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Formed: 1998
From: Gamleby, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Paganizer Premieres New Song "Dehumanized"

Sweden's Paganizer premieres a new song entitled "Dehumanized", taken from the upcoming new album "Land of Weeping Souls", which will be out in stores August 5th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out now "Dehumanized" below.

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Echelon Debuts New Video For "Lex Talionis"

Old school death metal super-group Echelon - featuring Dave Ingram (Hail of Bullets, ex-Bolt Thrower and Benediction), Kjetil Lynghaug and Johan Berglund (Paganizer) - debuts a new video for "Lex Talionis", taken from the band's latest album "The Brimstone Aggrandizement", which is available now through Transcending Obscurity Records - digitally, in a limited edition digipak CD, and bundled with a Mark Riddick-designed shirt.

Check out now "Lex Talionis" below.

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Transcending Obscurity Releases 55 Song Sampler

Transcending Obscurity Records just released a massive 55 track sampler online, which you can stream below or pick up at Bandcamp here. The label also comments:

"This is probably the last press release of this year but it's a culmination of all that we have achieved as a record label. The struggle is real. Most of you have witnessed the growth of a label that was primarily about Indian bands.

"Now the tables have turned so to speak and it's time for sub-divisions to get phased out in favour of one strong label as a whole. While region-specific sub-labels for both India and Asia currently exist, the same time next year things will be differently poised. We have no vinyl or tape manufacturing units over here but one way or the other, we are keen to add those formats to our releases in 2017." More...

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Johansson & Speckmann Premieres Full-Album Stream

Thrashing death metal project Johansson & Speckmann premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new album "Edge Of The Abyss", which will be out in stores later today via Soulseller Records.

Check out now "Edge Of The Abyss" in its entirety below.

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Paganizer Streaming "Adjacent To Purgatory"

Following a previous stream of the track "Angry All The Time," Paganizer now has another new song online. Check out "Adjacent To Purgatory" in the SoundCloud player below.

Both songs hail from upcoming EP "On the Outskirts of Hades," due to drop via Transcending Obscurity Records on August 1st, 2016. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Angry all the Time
2. Adjacent to Purgatory
3. The Netherworld Carnivale
4. On the Outskirts of Hades More...

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Paganizer Premieres New Song "Angry All the Time"

Swedish oldschool death metal warmachine Paganizer premieres a new song entitled "Angry All the Time", taken from the upcoming new EP "On the Outskirts of Hades", which will be released on August 1, 2016, via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out now "Angry All the Time" below.

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Paganizer Releasing New EP

Paganizer, the Swedish death metal warmachine, emerges with new epic "On the Outskirts of Hades," which is a testament to the glory of the classic death metal style and its virility. The EP is due to drop on August 1st, with Transcending Obscurity Records commenting:

"Rogga Johansson and his main band are in best form. This is the most crushing output to come out Sweden in years. It showcases not just the exemplary songwriting skills of this great and experienced band but also its sheer muscle - it eats the newer ones raw and shits them out whole.

"Paganizer have never sounded better; each song is adrenaline-fused, laden with massive viking axe-hooks, earth-pounding percussion, and topped off with roars echoing down from Valhalla. Along with Affliction Gate's EP, this one will go down as one of the mightiest death metal EPs to be released this year."

1. Angry all the Time
2. Adjacent to Purgatory
3. The Netherworld Carnivale
4. On the Outskirts of Hades More...

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Paganizer Working On New Music

Last month Paganizer announced a mini-CD would see release in 2016, and now the band has issued this update about working on new material:

"New Paganizer hymns in progress. It's now more than 15 years ago Rogga called me and asked if I should join his band.

"Through the years we have done hundreds of song together in a lot of different bands. The madness continues and hopefully will we bring you some awesome songs during 2016."

Photos from the studio sessions of this impending release can also be seen at the Paganizer Facebook profile here.

