2006:

Metal Church (Friday)
Callenish Circle (Saturday)
Headless Cross
Pitiful Reign

and The UK's own THRASH TILL DEATH TOUR appearing on STAGE 2 on Friday 14th July.

The full BOA lineup currently consists of: More...

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Callenish Circle Ready New Album, Post Song Online

Callenish Circle are to release new album '[Pitch.Black.Effects]' through Metal Blade on November 14. A track from the record, 'Ignorant', has been posted online at their MySpace page

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Callenish Circle Finish New Album

Holland's most deadly Death/Thrash formation Callenish Circle recently finished the recordings of their new (and 5th) album. The new album is titled "[ Pitch.Black.Effects ]" and it was recorded at aRe U Recordings in Holland under supervision of producer Gail Liebling. The final mix was done at the well-known Antfarm Studio in Denmark with Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Illdisposed, Mnemic). Mastering duties were handled again by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound in Germany. Last but not least, the complete artwork was created by Danish art talent Mircea Gabriel Eftemie at Cadaverman Media.

Official statement from guitar player Ron on the new album: More...

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Callenish Circle Begin Recording Vocals

Callenish Circle has checked in with this studio update:

Studio report take V : vocal recordings (by Pat) !
At last it was my turn in studio. On day 1 we started with the song ‘Sweet Cyanide’. This one is most in line with the faster songs on MP//YP, containing a very catchy chorus. Next up was ‘This Day You Regret’. Since this will be the opening song it needed some extra attention. Gail (producer) and I worked out some really great vocal lines and experimented with different vocals styles and cool effects. On the 2nd day we recorded ‘As You Speak’, ‘Blind’ and ‘Behind Lines’. Even though it was a very long recording day everything went pretty smooth. Now I had a couple of days off. A very welcome break cause after 2 days of intense recordings my vocal cords got slightly irritated and needed some rest. On day 3 we started with ‘Guess Again’ and this turned out to be the most intense, extreme and over the top vocals I ever recorded. Luckily the other song that day was less intense cause I am not sure if I would have succeeded to record another song in the vein of ‘Guess Again’. For \'Black Sear\' I only had to record the couplets since the choruses will be sung by Kaleen (Gail of God). Again a few days rest and again a welcome break cause one of the last songs I needed to record was only finished during the last few rehearsals and even partly in the studio. So also the vocal lines for this song still needed to be worked out for the biggest part. Nevertheless ‘Ignorant’ turned out to be a killer song. Last song in the schedule of day 4 was ‘Self-Inflicted’, by far the slowest song on the album. All in all I can say I am extremely satisfied with the vocal recordings and also the cooperation with producer Gail went absolutely great. We really worked out some amazing vocal lines and also experimented a lot with different vocal styles (no clean vocals, don’t worry!!!) and great sound effects. Gail definitely has some great ideas when it comes to recording vocals. Next week Ron and Gail will head to Denmark to mix the album with Tue Madsen at his already legendary Antfarm Studio.

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Callenish Circle Replace Bassist

Guitarist Ronny Tyssen of the Dutch melodic death metallers CALLENISH CIRCLE has posted the following recording update on the band's official web site:

"After playing guide guitar in order to help Gav [Gavin Harte] getting the drums on tape, it was up to Gail (producer) to do some editing on the recorded tracks. After that I was the chosen victim to show my abilities on the six-stringed axe. The first day we spent a couple of hours trying to find the guitar sound we had in mind. After trying some different set-ups and guitars, we definitely succeeded finding exactly what we wanted. I started recording the first of the 36 guitar tracks (nine songs with four basic guitars per song). I must say this went pretty smooth, so after three days of a little blood, minor sweat and just a few teardrops I finished the basic tracks of one guitar. For the other guitar's basic tracks we had to find another sound fitting to the already recorded one. Again we tried several set-ups before we were satisfied. And satisfied we were! The sounds match perfectly and are causing a big smile on my face every time I hear it. Playing the other guitar parts again took three looooong days. Respect to Gail and Rene (assistent studio engineer) for making such an amount of studio hours a day. Now it was time to play the clean, acoustic, melodic and solo guitars. The solo guitars were partly recorded by Muuk [guitarist Remy Dieteren]. After three (again long) days of experimenting with sounds, riffs, little extra’s and listening the songs over and over again we finally got to see some daylight again. With all guitars on tape, knowing it shreds big-time, I can get some decent sleep for the first time in weeks. But hearing the result, it must say it was definitely worth it. Next up is Maurice (Engine of Pain) recording the basslines. Maurice replaces Rocco [Rene 'Rocco' Rokx] (who is not a member of CALLENISH CIRCLE anymore) in the studio. More news about that soon..."

