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Krokmitën Parts With Drummer, Issues Album Update

Montréal-based death metal band Krokmitën is now entering into production for third full-length album "Heta" (previously announced with the title "Dominon"). Frontman Simlev released this update about the upcoming offering:

"Hey Metalheads! A lot has happened since January. We worked super hard on this album’s songwriting, arrangements and on pushing Dominion's concept even further. Sadly, and with only a few minutes left to be written on the album, drummer Lupiaan made the decision to leave Krokmitën. Lupiaan contributed so much to Dominion that I didn't feel comfortable releasing this concept without him so I shelved it. That's how and why Heta came to life.

"It's important to understand that when working on studio projects as challenging as a Krokmitën album, there’s a lot of roadblocks, mainly being time, energy and of course money. As independent artists, we make music for ourselves first. Since we insist on offering the albums for free, we need day jobs to support this passion! By working regular jobs during the day we have financial stability in our personal lives and further we’re completely independent from the music industry's negative influences. It's however an enormous challenge, juggling with those roadblocks. More...

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Krokmitën Announces New Album

Experimental death metal band Krokmitën is set to release second album "Omicron-Omega" in July 2014 and just officially unveiled the cover artwork, which can be seen beow. The artwork was created by Simlev, Krokmitën's guitarist/vocalist.

"Omicron-Omega" is also mixed by Simlev, mastered by JF Dagenais (Kataklysm, Malevolent Creation, Misery Index) and will be available as a free download on the band's website, with a limited CD run to follow. The official world wide release date will be announced very soon.

A few months ago, Simlev released the following statement about the album: "It will be rawer and straight to the point. With help from Krokmitën's new drummer Lupiaan, we created an album that is more complex. Fast parts are faster, slow parts are slower and scary parts are creepier! It's more or less Alpha-Beta on steroids!

"Concept-wise, our first album Alpha-Beta dealt with the human psyche and microscopic disarray. This time around, Omicron-Omega reflects chaos on planetary levels! The lyrics are not as cryptic as Alpha-Beta, but again delving into the roots of the human existence concept. They are much more aggressive and in-your-face.

"Lupiaan proved to be a very dedicated element to Krokmitën since he joined. He's a hard working and creative guy, and got involved in almost all aspects of Omicron's conception; even gave me lyrics to work with!" More...

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Krokmiten Offering Album As Free Download

Montreal based death metal act Krokmiten is currently offering the "Alpha-Beta" album as a free download through the band's website here. The concept album consists of one single 46-minute track accompanied by an animated video synced to the music directed by the band's guitarist/vocalist Simlev. The recoding was done at SLA-M Studio in Montréal by Krokmiten and Engineer Éric Thibeault. The mixing and mastering was handled at EXPAZ Studio in Montréal by Guy Dubuisson.

Guitarist/Vocalist Simlev comments about the project: "I'm very proud about what we've achieved. It's an ambitious experimental project that I've been obsessed with for quite a while. I'm very excited to share it with everyone."

"As the music industry struggles, it was out of question from the start to approach a label with this project. They've fucked with people for so long, they pretty much get what they deserve. So we've decided to produce it ourselves and take the independant route. Releasing it for free is very important to us.

"We hope people will watch and listen to alpha-beta and leave us comments on the numerous outlet we offer. Go to our website and download everything absolutely free. What we're looking for are feedbacks, good or bad. You can also make a donation via PayPal if you like what we're doing and want to help the band."

You can also stream the entire album by using the YouTube clips available after the jump. More...

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