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Formed: 1995
From: Des Moines, IA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1995, Slipknot was a nine-member alternative metal band whose members adopted numerals as performing aliases; the stabilized lineup, in order from 0 to 8, included DJ Sid Wilson, drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Grey, percussionist Chris Fehn, guitarist James Root, sampler/programmer Craig Jones, percussionist Shawn Crahan, guitarist Mic Thompson, and vocalist Corey Taylor.

In 1996, the group self-released an album titled Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. and attracted the attention of several labels, including Roadrunner, which signed the band the following year. Slipknot's eponymous official debut was released in 1999.

Slipknot has been a wide attraction on Ozzfest. Many people want to see what makes this band tick. With nine members, halloween masks, and metal they certainly are an attraction.

Latest Slipknot News

Below is our complete Slipknot news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Watch Slipknot's 'Vermillion' Video Online

Slipknot is out with the video to their new single 'Vermillion'. You can watch it online at viva.tv in broadband. or modem.

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Satyricon US Tour Plans, Including Joey Jordison

On December 2nd SATYRICON will kick off their second US tour of the year. The tour will include SLIPKNOT's Joey Jordison on drums, who will be acting as a replacement for drummer Frost who's inability to enter the US has been due to heightened homeland security. Frontman Satyr had this to say about touring the US, "Frost's Visa to enter the States case has made everything extremely difficult for us and there have even been times I've thought to give up on touring America.”

...but carried on to say, “I'm just very glad that we have a new tour lined up. I think all of our fans stateside will agree that SATYRICON deserve a better chance to establish the band and our style of music we believe in than, more so than we've had so far.

I think our music, our effort and all the people who believe in SATYRICON in the US want us to succeed and Joey Jordison is a good example of that. I never had to convince him that touring with Satyricon would be "cool". It was rather a question of overcoming the practical obstacles with Joey being a key member of a very successful band. His enthusiasm and skills are exactly what SATYRICON needs to raise the spirit in the camp. I have looked for drummers over here and most of them are afraid they can't match Frost's level of drumming so they pull out before we even get started with them. Joey and I have spent a lot of time making sure he is well prepared and it is nice to be able to fulfill the wishes of all the fans I talked to on the MORBID ANGEL tour who wanted to see us play in America. SATYRICON is coming back!"

Dates lined up so far include (subject to change): More...

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Slipknot Collecting Maggot Art

Slipknot is looking to collect Maggot art, pictures, letters, pictures of tattoos - anything and everything from all the Maggots out there. If you have anything you created that you'd like to send to the Knot, please email the image of it to: Slipknot@roadrunnerrecords.com.

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Photos From Berlin Slayer & Slipknot Performance

Slayer and Slipknot performed on Sunday (September 26) at the Arena in Berlin, Germany. Check out pictures from Abaca (Slipknot / Slayer) and LFI (Slipknot / Slayer).

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Preview The Headbangers Ball Vol 2 CD Online

Roadrunner Records is releasing the long-awaited MTV2 Headbangers Ball Volume 2 Compilation this Tuesday. 40 tracks from 40 of the hottest acts in mainstream heavy metal and in the underground, for one low price. Who needs the radio, when you have this awesome play list to pop in the CD player. MTV has put up a full preview of the album, which you can access by clicking here

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Slipknot's Craig Jones To Miss Shows In Europe

SLIPKNOT's "samples and media" guy, Craig Jones #133 (a.k.a. #5), has been forced to sit out the early portion of the group's current European tour due to a "medical emergency." The band's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"We've made it thru 10 years without a member of SLIPKNOT missing a single show, but due to emergency medical reasons one of our brothers has been forced to return to Des Moines, IA.

"Craig Jones #133 ( #5), has been suffering incredible pain during the first week of our European tour and has been unable to eat or sleep properly. Therefore, a decision was made for him to return to the States for emergency dental surgery.

"We made a band decision to continue the tour without Craig and to not let our European fans and friends down. The shows and fans, on this tour, have been some of the most insane of our career and we look forward to that each night.

"We expect to have 133 rejoin the tour within the next 3-4 weeks, but until that time Sid Wilson will be handling the majority of his parts.

"We'll miss him on and off stage and wish him the best and a safe return."

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Slipknot Mercedes Benz Being Auctioned On Ebay

A special one-off SLIPKNOT Mercedes is up for grabs and bidding on E-Bay right now, head here to check the online auction out.

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Corey Taylor: "I Am Not Dead"

Tim Higgins of Des Moines Register is reporting that Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has rejected Internet reports declaring his death.

A prank — fueled by the Internet and radio — led many to believe that Taylor, who also fronts Stone Sour, had died this week. "First it was an overdose, than a fatal car crash," wife Scarlett Taylor said Friday night (Sept. 17).

She had already received dozens of calls from worried friends and fans, known as maggots.

The buzz began Tuesday (Sept. 14) when Chicago radio shock jock Mancow Muller started talking about the death, Taylor said. A prank web site declared Taylor's death Friday.

Even Taylor's own manager had called concerned, the family said as it took a break from pizza and chocolate cake at a party to celebrate Corey and Scarlett's son's second birthday.

Worried neighbors had feared the worst and reported seeing "not the usual crowd" entering the Taylors' tony South of Grand Avenue home Friday night. The guests were there for the toddler's party.

"I am not dead," Taylor yelled from the front patio. His father-in-law laughed and said, "Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated."

