"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Sunset Nation

From: CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Sunset Nation To Record New Album

California's Sunset Nation has issued the following announcement entering the studio to record a new album:

"Heavy Metal history has been made! Thank you to everyone who came out last night, lost their voices and supported the future of heavy metal... A special thank you to the world famous 'Wrecking Crew' for doing what they do, better than anyone else... Thank you to Brain Dead, Ampora, Slaying Serenity and Fractaline for sharing their talent and metal with the world. Thank you to the All Star Jammers who tore the house down and worked their asses off to entertain the hungry metal community... You all sounded great.

"Sunset Nation will NOT be returning to the stage until next year. After 4 years of releasing demos, Sunset Nation is finally taking time off of playing live to record their highly anticipated debut album.

"Our first order of business when we return next year is to do a west coast tour to support the new album. Sunset Nation has officially chosen the band we will be touring with. We have chosen a 'Band From Hell' that we feel will be a great asset in helping us bring real metal back to the masses..."

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Sunset Nation Comments On Shortened Show

Sunset Nation has issued the following statement about the band's show at the Toyota Speedway being cut short:

"First and foremost, thank you to everyone who came out and supported yesterday's show at the Toyota Speedway. For 2 months Sunset Nation has been promoting this event and was scheduled to perform for 2+ hours. After Sunset Nation's first of two sets, the band was approached by the people of Adrenaline Radio and Metal Mulisha who expressed Sunset Nation was easily the best band the Speedway has booked in all of the years they have been promoting these events. All Seemed well...

"5 Songs into Sunset Nation's second set, the band was notified that the owner of the Toyota Speedway was demanding the plug be pulled. He felt the brand of metal music was too heavy and inappropriate for the Speedway's clientele. Only for the speedway 1 hour later to open the racing event with Metallica's 'No Leaf Clover'...

"Most bands, and most humanoids for that matter, would have allowed this type of disrespect to prevail and simply accepted such insolence with zero consequences. They fucked with the wrong band. When someone buys a ticket to see a Sunset Nation show, they will see the entire show, or the band promises to make the culprit regret they ever fucked with the Sunset Nation family.

"Immediately following the plug being pulled, Bryan Ross methodically marched over to the owner's cronies and demanded that the Sunset Nation audience be compensated for their tickets. The owner clearly felt he was untouchable and that the Sunset Nation family were some dumb metal kids wasting his precious time. Bryan Ross quickly made him regret his foolish ways by making him fear the wrath of our Metal Gods and simply threatening to kick his pompous ass. Security threatened to have Ross arrested while he laughed in their faces... In the end, Ross warned the negligent owner that Sunset Nation will pay him a visit again one day and be bringing him a gift...

"So, to all of you who purchased a ticket to yesterday's event, we are now officially buying everyone's ticket to our next show on September 15th..We do what we say and say what we do... Fuck the Machine..."

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Sunset Nation To Release New Album

California's Sunset Nation has checked in with the following announcement about an upcoming album:

"From day one, Sunset Nation has never released an official album. The band has simply unleashed new music so that their audience can be familiar with their music at live events... Sunset Nations first official album is coming soon."

The tentative track listing is as follows:

1. The Devils Playground
2. Human Number 9
3. Vigilante
4. The Man in White
5. Trauma Ward
6. Voice of Humanity
7. Banned From Hell
8. Fuck The Machine
9. Our Twisted Reality
10. Culture War

You can also check out Sunset Nation's music by heading over to the band's MySpace music profile.

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