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Formed: 1984
From: Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active

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Thanatos Posts New Album's Title Track

2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Thanatos and the release of new album, "Global Purification."

Containing 10 tracks of exterminating death/thrash metal with razor-sharp riffs, hateful vocals, outspoken lyrics and production by Dan Swanö, "Global Purification" will be unleashed on November 17th via Century Media Records. Check out the title track below.

For another preview of "Global Purification," be sure to check out the previously released track, "Feeding The War Machine" at this location. The full track listing is:

1. Global Purification
2. The Murder Of Innocence
3. Infestation Of The Soul
4. Queen Of Gore
5. Nothing Left
6. World Jihad
7. The Demonized Minority
8. Feeding The War Machine
9. Blood Will Be Spilled
10. Bastion Of Blasphemy More...

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Thanatos Reveals New Album Release

The Dutch death/thrash metal veterans in Thanatos will release their brand new studio album, "Global Purification," on November 17th in Europe and November 18th in North America (digital only) via Century Media Records. The label comments:

"With Stephan Gebédi's (guitar, vocals) and Paul Baayens' (guitars) duties with their other bands - Hail Of Bullets and Asphyx - it has become a bit quiet around Netherland's longest running extreme metal band. But 2014 marks Thantaos' 30th anniversary and their return to full power.

"And what would be better than to celebrate this event with the release of Thanatos' fiercest, most merciless and mature album to date? Global Purification contains 10 tracks of exterminating death/thrash that bring back memories of the days when metal was about breaking rules-- instead of creating them."

For a preview of "Global Purification," Thanatos has launched the new track, "Feeding The War Machine," which can be heard below. Also catch the band live on these dates:

Nov. 15, 2014--Scream Bloody Scum Fest--Scum, Katwijk (NL) **unofficial CD release party**
Dec. 13, 2014--Eindhoven Metal Meeting--Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL)
Jan. 10, 2015--Turock--Essen (Germany) More...

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Eindhoven Metal Meeting Reveals Full Band Lineup

The Eindhoven Metal Meeting is very proud to announce that with the addition of In Solitude, Valkyrja, Thanatos, Skyforger, Dust Bolt, The Committee, and Miasmal, the line-up for this year's edition - set to take place December 12 & 13th, 2014 at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - is now complete.

The Dutch all-female death metal band Sisters Of Suffocation will also perform on Friday, December 12th at the official after party at the Dynamo Club together with the cover-bands Mercyfull Fake and Forever Twisted. Entrance is free with an Eindhoven Metal Meeting ticket!

The full festival billing is as follows (in alphabetical order): More...

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Thanatos Signs With Century Media

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of Dutch death metal legends Thanatos. The label comments:

"Thanatos borrows their name from the Greek god of death and is one of the oldest and longest running extreme metal bands from the Netherlands. Founded in 1984, Thanatos has released numerous critically acclaimed albums during their career. Be it the infamous debut album, Emerging From The Netherworlds, the equally great second output, Realm Of Ecstasy, (both of which were re-released by Century Media Records on CD and LP in 2012) or the band's last studio work, Justified Genocide, Thanatos has always managed to deliver high-class death metal laced with a lethal dose of thrash.

"Featuring guitar player, Paul Baayens (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets), Century Media originally approached Thanatos for a series of re-issues in 2012, so it only made sense that the band made their future home at Century Media." More...

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Disbelief To Play Way Of Darkness Fest

Disbelief has been confirmed to perform at the 2011 edition of the Way of Darkness festival, which is set to take place from October 6th - October 8th, 2011. Additional details on the festival can be found at this location. The other confirmed bands are as follows:

Hail of Bullets
Hellish Crossfire
Milking The Goatmachine
Soul Demise

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Thanatos Parts Was With Drummer

Dutch death metal band Thanatos have parted ways with drummer Yuri Rinkel, who will be concentrating on his other band Melechesh from now on. the band has replaced him with Marco de Groot (Houwitser, Altar, Blind Justice and Ordo Draconis) (far left in this picture).

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Thanatos Explains Lyrics For "Justified Genocide"

Dutch death metal band Thanatos are currently streaming the songs "Justified Genocide," "Upwards Spiritual Evolution," and "They Feed on Fear" on their official MySpace page. The band also issued the following statement explaining some of the lyrics on their upcoming album:

“To avoid any unnecessary controversy we’ve chosen to explain some of the lyrics on our upcoming new album ‘Justified Genocide’ to be released on Deity Down Records (March 16th 2009 EU/world, April 8th Germany/Austria/Switzerland, April 6th 2009 UK/Ireland). Our lyrics simply deal with either historical events or morbid fantasies but since touching upon certain topics already seems reason enough for certain people to brand a band as Nazis –which we obviously are not! – we have decided to do this, so here we go

"They Feed On Fear ....

