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Formed: 2008
From: Santiago, Chile
Last Known Status: Active

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Warchest Reveals "Fake Disciples"

Chilean metal band Warchest has released its fourth music video "Fake Disciples" in support of the latest album "Downfall." All the images featured in this music video were recorded at the Sobredosis 2 Festival at Arena Recoleta on Nov 26, 2016 in Santiago, Chile.

The video was directed by Cristóbal Narváez. "Downfall" was released via Digmetalworld Records and distributed in North America via MVD Entertainment Group.

Check out the clip here:

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Warchest Issues "Downfall" Video

Chilean thrash act Warchest released a new video clip for the song "Downfall." The song is the title track from the band's 2015 sophomore release, re-released through Digmetalworld earlier this year, with distribution via MVD Entertainment Group in North America.

The video was directed by Ignacio Norambuena. Check it out here:

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Warchest Streams Full New Album

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has announced that newest effort "Downfall" is available for streaming in full via Bandcamp - listen in through the player below. The album was released in North America via Digmetalworld Records and it will be distributed via MVD Entertainment Group.

Warchest’s second full-length album was recorded at Pignoize by Jose Tomas Garcia. while the drum tracks were recorded at AudioCustom by Cristian Olivares, both in Santiago, Chile. The band is also currently filming a music video for "My Hell," which will drop early next month. More...

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Warchest Releases Lyric Video

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has released a lyric video for the track "New Anarchy," which comes off upcoming album "Downfall," soon to be available in North America via Digmetalworld Records.

The video was edited by Cristóbal Narvaez and directed by Cristóbal Narvaez nad Christofer Oros. The "Downfall" album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by José Tomás García in Santiago, Chile. The artwork was designed by Sergio Gaviria at Division Design in Cali, Colombia. Warchest is:

Christian Peláez - Guitars/Vocals
Raimundo Correa - Bass
Christiansen Oros - Drums
Tomás Kelly - Guitars More...

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Warchest Announces New Album

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has announced that its second full length album will be called "Downfall."

All the recordings were done at Audiocustom and Pignoize studios in Santiago, Chile. The artwork of the new album "Downfall" was designed by Sergio Gaviria at Division Design in Cali, Colombia.

The is no exact date for the release, but its expected in the second half of the year. Guitarist/vocalist Christian Pelaez commented:

"We are very happy about the work that we've done here with Sergio. We've tried a lot of different options, and after we got to see the results, we know, that we've taken the right decision. All the lyrics of this new album have a very defined concept and we think that the artwork reflects it."

Warchest is:

Christian Pela´ez, Guitars/Vocals
Christiansen Oros, Drums
Toma´s Kelly, Guitars
Raimundo Correa, Bass

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Warchest Recruits New Guitarist

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has announced that Tomás Kelly has joined the group as its new guitar player, replacing José Tomás García.

Tomás Kelly - previously involved with Carburador and Barouh - will participate on the recordings of a new Warchest album. He comments:

"Its an honor to be elected as their new guitarist, it's been very important for me to be able to play with people of this level, this will allow me to grow as a better musician and also to make new friends along the way… the new album is coming along ver heavy, so i am very happy for this opportunity, Warchest rules!"

Warchest is:

Christian Peláez: Guitar/Vocals
Raimundo Correa: Bass
Chris Oros: Drums
Tomás Kelly: Guitars

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Warchest Starting Recording Process

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has announced that it will start the recording sessions of the drum tracks for its second album on Feb 21st. The whole recording process it will be done in between the months of Feb/Mar in two different studios, AudioCustom and PigNoize, both in Santiago, Chile.

The new album will be produced by Christian Pelaez and Jose Tomas Garcia, the latter an ex-guitarist of the band. Guitarist /Vocalist Christian Pelaez commented:

"We were working on this during the whole last year. We came up with 9 tracks, with a little more technical and modern style than the one before, so we think that it's like an evolution from our part. About the lyrics - this is not a conceptual album, so it will continue along the lines of 'Aftershock'.

We are still defining the rest of things, such as mastering, artwork and distribution. We are going to go through them calmly to make the right decisions as always. From my part I'm very exited - the demos are sounding killer already! We don't know when are we going to have it ready, but we've assumed that it would be around mid year or the end of it at the latest. We hope we can deliver it soon for you all!"

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Warchest Posts "Fear Of The Machine" Video

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has released "Fear of the Machine," the band's third music video promoting debut album "Aftershock." The music video was directed by Axel Marinkovic, with the assistance of Raimundo Correa (Warchest's bass player) at Oxido bar in Santiago, Chile.

Guitarist/ Vocalist Chris Pelaez comments: "This video release has the mission of give the last breed to our first album (this is the track n.10 of it), before we start full committed to the new one. And also to showcase our two newer members to the fans that already knows our work. We picked this track to show our thrash metal side on a live environment."

