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From: Russia
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Blackthorn news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Blackthorn Covers Cradle Of Filth

Blackthorn just released a cover of Cradle Of Filth's "Death Of Love" - available below - and the band also commetns:

"Blackthorn wishes you a magic new year and presents a new song! With every year comes greater challenges and obstacles in our lives. Let's keep our spirits and determination unshaken and surround ourselves with one of the greatest kind of magic in this and all the possible worlds; music.

"A massive thank you to all our followers for your support and interest during 2015! To express our appreciation and celebrate the birth of new year we prepared a new track - a cover version of Cradle of Filth's 'Death Of Love,' recorded by Magna Opera Studio with support of rehearsal base Soundchek. Mixed and mastered by Magna Opera Studio with artwork by Aina Blackthorn See you in the new year under the sign of 'Witch Cult Ternion.'" More...

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Blackthorn Reveals New Album Details

Blackthorn has checked in with the following announcement about releasing a new album at the end of the month:

"We're thrilled to share with you the album cover & track list for our upcoming album 'Witch Cult Ternion.' Our third full length opus is influnced by one of the earliest world cults - the cult of the moon which is associated with obscure and mysterious side of female essence.

"The storyline deals with ancient triple goddesses but interpret them in its own way, enfleshing the vision as three evil witch-sisters, reigning over the world with their dark powers. Our third full length opus will be released December 20th via MSR Productions - shortly before the longest night of the year..."

The track list is as follows:

1. Witch Cult Ternion
2. Bleeding Milliads
3. Obey the Noxdimensions
4. Strix Nebulosa
5. Heathendust
6. The Spectral Evildence
7. Graven on a Deathless Sin
8. Moonbreed Sigil
9. Threnody in Flames More...

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Blackthorn Parts With Drummer

Russian all-female metal outfit Blackthorn has issued the following announcement about splitting with the band's drummer Varaska:

"We're sorry to inform you all that after 6 years together, we're parting ways with Varaska who now permanently lives in another country. But it's a mutual decision and we do wish her all the best for the future! Varaska prepared a message for all her fans in the video below."

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Blackthorn Recording New Album

Russian all-female act Blackthorn has checked in with the following statement about working on a new album:

"The time has finally come. We are very excited to announce that we started recording our next full length album!

"The as-yet-untitled album will be Blackthorn's third official release after the well received 'Codex Archaos.'

"Over the last 2 years the source from which the band draws inspiration has become much deeper and darker and we are sure a lot of people will be mesmerized by the tenebrose vibe of our new conceptual creation." More...

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Blackthorn Posts Video Teaser

Russia's Blackthorn has posted a teaser clip online for the band's upcoming "Hexshadow Turned to Flesh" music video. Check out the taste of what's to come below.

Blackthorn also recently released a cover of the Peccatum truck "The Moribund People," which can be streamed at this location.

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Blackthorn Streaming Peccatum Cover

Russian act Blackthorn has posted a cover online of "The Moribund People" by Peccatum (the now defunct project from Ihsahn and StarofAsh). Check out the song below. "The Moribund People" was originally the title track off Peccatum's final 2005 release before Ihsahn (Emperor) began releasing solo material under his own name.

Blackthorn also comments:

"Dear friends, at the end of this warm and beautiful day we want to add a fraction of hopelessness and a pinch of decay... in the form of a special musical surprise from Demether and Aina from Moscow symphonic dramatic extreme metal band Blackthorn - The Moribund People, by authorship of Norwegian's Peccatum. But it is not just a cover, 'tis the advanced single from us to all of you, a harbinger of new albums of Grailight and Blackthorn.

"Recording, mixing and mastering made by Arsafes Studio under the direction of Arsafes (Kartikeya). The idea of design - Demether and Aina. Painting - Roman Kamin."

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Grailight Reveals Guest Vocalist For New Album

Grailight (featuring Demether of Arcane Grail) is currently working on new album "Sic Luceat Lux," and the band has now checked in with the following announcement about recruiting a guest vocalist:

"As we promised: to present you our first guest vocalist - it is a great Aina of Blackthorn. Aina - owner of one of the most unusual and mysterious voices in the global extreme metal.