"Our leaders use people’s fear for war and terrorist attacks to set more rules, so they can control our lives even more. A total invasion of our privacy based on fear. The chance of getting hit by a meteor is 1,000 times bigger than to fall victim to a terrorist attack. Big brother is watching you…....

"Destruction. Chaos. Creation.....

"A little fantasy/Sci-fi tale about an alien super race out to destroy humanity simply because they feel superior. Sounds familiar? Hmmz, makes you wonder if aliens are religious as well?!.... More...

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Thanatos Unveils New Album Cover Artwork

Dutch death metal band Thanatos has issued the following update about their upcoming album:

"The artwork for ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE', the new full-length by Dutch veteran Death / Thrash quartet THANATOS, created by the band’s bass player MARCO DE BRUIN, is done.

"DEITY DOWN RECORDS' release dates for this album, the fifth one in the band's 25 year long career are now set to April 6 2009 (UK/Ireland) and March 15 (EU/World). ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’ will be the successor to ‘Undead.Unholy.Divine’ (Black Lotus Records 2004).

"On ‘JUSTIFIED GENOCIDE’, founding member Stephan Gebédi (guitars/vocals, guitars in Hail of Bullets), Marco de Bruin, Paul Baayens (guitars, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx) and Yuri Rinkel (drums, Melechesh) will have the following titles on display: More...

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Thanatos Announces New Album Details

Dutch death metal band Thanatos has issued the following statement about their upcoming album:

"It took us a fucking long time, but in a couple of months, 'Justified Genocide', our 5th full length album, will finally hit the shelves. The album is currently being mixed by Dan Swanö and it's great to see the album actually (and finally) taking shape now. After all the delays and the record label shit we've been through once again, it's a real good feeling to listen to the -almost- finished recordings now. It's pretty safe to say that this album will have the rawest, most dirty and "in your face" sound we ever managed to achieve on a Thanatos record. It features some of the fastest, most aggressive shit we ever recorded, but of course we also have some slower, heavier parts. The emphasis definitely lies on thrash metal, but as always there's also some death metal in our songs.

Judge for yourself in March. We'll upload another song (rough mix) on our MySpace page in early February. We'll also make sure that the album will be directly available through our website."

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Thanatos Signs To Deity Down Records

Veteran thrash/death outfit THANATOS will release their fifth full-length album, "Justified Genocide" through DEITY DOWN RECORDS in the first quarter of 2009.

"Justified Genocide" was recorded at Excess in Rotterdam, Netherlands and mixed by Dan Swanö (of Nightingale, Edge Of Sanity and Bloodbath fame) at Unisound in Sweden.

In 2009 THANATOS will celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.

Currently the quartet is comprised of founding member Stephan Gebédi (guitars/vocals, guitars in Hail of Bullets), Paul Baayens (guitars, Hail of Bullets, Asphyx), Marco de Bruin (bass) and drummer Yuri Rinkel (Melechesh).

The title track of the forthcoming CD as well as the song "They Feed On Fear" can be streamed on Thanatos' MySpace.

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Hail Of Bullets Full Album Streaming On MySpace

Death metal band HAIL OF BULLETS' debut album, "…Of Frost and War" has been streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page since May 9.

The band is also getting front page features on the MySpace music-sites in the Benelux, Sweden and Germany.

Hail of Bullets consists of former PESTILENCE and current ASPHYX-singer Martin van Drunen, ex-HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen, GOREFEST-drummer Ed Warby and both THANATOS-guitarists Paul Baayens (also in ASPHYX) and Stephan Gebédi.

"...Of Frost and War" was released yesterday, May 13.

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Hail of Bullets Begin Mixing New Album

HAIL OF BULLETS, the new band featuring GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby, THANATOS guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens, former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX singer Martin Van Drunen and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen, has entered Excess studios in Rotterdam, Holland to begin recording its debut album for a May release via Metal Blade Records.

Warby has issued the following update: "Dan's [Swanö, Swedish producer/multi-instrumentalist] working his ass off to deliver the most savage, massive and brutal mix ever and we're almost there! The first mix was good but a bit too nice, the second one nasty but not yet heavy enough, and late last night Dan dropped a fuckin' bomb on us entitled 'mix3'. It's a scorcher. As with all mixes there's still some details that need to be worked out, but when your own music starts giving you goose-bumps, you know things are on the right track! Every part I had doubts about before now works like a perfect war machine. Amazing what a change in sound and/or level can do to an arrangement. So, I think you guys can officially start looking forward to a fuckin monster of an album!"