CALLENISH CIRCLE are recording their fifth album at a studio in The Netherlands with producer Gail Liebling (mastermind behind GAIL OF GOD). The mix will be done at Antfarm Studio in Denmark with Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, ILLDISPOSED, MNEMIC). Mastering duties will be handled by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound in Germany. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Sweet Cyanide", "This Day You Regret" and "As You Speak". The album will include a bonus DVD, featuring a professionally recorded (audio & visual) live show (filmed at the 013 venue in Tilburg), a home video of the band's trip to the Piorno Rock Festival in Spain, and a studio report of the recordings of their upcoming album. A November release via Metal Blade Records is expected.

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Callenish Circle Issue Album Update

Callenish Circle have posted this message on their official website:

Last couple of months we have been working very hard on our new (and meanwhile 5th) studio album. So far we have written the complete basics of 6 new tracks and we have plenty of cool material & ideas left for the rest of the album. It's just a matter of putting the right ideas into song structures and work out the details. Some of the new song-titles are "This Day You Regret", "Sweet Cyanide" and "As You Speak". The recordings for the new, yet untitled, album are scheduled in May & June over here in The Netherlands with Gail Liebling (mastermind behind Gail of God). The mix will be done in Denmark with Tue Madsen (a.o. the Haunted, Illdisposed and Mnemic) at the well-known Antfarm Studio. Last but not least the album will be mastered by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound in Germany. At the moment we haven't decided on the artist for the artwork yet. The new material music wise... welL... just imagine the best of what we did on both Metal Blade albums, add some really cool groovy parts and combine this already deadly cocktail with some high-tech wacky soundscapes, delivered by mr. Liebling himself. Furthermore the new album will feature a bonus DVD with a lot of cool video footage. On this bonus DVD there will be featured a completely professional (audio & visual) recorded live-show (recorded at the 013 venue in Tilburg), a home-video of our trip to the Piorno Rock Festival in Spain, a studio-report of the recordings of our upcoming album and some other interesting stuff. The release is scheduled for November on Metal Blade Records again. After the release we will also hit the road again to promote the album at the live front.

Thrashing regards,

Pat on behalf of Callenish Circle.

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Callenish Circle Set US Release Date

Candlelight Records confirms January 25 as the US release date for "Forbidden Empathy," a 2cd retrospect from Holland's Callenish Circle. Featuring 29 songs that chronicle the five-piece's complete and previously unavailable early recordings, the special-priced release is a must have for stateside fans of the melodic metal band.

Callenish Circle recorded their first and only demo, titled "Lovelorn," in 1995. Produced by Han Swagerman (The Gathering), it swiftly sold-out its limited 1000 pressing. The band's full-length debut, "Drift of Empathy," would follow in 1996 and successfully thereafter the band's "Escape" EP and 1998's impressive "Graceful Yet Forbidding." All, however, failing to reach via proper channels, stateside fans curious about the dutch band. Commenting on the stateside release singer Patrick Savelkoul says, "definitely in the US these recordings were extremely hard to find, so we are very excited that our fans in the US will be able to buy all our previous material in one single buy for the price of a regular CD."

Formed in 1992, Callenish Circle have released four full length albums and have performed at numerous high profile festival performances - including Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, European Ozzfest. The band are currently writing for their fifth album, expected sometime late 2005.

"Forbidden Empathy" track listing: More...

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Anata To Support Dismember In Europe

Earache Records report that Tech-Death upstarts ANATA have been confirmed as main support for a three week European tour with fellow Swedes DISMEMBER later this year.

Anata will be bringing their unique Death Metal take on the overly populated Noise-core scene to venues across Germany, The Netherlands and also three UK shows which will be unveiled shortly.

In other Anata related news, the band's debut video shot last month in Sweden for 'Entropy Within' will be online soon.

The confirmed Dismember/Anata dates include: More...

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Dismember To Tour Europe And South America

Dismember will be intensively touring Europe & South America after the summer to promote their latest album "Where Ironcrosses Grow." The band also launched a brand new website to be found at: www.dismember.se.

Tour dates: More...

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Callenish Circle To Re-issue Old Material

Holland's premiere Death/Thrash-formation Callenish Circle will re-issue their complete pre Metal Blade Records history on a 2-CD !!!

The 2-CD is entitled 'Forbidden Empathy' and the release-date is set on the 20th of September through Karmageddon Media.

Brand new cover-artwork was designed by Swedish art-wizard Niklas Sundin @ Cabin Fever Media (a.o. In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity).

All recordings were digitally remastered by Berthus Westerhuis @ Franky's Recording Kitchen in Holland.

Official statement from the band: More...

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