"We recorded with her two tracks, one of which - big surprise. And no doubt, she added to the sound of our new album a mysterious and frightening atmosphere of the ancient witching mysteries!" More...

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Blackthorn Streaming Anorexia Nervosa Cover

Blackthorn has checked in with the following announcement about streaming a new cover song online:

"Our new internet single 'Sister September' is available online! As many of you know, we play a cover version of this song, originally written and performed by French symphonic black metal band Anorexia Nervosa.

"Since we got many positive reviews, we decided to go even further and record this song. So, today we are proud to share with you that a studio version of 'Sister September' is finally available online! We'd like to thank our fans for all the support and encouragement and Anorexia Nervosa for being an endless inspiration to us."

The track was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Magna Opera Studio and can be heard through the player below, or over at the Blackthorn Facebook profile. More...

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Blackthorn Announces European Tour

Russia's Blackthorn has issued the following announcement about the upcoming Metal Spirit Resurrection European tour:

"Metal Spirit Resurrection tour vol. IX starts next week! We can't wait to storm Europe together with such bands as HELL:ON (UA) and SINFUL (RU). Hope to see you at one of these shows! The complete tour has the following dates below. See you on the road!"

13.10 Rzeszow "Od Zmierzchu do Switu" (Poland)
14.10 Rybnik "Art Cafe" (Poland)
15.10 Ostrava "Barrak Club" (Czech Republic)
16,10 Legnica "SPIZARNIA" (Poland)
17.10 Zagan "Elektrownia club" (Poland)
18.10 Leipzig "MetalSchuppen Club" (Germany)
19.10 Lubeck "99-Starclub" (Germany)
20.10 Hamburg "Bambi Galore" (Germany)
21.10 Szczecin "Morion" (Poland)
22.10 Naklo-nad-Notecia "Pub Marley" (Poland)
23.10 Stalowa Wola "Labyrint Club" (Poland)
24.10 Presov "1898 Club" (Slovakia)
25.10 Strazske "Park pub" (Slovakia)
26.10 Roznava "Cold Light Rock" (Slovakia)
27.10 Debrecen "Kaptar" (Hungary) More...

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Blackthorn Releases New Single

Russian act Blackthorn has posted the new single "Era Obscura" online, which can be heard in the player below. The band also commented:

"An unexpected pleasure! We're pleased to announce the first single of the band, entitled ERA OBSCURA. The single contains two versions of the track; one in English and the other in Russian.

"The song was specially composed for the 5th anniversary of ZHELEZNYE DEVY festival (the biggest female-voice metal festival in Russia) and dedicated to all the metal maidens around the world.

"The single was recorded, mixed and mastered at Magna Opera Studio. Check out the new tracks now on Myspace or listen and subscribe at the MSR Productions Soundcloud page here." More...

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Blackthorn Reveals "Codex Archaos" Details

Russian all-female metal act Blackthorn has issued the following announcement about the band's upcoming album:

"We proudly announce that our second album entitled 'CODEX ARCHAOS' is ready! Mixing and mastering for the album were done again by Igor Korolyov at KIV Records. Bloody conceptual artwork by W.Smerdulak. Visit our Myspace page to check out 'Vehemence Came As Anodyne'; the newest track from the album! The album will be released in Russia this winter via MSR Productions."

The artwork is available below, and the track listing for "Codex Archaos" is as follows:

'Divination In Blood'
'Vehemence Came As Anodyne'
'Nemesis Incarnation'
'Gorgon The Ascendant'
'Emptysis Kiss'
'Arria Marcella'
'Posthumous Passion Ephemera'
'Dismalediction and the Remedy'
'Hexshadow Turned To Flesh'
'Bestial Satan Of Grotesque Beauty'
'The Fading Ceremony' More...

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Blackthorn Finishes New Album

Moscow based all-female symphonic metal act Blackthorn has just completed work on the band's upcoming new full-length album.

The band has announced the album is currently being mixed at the KIV-Records studio, and has stated the release will be "more extreme sounding" in comparison to the debut 2009 album "Gossamer Witchcraft." Additional details on the new album will be announced as they are made available.

Blackthorn will also be performing at the Metal Crowd 2011 festival on August 13th, 2011.

For additional details on Blackthorn, and to hear some of the band's music available for streaming online, head over to the official Blackthorn MySpace music profile here.

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