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Night In Gales

From: Germany
Last Known Status: Active

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Night In Gales Recording Album

There's hasn't been a proper Night In Gales studio album since 2011's "Five Scars," but that's about to change as the band is now recording a new long player! Night In Gales comments:

"As some of you already noticed, we have a new (yet untitled) album on the way! Adriano will enter the studio soon to record the drum tracks.

"To get an impression what you can expect from this next piece of Night In Gales, we now publish a drumcam-video of Adriano performing 'The Spears Within.' It's getting brutal again like in the very early days, hope you like that!

"Former NIG-singer Christian Müller (Sylphlike MCD/MLP 1995, Razor 7" 1996) joined the band again to care for the extra unhuman vocals for this one! We are currently in search for a new label to release the album. Stay tuned for more updates on the development of the album production. Cheers!" More...

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Night In Gales Releasing Rarities Compilation

Night In Gales is releasing the "Ashes & Ends" 20 track compilation via Divebomb Records - the band's first (and last) career spanning rarities collection, containing material written between 1995 - 2008 and remastered by Jamie King.

The collection features new artwork by Björn Gooßes/Killstrations and a 20 page full color booklet. Pre-orders are available at this location and the track listing is as follows:

1. Deathaddiction 03:37
2. The Woundwalker 03:41
3. Ashes & Ends 04:44
4. Get Killed Or Die Trying 03:50
5. To The Morgue & Back 03:05 (prev. unreleased promo track)
6. Bloodsong 04:29 (different promo-version!)
7. Holehearted 03:37 (prev. unreleased promo track)
8. Five Tongues & A Funeral 02:54 (prev. unreleased promo track)
9. Indians 05:20 (Anthrax Cover, Japan bonus track)
10. Broken Vows 04:32 Pentagram Cover, prev. unreleased)
11. Slavesun 04:42 (released on Death is just the beginning IV)
12. Perihelion 03:48 (different promo-version!)
13. The Shadowchamber 03:54 (different promo-version!)
14. Blackfleshed 04:32 (different promo-version!)
15. Bleed Afresh 04:36
16. Sylphlike 03:07
17. Avoid Secret Vanity 05:10
18. Mindspawn 02:39
19. When The Lightning Starts 01:39
20. Flowing Spring 02:47 More...

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Night In Gales Frontman Quits

Germany's Night In Gales has published a press release on the band's official Facebook page. It includes a statement from longtime frontman Björn Goosses:

“1996-2012. 16 years Night In Gales, during which I have experienced some of the most intense moments as a musician - positive as well as negative ones. Well, Heavy Metal ain't no picnic. I don't wanna miss these memories whatsoever and I'll always be proud of what we have done as a band!

"After four albums, some great and memorable tours, many festivals and numerous shows across all Europe as well as a crazy trip to Japan, there was more or less silence for quite a while. But ten years after 'Necrodynamic' [2001] we didn't only give a sign of life with our fifth record 'Five Scars,' (reviewed here) we rather returned with a bang! Yet this album is my swansong for Night In Gales. Since the release of 'Five Scars' we earned overwhelming response on the album and played some awesome shows. I will gratefully treasure the memory of my very last two shows with Night In Gales, which took place in Romania last weekend - but still time has come for me to close this chapter. With 'Five Scars' things have come full circle for me.

"I want to thank Jens, Tobbe, Frank and Adriano, our former drummer Christian and interim drummer Hartmut as well as all supporters, partners and friends of Night In Gales for pulling their weight on making this band become part of my DNA.

"1996-2012. 16 years Night In Gales. I'll miss you, but it's time to move on. Cheers!" More...

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Night In Gales Streaming New Song

German melodic death metal act Night In Gales is currently streaming the new track "Days Of The Mute" through the Lifeforce Records Facebook Page at this location.

The track appears on the band's fifth LP entitled "Five Scars," which is due out November 7th, 2011 (Europe) and November 8th, 2011 (North America).

Check out our review of "Five Scars" located here.

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Night In Gales Streams New Track

German melodic death metal act Night In Gales posted a new track "The Neon Grave" through Lifeforce Records Facebook Page. The track appears on the band's forthcoming fifth release entitled "Five Scars" due out November 7, 2011 (Europe) and November 8, 2011 (North America).

"We're pretty much looking forward to the release of 'Five Scars' and whatever may come with that for Night In Gales - but for the moment, listen to 'This Neon Grave' and enjoy a fresh breeze of classic melodic death metal," comments singer Bjoern Goosses.

Dan Swano, who mixed and mastered the new album, also commented: "Working with Night In Gales was pure bliss for me. The material is very strong due to the fact that it's been around for quite some time now, and it feels almost like a 'Best of' album sometimes, because it's so solid all the way through. Working on this album actually ignited a spark in my own writing and I came up with one of the best Death/A.O.R. songs I have ever written, during the mix of this album!! Easily one of the best Melodic Death Metal releases of the year!!"

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Night In Gales Signs To Lifeforce Records

Lifeforce Records has checked in with the following announcement about inking a deal with Night In Gales:

"We are very pleased to announce the signing of the German pioneers of melodic death metal, Night In Gales to the Lifeforce Records roster. It has been silent about them far too long!

"Flashback: After Night In Gales' debut EP 'Sylphlike' had hit the scene like a bomb in 1995 (up till now this release remains one of the best selling demos ever!), the first album 'Towards The Twilight' was released in 1997 under the wings of Nuclear Blast Records and NIG toured with bands such as of In Flames, Hypocrisy, Children Of Bodom and Death, before releasing their second album 'Thunderbeast.' Further touring with acts like Dismember or again Children Of Bodom followed, as well as appearances at festivals like Wacken Open Air or Summer Breeze Open Air.

"While the releases this far presented the band with a clearly melo-death rocking groove, their third album 'Nailwork' in 2000 showcased a rather morbid and more progressive side to things and NIG not only toured Europe with Old Man's Child and Krisiun but also visited Japan together with Defleshed.

"The band's upcoming 'Necrodynamic' release in 2001 saw them switching to Massacre Records and also to a more varied and melodic stylistic approach, which after some line up changes also lead to the band taking a break in order to musically re-orientate. In doing so, there was music released by the members of Night In Gales during the zero years in / with acts like Deadsoil, The Very End, Grind Inc. or In Blackest Velvet, yet nothing was to be heard by NIG apart from the self-released 'Ten Years Of Tragedy' EP 2005 (a free download offering, celebrating the group's tenth birthday!). More...

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