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Hail Of Bullets Sign With Metal Blade

HAIL OF BULLETS, the new band featuring GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby, THANATOS guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens, former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX singer Martin Van Drunen and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen, has inked a deal with Metal Blade Records.

HAIL OF BULLETS was formed in late 2006 through a mutual love for old-school death metal bands like AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER, MASSACRE, CELTIC FROST and DEATH. In the summer of 2007, the band entered a Rotterdam studio to record a four-song promotional CD, which was mixed by the infamous death metal guru Dan Swanö in Sweden. Swanö stated upon the CD's completion: "If this promo doesn't get you guys a good record deal, I will eat my laptop!"

Commented Martin Van Drunen: "When we heard the final Swanö mix of the promo, the question for me was not if we got signed at all, but more to whom. We're all very experienced musicians and we knew that we created an awful fucking heavy piece of molten metal. A smart and appropriate A&R man/woman at a high-quality label recognizes this immediately. So Metal Blade didn't hesitate. Important to me was that they let us free in performing in our other bands and they didn't have a problem with that at all. Of course as a young metal kid I saw this label rising from a little company 'til the standard that it has now; the name Brian Slagel always remaining in the back of my head as one of the pioneers. Always delivering quality metal bands and never a bad word in the press from whatever what signing. The pact is solid. We'll deliver our old-school death metal supreme, Metal Blade will do the rest. We're one of the best in what we do and they're in theirs. Blades meet Bullets!"

Added Stephan Gebédi: "The HAIL OF BULLETS promo was sent out to just a handful of carefully selected record labels. Metal Blade was my personal first choice, so when they actually made us an interesting offer, it was an offer I definitely could not refuse! Many classic metal albums have been released on Metal Blade Records over the past few decades, so an old-school death metal band signing to a classic metal label can be seen as the ultimate metal marriage forged in the fires of Hades!"

HAIL OF BULLETS will enter the studio in February 2008 to begin recording its as-yet-untitled debut album for a May European release. The band is planning to promote the CD with a number of live appearances during the European summer festival season.

HAIL OF BULLETS' entire four-song promotional CD is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

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Pestilence, Gorefest, Thanatos Members Form Band

DAN SWANO To Produce New Band Featuring PESTILENCE, GOREFEST, THANATOS Members ~
Swedish producer/multi-instrumentalist Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY, INFESTDEAD) has agreed to mix/produce the upcoming demo/CD from HAIL OF BULLETS, the new band featuring THANATOS guitarists Stephan Geb?di and Paul Baayens, former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX singer Martin Van Drunen, GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby, and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen. The recordings will take place in June/July and the band hopes to have it all finished before the end of the summer.

Geb?di previously stated about the group's upcoming CD, "We trust it will be a classic death metal album in more than one way. The material we've written so far is very strong stuff ranging from slow, doomy parts to the occasional blast beat. Funny thing to mention is that drummer Ed Warby has written most of the guitar riffs so far."

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Dutch All-Star Death Metal Band To Record Promo

THANATOS guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens have joined forces with former PESTILENCE/ASPHYX-singer Martin Van Drunen, GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen in a brand new project. The as-yet-unnamed band will record a three-track promo CD later this year. "We're simply going to crank out some brutal old-school death metal stuff — nothing more, nothing less!" says Gebédi.

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New Thanatos Album Coming

Long-running Dutch death/thrash metal band Thanatos are busy writing new songs for their fifth full-length album, to be recorded before the end of the year.

Thanatos' fourth album, "Undead. Unholy. Divine", was released last summer through Greece's Black Lotus Records. The follow-up to 2000's "Angelic Encounters", "Undead. Unholy. Divine" was produced by Hans Pieters and the band at Excess studios in Rotterdam, Holland and was mastered by Attie Bauw (Judas Priest, Scorpions, Gorefest).

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Thanatos Complete Work on Undead.Unholy.Divine

Thanatos have completed work on their fourth full-length album, "Undead. Unholy. Divine", which will be released in late February through Black Lotus Records. The follow-up to 2000's "Angelic Encounters", which contains a guest appearance on backing vocals by Ashmedi (Melechesh) and Ed Warby (Star One, Ayreon, ex-Gorefest), was recorded at Excess studios in Rotterdam, Holland and was mastered by Attie Bauw (Judas Priest). Among the songtitles set to appear on the CD are "Lambs To The Slaughter", "The Sign Of Sadako", and "Born To Suffer".

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