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Paganizer Streaming Compilation Tracks

Swedish death metal veterans Paganizer will release a new 2CD "best of" collection, "20 Years In A Terminal Grip," on November 28th. The set will include 19 band faves plus a bonus CD with rarities and unreleased material. States Rogga Johansson (Guitarist/vocalist):

“So 20 years have passed since we started Terminal Grip, which transformed a few years later into Paganizer. In that time we have recorded quite a lot of albums and other releases. Some better than others, so we thought we would give you our 19 fave-tracks on this 'Best Of Paganizer' release.

"This might not be the songs we've played live, or other people's favourites. These are simply the songs we like the most ourselves. And in many cases it's the same songs as you like, but in other cases you might just find some gems you haven't paid attention enough to through the years. If you'd ask what our favourite songs were, these would be the ones we would shove in your face! More...

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Paganizer Announces Lineup Change, Cancels Shows

Cyclone Empire has checked in with the following announcement about Paganizer canceling all upcoming tour dates:

"Rogga and his Swedish killing machine had to cancel their upcoming summer shows (including Protzen Open Air next weekend), as their second guitarist Andreas left the band... below is a little statement by Rogga himself."

Rogga Johansson comments: "As a few times before in the past 15 and more years, Andreas has decided to leave the rotten ship that is Paganizer. Nothing spectacular about that...the man isn´t hardcore death metal like the rest of us idiots, he often needs a few years breaL to listen to Sophie Zelmani.

"So now Dennis moved over to lead guitar and it'll be killer as he's a better guitar player than me or Andreas (which isn't hard though) And on the bass we have now long time friend Willy Darkness, the man the myth the mystery (to women anyways...). We have had to cancel the shows for this summer wich we are fucken pissed about ofcorpse, but with some effort we will do them next year instead! Cheers!"

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Paganizer Streaming New Track

Swedish death act Paganizer is streaming the new track "Mass of Parasites." The song is featured on the band's forthcoming LP "World Lobotomy," the ninth full length LP, which is due out on May 10, 2013 via Cyclone Empire Records. Paganizer features vocalist/guitarist Rogga Johansson (The 11th Hour/Demiurg).

The track listing for "World Lobotomy" is:

1. Prelude to the Lobotomy
2. World Lobotomy
3. The Sky on Fire
4. Mass of Parasites
5. As Blood Grows Cold
6. Ödeläggaren
7. You Call It Deviance
8. As the Maggots Gather
9. Trail of Human Decay
10. The Drowners
11. The Last Chapter
12. Hunt Eat Repeat

Check out "Mass of Parasites" here: More...

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Goregast Issues Band Update

FDA Rekotz artist Goregast has issued an update from its headquarters in Berlin. Firstly, Goregast recently commissioned Dedy Badic from Badic Art to design a new logo (posted below) that reflected the band's return to its classic death metal roots. Badic is known for his illustrations for Skeletal Remains, Gruesome Stuff Relish and many others.

In early May, Goregast will play three dates with Swedish band Paganizer. The dates are posted below. After returning home from the three-day assault Goregast will enter Soundforge Studio in Berlin to record tracks for an upcoming 7-inch EP set for release in September on FDA Rekotz.

In 2011 GOREGAST released the full-length "Desechos Humanos" on FDA Rekotz. Album track "Honor the Dead" is streaming at this location.


May 8 - Leipzig @ Bandhaus w/ Paganizer
May 9 - Weimar @ SC Schützengasse w/ Paganizer
May 10 - Wolfsburg @ D-Place /w Paganizer

 photo jpegbase642e7b1e3fadd41c70_zps49c0646e.jpg

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Bone Gnawer Re-Signs To Pulverised Records

Singapore-based Pulverised Records is pleased to announce the re-signing of horror/gore death metallers BONE GNAWER.

BONE GNAWER is the collaboration between legendary growler Kam Lee (ex-Mantas, ex-Massacre, ex-Denial Fiend), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Demiurg, Ribspreader etc.), Ronnie Bjornstrom (Hate Ammo, Ribspreader, Taedeat) and Morgan Lie (Naglfar).