The "Aftershock" track listing is as follows:

1. Aftershock
2. The Entrance
3. Contradiction
4. Warchest
5. Prelude
6. Let Me Down
7. Alone
8. Mental Mess
9. Army of Revolution
10. Fear of the Machine More...

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Warchest Splits With Drummer

Thrash metal band Warchest has announced that original drummer Pato Javier Peláez has left the band and will be replaced by Christiansen Oros. The 2013 Warchest lineup consists of:

Christian Peláez: Guitars/Vocals
José Tomás García: Guitars
Raimundo Correa: Bass
Christiansen Oros: Drums

Christian Peláez commented: "I'm very sad to see my brother leaving the band because first of all he is my brother and second he has been the only drummer i have always played with from the first days, but i do understand that he has today different priorities for his life now days. I wish him all the success and we (the band) thank him all his contributions and talent that he put in the band.

"In another hand, we are very happy to announce that Chris (Oros) is the new drummer. The audition process took over 2 month approximately and we think that he has the right approach to the style of the band.

"The band objective for this present year is to record the second full album and start playing live with this new line up, which will be possible this coming Feb 23, more information on our social network websites."

Check out pictures of the new lineup and further info over at the band's official website here.

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Song Titles Revealed For "Stronger Than Hate"

Metal music distributor/label Digmetalworld has announced the full tracklist for its 4th compilation album, "Stronger than Hate - Volume 4," containing 15 bands from last year's edition plus five bonus songs, live and single tracks. The album is going to be available for free to download on Mon Dec 17th via Digmetalworld.

Commented its C.E.O/founder Ignacio Orellana: "We have been working since 2007 from our New York base, bringing the best bands from Chile, Brazil and Sweden to the rest of the world. This album is in fact stronger than the earlier releases because it brings a wider variety of metal styles."

The full track list is the following:

01. PIROSAINT - I'd Rather See them Bleed
02. HUINCA - Rapa Nui
03. WARCHEST - Fear of the Machine
04. LEFUTRAY - Screaming in Silence
05. MASTERPIECE - Revenge
06. KATTAH - I Believe
07. ANCESTTRAL - Bloodshed and Violence
08. CONFLICTED - God Is Death
09. INFERIS - Lead The Chain
10. MIERDASTER - Verte Caer
11. KRUDO - Asesino
12. AKBAL - Heredero del Odio
13. NAIOTH - Dance Of Light
14. OBSCENE - Unnamed
15. TERMINAL PROSPECT - Blood Burning Veins
16. MAGMA LAKE - Beyond this Path
17. D1STRAUGHT - Money Equal Death
18. GOATLOVE - Automatic Fire
19. NUCLEAR - The Pain you Asked For (live)
20. VASTATOR - Puñado de Almas (live)

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Digmetalworld Releasing Fourth Compilation

Digmetalworld Records has announced that its fourth compilation album containing 15 bands will be available for free download on December 17th via its website. The new compilation will be named "Stronger Than Hate", and represents four years of steady work with South American and European Metal Bands in the US.

The album follows "Vol.3 - The Hell Road" released in 2011. This year the list of bands hails from Chile, Brazil, USA and Sweden. The bonus tracks of this album will include live performances of Nuclear and Vastator. The complete list of tracks including the bonus tracks will be announced in a few weeks.

The list of 15 bands that are set for this album is the following, with the cover art following the jump:

02. HUINCA (Chile)
03. WARCHEST (Chile)
04. LEFUTRAY (Chile)
05. MASTERPIECE (Brazil)
06. KATTAH (Brazil)
07. ANCESTTRAL (Brazil)
08. CONFLICTED (Chile)
09. INFERIS (Chile)
10. MIERDASTER (Chile)
11. KRUDO (Chile)
12. AKBAL (Chile)
13. NAIOTH (Chile)
14. OBSCENE (Chile)

The three albums previously released are available for free download at these locations below.

(2009) Volume One
(2010) Another Kind Of Evil
(2011) The Hell Road


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Warchest Announces New Lead Guitarist And Bassist

Chilean thrash metal band Warchest has announced the departure of its lead guitarist Domingo Vidal, recruiting Jose Tomas Garcia as the new guitar player, and the addition of Raimundo Correa (Ex-Nuclear) as permanent bass player. Bassist Raimundo Correa commented on the addition:

"When Cris and the members of the band Warchest contacted me to see the possibility of playing with them, the first thing I did was to listen to their material and it was a no brainer… Immediately I called them back and told them 'yes.. I'm in.' I have many expectations, first of all coming back to the live shows. We are already working on rehearsals for that, and in the meantime writing what may be the new material for a new album some time in the future… For now I will focus on playing the material and keeping on growing with them internationally".

Guitarist/vocalist Christian Pelaez added:
"We feel really sorry for the departure of our friend Domingo. He was a very important part of the history of the band right from the beginning and we wish the best for him in the future. We thought about on looking for a new guitar player, but I made sure to convinced Jose to take over...it was the right thing to do. Now, the addition of Raimundo Correa makes us happy, he brings new expectations and experiences and we just want to come back to the stage and rip it out!"

