"some music was meant to stay underground..."

In The Absence Of Light

Formed: 2007
From: Swindon, United Kingdom
Last Known Status: Active

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Remembering Tom Himself: 1981 - 2013

I've been a writer for Metalunderground.com for almost six years, (I joined on June 25th 2007, for those who care to know,) and in that time I’ve written over eight thousand articles, including memorials and tributes to Ronnie James Dio, Phil Lynott, Gary Moore, Jeff Hanneman and Chuck Schuldiner, but this piece is unquestionably the hardest I’ve ever had to write, as I, and a number of others, will be paying tribute to not only a lover of metal music and a MetalUnderground.com reader, member and devotee, but also a friend named, Tom Humber, who posted on MetalUnderground.com under the moniker, "TomHimself," a handle he regularly used. It might have seemed like an arrogant name to use, but there really was nobody else like Tom.

Despite the fact that we live in the same town, I was introduced to Tom through this website. He hosted a rock and metal show on Swindon105.5, during which he would bring his listeners the latest news in metal. It turned out he’d been getting his news from MetalUnderground.com and as soon as he found out that the only English writer for the website lived in the same town as him, he excitedly invited me on the show. As soon as I met him, I liked him. He was a big man with a bigger smile and was so welcoming and eager to talk about metal, what had been going on in metal recently and what metal CDs I’d brought with me (Motorhead’s, "Inferno," Celtic Frost's, "Monotheist" and a third, which I can’t remember right now.) He opened the show with “Deliverance” by the British goth rock band, The Mission U.K. and I instantly loved the song. After I asked him what it was called, he coolly but happily informed me before telling me to stick around after the hour was up. As soon as he wrapped up the first hour, he burned the entire show we’d done on to a CD for me, just so I could have a copy of "Deliverance." Name me one other DJ that would do that!

We had a great time together on the show, playing all kinds of rock music and discussing the week’s events, along with the forthcoming FIFA World Cup, whereby he informed me that he didn’t like the same football as me, he liked American football. Correction: He LOVED American football! While it’s a sport I’ve never had much interest in, every time I mentioned it he’d be there to talk about it, encourage me to watch more and cheer on his beloved Vikings. Tweeting each other during this year’s Super Bowl half time show was particularly fun. In November 2011 he parted ways with Swindon105.5 though his radio career continued through his contributions to Dark Asylum Radio. It was a job that he and his frankly awesome voice were simply made for. The man was like Tommy Vance, he just sounded so cool. When he spoke, people listened and usually, they’d laugh when he finished. I could go on about Tom but ultimately the things I’ll remember most about him was that he was one of the most genuine people you could meet. He didn’t accept charity, he had an infectious enthusiasm, a passion for music rarely seen and was honestly one of the nicest men around. The Metalunderground.com community, my town and indeed, the world, has lost a true gentleman. Tom Himself is simply too big of a personality to forget. More...

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