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Exsanguination Throne

Formed: 2005
From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Exsanguination Throne News

Below is our complete Exsanguination Throne news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Accused Killer Of Drummer Uploads Facebook Photo

Currently serving a year of county jail while awaiting trial, or 'preventive prison' as it's deemed in the Dominican Republic, one of the accused murderers of Exsanguination Throne drummer Jose Carlos 'Shiva' Hernandez recently showed his fringe benefits while in custody. Jorge 'La Maldad' Mancebo uploaded photos to his Facebook page in a sign of hubris, demonstrating that he not only has a cellphone but a tattooing gun behind bars. The uncle of Shiva, Tito Hernandez, had the following to say (translated to English):

"This is indignant, offensive and hurtful. One of the murderers of my nephew Jose Carlos and leader of the gang of thugs 'Los Mega Metal' uploaded a Facebook photo from the Najayo Correctional Center, essentially laughing at authorities and the suffering of our family." Tito Hernandez has brought this to the attention of two politicians, Francisco Domínguez Brito and Yeni Berenice Reynoso, so that this matter can be investigated.

Jorge 'La Maldad' Mancebo is currently joined behind bars by the other accused perpetrator of the killing of Jose Carlos Hernandez, Frank 'La Yarda' Matos. A third suspect, Argenis 'Prototipo' Batista, remains at large. Jose Carlos 'Shiva' Hernandez was bludgeoned and stabbed 27 times outside of a Santo Domingo nightclub last September, sadly when he was back on vacation from living in Argentina with the rest of the band.

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Suspects Arrested In Slaying Of Dominican Drummer

Police have arrested the three suspects in the slaying of Exsanguination Throne drummer Jose Carlos "Shiva" Hernandez and have placed the knife used into evidence. The three men, Miguel Angel Bautista (La Bola), 25; Josaias Benjamin Mora Lorenzo (El Niño) and Maximo Darvin Almanzar Guerra (Wari) are currently in custody. It has been reported that Shiva was killed in a case of mistaken identity over retribution over a woman named Christhy Lorena Sanchez' rape. In other conflicting accounts, it is reputed that one of the three men knew Shiva - lending ambiguity to the motive.

The alleged rape victim, who suffered the encounter last month, is expected to be a witness for the prosecution. She was reportedly attacked by two men known as El Brujo and El Chino. In the meantime the owner of the Gustavo Live Pub in Santo Domingo, where the event occured during a concert, has stated that the venue will reopen today Sunday for business. Jose Carlos Hernandez will be buried in the San Cristobal Cemetery next to his father Jochy Hernandez, the late Dominican merengue star. Read the full article here.


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Exsanguination Throne Drummer Murdered

Dominican death metallers Archaios just published on their Facebook page an official statement about the murder of one of their peers, Exsanguination Throne's drummer Jose Carlos Hernández, on September 2nd while the band was playing at a local concert. This vile and violent affair only adds more trouble to the cloud of controversy that has surrounded the band and the Dominican Metal scene for more than two decades. The statement, written by Archaios' guitarist Eric Cruz, says:

The Dominincan Republic has lost a great musician but most of all an outstanding person. Jose Carlos Hernández' (aka Asmodeo Nefast Drum Shiva) murder is an act of hate. He was stabbed 27 times on Sunday, September 2nd outside a club where Archaios and other bands were playing. None of us (Archaios' members) had the chance to intervene nor help as the crime happened ironically while we were playing our last two songs of the set "Dreaming with the Dead" and "Eternal Bleeding" and didn't notice what was happening until a friend came into the club and onto the stage to ask our replacement drummer William Marte for medical help.

William is a doctor and was tapped by the band to fill in for our drummer Johandy Ureña until he returns from the U.S.A. By the time he got out of the club Shiva was already being taken to a hospital. Of course, the number and kind of wounds he had didn't even allow him to reach the hospital with a pulse.

Living in a conservative country like the Dominican Republic, Shiva chose to give up on everything he had here to lead a life in South America doing what he loved the most: playing Metal. This was a step few are willing to take in order to pursue the Metal dream, the dream of extreme music. He was in the country coincidentally, on a vacation break and went to that concert just to celebrate the music he loved, until the very end.

We, Archaios, profoundly condemn this act of blood and offer our condolences to his family who has been shrouded by a dark cloud no one should ever experience. Going through these difficult times and struggling to see justice done is something just horrific. One more time, the spiral of conjectures unleashed by the sensationalist media has been overwhelming. Many local journalists have excelled by speculating without even leaving room to find out about the true facts surrounding the articles they write. So is the case, that the newspapers even said that a second person who was just wounded at the scene died as well, not even thinking about the grave repercussions this kind of lies might lead to.

Shiva, you may be gone, but your legacy lives on forever inside those who knew you and shared the stage with you. Your Metal Brothers will never forget. Hails to you!

Below is a video for Exsanguination Throne doing its eponymous track.

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Unearthing the Dominican Metal Underground

Located out in the Caribbean between Cuba and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic has long been an island nation melting pot for a variety of cultures and styles brought over by the millions of tourists and influences that converge upon it. Dominicans are known in America for the crop of professional baseball players they produce and in our large Hispanic community for the stream of bachata/merengue music along with the superstar reggaeton production duo Luny Tunes.

The times are changing though, and the rich history that the Dominicans have had with folkloric rock music has gradually come to include all genres of popular rock/metal throughout the last couple of decades. Bands such as Toque Profundo and M-16 have opened up the floodgates to more extreme categories of rock music, producing the likes of Ad Bestia's hardcore, Santuario's punk rock, the thrash of Necro, good traditional thrash from Overhated and the power metal of Altus Mortem. For a comprehensive look into the Dominican Republic's rich rock history, check out the two-part video Dominican Rock Pt 1 and 2 to gain a greater insight into the scene.

Nowadays, with home studio computer equipment and social networking, hundreds of young bands are cropping up all over the Dominican landscape. In fact, a few homegrown independent labels now showcase the talents of the more extreme Caribbean bands - Dark Canvas and Goecia records. Today we will take a look at three of the most deserving and hard working bands paying their dues in the trenches of Santo Domingo.


Conceived in 1994, Archaios are the premier melodic techno-thrash band from Santo Domingo. Fusing intricate leads with an abundance of bridges and time changes, this is one band that deserve a further listen. Their new one, "The Distant," drops in November and is an exponentially good progression from their debut, 2006's "Out of the Shadows." You can check out their songs in full at their Myspace page and listen to the promotional sampler clip below, plus a few other tracks from their debut. Also, you can read a full interview with the band here.


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