Commented Lee of the new album deal and the band's upcoming recording: "It feels good to be back with Pulverised. This is the one label that has a true understanding of the type of oldschool '90s style of death metal we play.This time around we're taking another brave and bold approach to our musical direction and lyrical concepts. We always strive to go against the grain and not cater to modern trends, all the while staying true to the oldschool death metal sound.This time around we are going for a torture and vengeance type lyrical concept, although some of those traditional 'cannibal themed' type lyrics will remain. We are [going for] a grittier feel and a much darker edged 'grind-house' appeal to our lyrical concepts taking influences from some of the more hardcore exploitation type films of the late '70s such as I Spit On Your Grave and Last House On The Left. Musically we are retaining the horrific blend of oldschool death metal we are known for, yet combining it with an even catchier flair."

Further details on the follow-up to BONE GNAWER's "Feast Of Flesh" debut are to be announced soon.

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Bone Gnawer Posts Full Album Stream Online

The American/Swedish collaboration BONE GNAWER, which features the legendary Kam Lee (Massacre/ex-Denial Fiend), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer), Ronnie Bjornstorm (Ribspreader, Hate Ammo) and Morgan Lie (Naglfar) is readying to unleash their debut album, "Feast Of Flesh." An early June 2009 release date is to be expected.

"Feast Of Flesh" is currently streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace player as well as their label's. The stream will be available for a limited time only.

Here's the complete tracklisting for "Feast Of Flesh":

1. Feast Of Flesh *
2. Sliced And Diced
3. Cannibal Cook-Out
4. Make You Die Slow
5. Hammer To The Skull *
6. The Saw Is Family
7. Hatchet Face
8. Defleshed And Skinned *
9. Anthropophagus Beast
10. The Lucky Ones Die First

The record includes guest vocals from Killjoy of Necrophagia (on "Defleshed And Skinned"), Stevo do Caixao of Impetigo (on "Feast Of Flesh") and Dopi of Machetazo (on "Hammer To The Skull").

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Paganizer Signs with Cyclone Empire

Cyclone Empire has announced the signing of Sweden's PAGANIZER. The band will release their new MCD, "Scandinavian Warmachine," on CYCLONE EMPIRE in early 2009. In addition, Paganizer's their long-time recorded last album, "Carnage Junkie," will finally be released on VIC-Records this November.

The old-school death metal-band from Gamleby exists since 1998 and is one of the babies of workaholic and metal-maniac Roger “Rogga” Johansson (vocals, guitars), known from his work with EDGE OF SANITY, CARVE, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE or DERANGED, to name but a few. The PAGANIZER-line-up is completed by the two BLODSRIT/RIBSPREADER-guys Matthias Fiebig (drums) and Patrik Halvarsson (bass).

"Scandinavian Warmachine" will likely feature the following tracklist:


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Ex-Massacre Singer Kam Lee forms Bone Gnawer

After his short stint with Revolting, Kam Lee (Denial Fiend / ex-Massacre) has decided to spawn another creature spewing forth a remarkably similar path called BONE GNAWER. The new band will be working with Pulverised Records for their debut effort.

Making up the rest of the band are Swedish counterparts are Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Those Who Bring The Torture, Ribspreader, Demiurg, etc), Ronnie Bjornstrom (Those Who Bring The Torture, Taedeat) and also featuring skinsman Morgan Lie from the occult black metal band Naglfar.

The band is currently working on a full-length album with Kam Lee recording the vocals at Erik Rutan's Mana Studio (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, etc) while the rest of the recordings will be done at Ronnie Bjornstrom's Enhance Audio Productions in Sweden.

No release date for the upcoming album has been set yet. In the meantime, you can check out their MySpace page.