Currently Warchest is working on the filming of its music video for the track "Fear Of The Machine."


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Warchest Filming New Video

Chilean thrash band Warchest recently announced that it will start working on the music video for the track "Fear Of The Machine" that comes off its latest album "Aftershock," which was released in early 2012 via Digmetalworld Records and distributed via MVD Entertainment Group in North America. Check out a studio version of "Fear of the Machine" over on YouTube.

The filming process is set to start on August 11th in the City of Lampa, outside of Santiago. The process will be done by Warchest and Javier Laso (Madness Recs and last approximately a month from the day that they start shooting the music video. Guitarist/vocalist Chris Pelaez commented on the production:

"We have decided to auto-produce this music video, so we can fit our needs in a better way, and also take the time that is needed to accomplish what we are looking for. We have picked the track "Fear the Machine" so we can showcase our 'Groove metal.' We believe that our latest album has some good shots for music videos, and it will give us the exposure we are looking to get for the band."


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Warchest Debuts New Video

Chilean metal band Warchest has released the second official video clip from it's album "Aftershock." The video, for the song "Contradiction," was produced by 100i audio in Santiago. Check out more music from Warchest by heading over to the band's MySpace page.

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Chile

Chile is a world unto itself, a land of extremes that begins at the harsh Atacama desert to the north and extends thousands of miles to the south in the fjords of Patagonia. The population is of hardy, rugged stock and it's people are as diverse as our own. Within this long country of one time zone, you have all kinds of microcosms and people of diverse ancestry. There are influences from German and Italian lineage and plenty of native and indigenous folk residing amongst the Hispanic populace. And of course, one common thread appears to always transcend boundaries - music. In the case of metal music, Chile has an unbelievable amount of bands in every subgroup imaginable. Black metal bands such as Runepath have put out demos that have gotten recognition on many webzines, and even the ambient new age doom of Uaral has gone viral on YouTube. The majority of people will think of Tom Araya, who recently got the key to a city as a musical emissary, as the most popular Chileno - but delve a little bit deeper and you will find all sorts of bands.

Chile has been thrashing for years, and you can see this as evident when old schoolers such as Vastator regroup are still around putting out videos and even collaborate with Veronica Freeman ("The Gods Give No Reply"). The great thing about the Chilean metal scene as of late is the organization put into it. The Digmetalworld label has put alot of effort into showcasing and streaming countless bands and releases from Chilean and other South American artists. A fan of one band can easily jump and discover music from other groups this way. While you may stream dozens of releases this way and get to know more metal bands, I still find that many will investigate on their own as well. Great blogspots such as Paganvs Info, for those who can read Spanish, also highlight a vast amount of music from the pagan metal scene in Chile and South America. Here on Metal Underground, we have streamed the entire newest releases of such diverse Chilean metal bands as Lefutray, Sacramento and several others. Today we will take a look at a few different styles of metal bands currently active in the Chilean scene.


I like what Folkheim stand for. They have the touch of the common man in their message of popular rights and autonomy for indigenous people. They don't celebrate Columbus Day, because in their words it would be celebrating 519 years of conquistador oppression. They recently bowed out of the Caviahue festival on moral and monetary grounds, and continue to speak their peace on issues such as the funding of the HidroAysen energy project which many deemed environmentally unsound. Hailing from Antofagasta, they play a rich variety of ethnic black folk metal. Folkheim's first EP was 2006's "Pachakuti," which followed their 2004 demo "Touched by Thy Undisturbed Essence." They continue to play shows all over Chile and have an incredible cult following.


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Warchest Recording New Music Video

Chilean thrashers Warchest have announced that they are starting work on their second music video, this time for the song "Contradiction," which comes off their debut album "Aftershock."

The recordings are set for next Saturday, November 19th, and the video production will be done by 100i, the same company that worked on the previous music video "Aftershock." The video is expected to be released in December

Chris (guitar/vocals) commented about the video: "We are exited to work on this music video for the song 'Contradiction,' it is very special for us because is the track that always gets the best response from the crowd every time we have played it live. We believe this video production it will helps us even more that it did the first one 'aftershock,' We have been preparing this release for a while now with Max and Aldo from the 100i video company, and everything is set for this great production."

You can listen to the song "Contradiction" in the clip below. More...

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Digitalmetalworld Signs Thrash Band Warchest

Digitalmetalworld has signed a distribution deal with Chilean thrash metal band Warchest to release the band's first LP "Aftershock" on digital format in the U.S.

The track listing for "Aftershock" is:

1. Aftershock
2. The Entrance
3. Contradiction
4. Warchest
5. Prelude
6. Let Me Down
7. Alone
8. Mental Mess
9. Army of Revolution
10. Fear of the Machine

The band previously released a video for the song "Aftershock" on YouTube

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