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Paganizer's New Album Set For July Release

PAGANIZER's "Born to be Buried Alive" will be out on JULY 15 via Asphyxiate Recordings. They are currently seeking strong distributors in the UK/Europe, USA and SOUTH AMERICAS.

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New 80's Death Metal Supergroup, Revolting, Forms

REVOLTING is the name of a new band from Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER) which is dedicated to the absolute worship of late '80s death metal (CARNAGE, IMPETIGO) and horror/gore films from the 1980s. "With today's modern horror sucking beyond redemption and death metal being plagued by rap, emo, and fake boring 'brutality,' Rogga felt it was time to do a truly PURE and ugly, rotting, putrid death metal band for the love of it and to get back to the basics of what all of this madness is about anyway!" according to a press release.

Kam Lee (MASSACRE, DENIAL FIEND) is set to share the vocals along with Rogga Johansson (RIBSPREADER, PAGANIZER) for the band REVOLTING. Side by side, juxtapositionally, The Tyrant and the Revolting One shall bring an onslaught of terror and sheer horrid vocal mayhem to the scene with their contrast and different forms of style. They are coming together and blending their unique vocal techniques along with their all-out shared admiration of '80s horror and "true" death metal as the band REVOLTING.

Teaming up with Razorback Records, the label known for its obsession with old-school metal and horror, REVOLTING chose its name "to reflect the gross, nasty, gory, and insane horror films from the '80s such as 'Street Trash', 'The Blob', 'Redneck Zombies', and other mutant gross-out fests that make life worth living," according to a press release.

The spirit of IMPETIGO is alive and well, and REVOLTING is looking to keep the gory tradition going with the release of their debut album, "Dreadful Pleasures", sometime in 2008 on Razorback Records.

Commented Kam Lee: "Plans to do BEWARE are still to unfold, and I'm looking forwards to my involvement with Stevo, Billy Nocera, and the fiends of GRUESOME STUFF RELISH with that band as well. The guys in GRUESOME STUFF RELISH have just released a great 'new' album on Razorback Records called 'Horror Rises From The Tomb' and are gearing up to do some U.S. shows and tours in support of their new release, Stevo is involved with getting his band CONVULSIONS off the ground, and I'm just as actively involved with DENIAL FIEND. However, the offer to be a part of REVOLTING was just too good of an offer to back away from. Rogga is a supererb musician with just the right knowledge and just enough derranged and disturbed conditioning to do this with, and plus the lyrical approuch and horror theme is right up my dark alley! I would have been an idiot to say no to this!"

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Depression Release Two New Split CDs

Germany's death/grinders DEPRESSION have two new split releases available: first of all the DEPRESSION / PAGANIZER split-CD, which features ten new studio tracks from DEPRESSION (including the BENEDICTION cover 'Artefacted Irreligion') and ten PAGANIZER tracks. Furthermore there's a videoclip from both bands on the enhanced CD. The other release is a split 7" EP with INHUMATE, featuring three new DEPRESSION tracks (including a cover of NAPALM DEATH's 'Mentally Murdered') as well as two INHUMATE tracks. A limited edition in coloured vinyl is also available. For ordering information contact depressive@depression-grind.de or check out www.depression-grind.de.

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Paganizer Post New Songs Online

Swedish, old-school death metallers PAGANIZER have posted two songs from their upcoming album, "Carnage Junkie", on their MySpace page. Check out the tracks "The Cadaverous" and "Alone in the Morgue" at this location.

"Carnage Junkie" will be released later in the year via Vic Records. Te CD was mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö and contains "a shitload of crusty death metal songs [performed by] Rogga Johansson," the group previously stated. "However, this time bass player Patrik Myrén didn't just write half a song but two of his own and they are fuckin' killer too. So if you guys hate PAGANIZER chances are you might hate two of the songs a bit less this time around. Those chances are quite slim though as they sound PAGANIZER through and through (maybe a slight bit better though) and are as usual simple and catchy enough to for beer-drinking/hog-mounting. The artwork for the new album was done by Ivan Bragin." More...

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