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Slipknot To Launch Two-Pronged Radio Campaign

Slipknot have announced plans to follow up a Top 5 single, entitled "Duality", with their own brand of duality: a radio campaign that takes two versions, "Vermilion" and "Vermilion Pt. 2", to Slipknot fans simultaneously.

The two versions of "Vermilion" are songs that represent the expression of the myriad of artistic and technical strengths this groundbreaking act possesses. Both will simultaneously impact all rock radio formats and national video channels in early October and both appear on Slipknot's critically-acclaimed album, "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)", which is quickly approaching platinum sales status.

The song "Vermilion" begins the story of obsession, with a gothic rock beat and frustrated, aggressive vocal. "Vermilion Pt. 2" is a haunting continuation of the story, complete with acoustic guitar, violin and Corey Taylor's pained, vulnerable delivery. The melody and the overriding theme run through both versions, making them integral pieces to the same complex puzzle. "The differences (between the two tracks) are subtle — 'Vermilion Pt. 1' is about the enrapturing, the buildup, the anticipation and the neurosis," says Taylor. "'Part 2' is the aftermath, the pieces that have to be picked up later, and maybe the guilt of having lived through it."

A separate video was shot for each version of the track in Los Angeles in late-August. The clip for "Vermilion" was directed by Tony Petrossian and M. Shawn Crahan, co-directors of the "Duality" video. The video for "Vermilion Pt. 2" is being directed by Mark Klasfeld (whose work includes videos for Nelly, Vanessa Carlton, Sum 41, and Shyne). Expect both videos to defy your expectations of Slipknot and show the band as you have never seen them before.

The concept of the "Vermilion" video follows a young woman whose life is completely out of phase with the rest of the world. For every day that goes by her, she grows further away from her imprint of time in this reality. All she can do is stand alone and contemplate her isolation. Throughout the video, the only things in balance are her visions of the members of Slipknot in her subconscious. "This is REAL," says the co-director (also known as the Clown) "We chose to go down an artistic wormhole, and give our fans a beginning look of what else lies within our thought process. Whereas 'Duality' captured the real intimacy of what we share with our fans, with 'Vermilion', we finalize that chapter by grabbing a hold of our fans and taking them deeper into the experience of Slipknot. It's all starting over again — THIS IS REAL!"

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Slipknot To Play Korea For First Time

Slipknot will play their first concert in South Korea in November. This highly anticipated gig will finally take place after the cancellation of the group's original show in early February due to delays in the production of the band's latest album, "Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)." Hardcore Slipknot fans in South Korea previously had to travel to Japan to see the group perform in concert, and this first gig in Seoul, South Korea is expected to be a monster rock event. "Women and the physically weak are being advised to take the upper seat sections, allowing the standing section to be filled with men and foreigners living in South Korea," according to a posting on the Korean Slipknot fan site SlipknotMania.com. Tickets go on sale on September 20.

As previously reported, Slipknot will be releasing their third DVD sometime next year. The exact timing and content of the DVD has yet to be determined.

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Ozzfest Show Report For August 26th In Camden NJ

The day was August 26th, the day of the Ozzfest, the festival all metal-heads know and worship. Bringing the heaviest tour to the masses year after year. This year was a year to remember with bands like Slayer, Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Slipknot, and upcomers Atreyu, Bleeding Through, and Lacuna Coil; among others. More...

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Kerrang! Music Awards Nominations Released

SLIPKNOT, METALLICA, THE DARKNESS, H.I.M., RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and BLINK-182 are battling it out for the "Best Band" award at the Kerrang! Awards 2004, according to the BBC News.

The nominees for Kerrang! were revealed at a live gig in London on Tuesday (August 24), where bands like the LOSTPROPHETS, BIFFY CLYRO and MINUS performed for 500 delighted rock fans.

Previous big-name winners include FOO FIGHTERS, BON JOVI, MARILYN MANSON, AC/DC and IGGY POP.

Seven of this year's awards have been voted for by the public, with the remainder judged by the Kerrang! team.

The awards themselves will take place at a top-secret location on Thursday.

Kerrang! Awards 2004 nominees:

Best British Newcomer:


Best International Newcomer :


Best Single:

ASH – "Orpheus"
LOSTPROPHETS – "Last Train Home"
THE RASMUS - "In The Shadows"
H.I.M. - "Funeral Of Hearts"
LINKIN PARK - "Breaking The Habit"
EVANESCENCE - "Going Under"

Best Album:

SLIPKNOT -"Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)"
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE -"The End of Heartache"
MUSE – "Absolution"
LOSTPROPHETS - "Start Something"
BLINK-182 – "Blink-182"

Best Video:

BLINK-182 - "I Miss You"
SLIPKNOT – "Duality"
NEW FOUND GLORY - "All Downhill From Here"
H.I.M. - "Funeral of Hearts"

Best Live Band:


Best Band On The Planet:


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Vote For Best Metal Videos Of The New Millennium

MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball and Revolver magazine are teaming up to bring you the Best Metal Videos of the New Millennium (so far) picked by you. So put your pedal to the metal and vote for your favorite video here. Then, catch the two-hour premiere Saturday, August 21 at 10 PM during Headbanger’s Ball, on MTV2. Plus check out the final list in the October issue of Revolver.

Videos you can vote for: More...

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Slipknot Films Videos For 'Vermillion' And Pt. 2

This past weekend in LA, new Slipknot videos were shot. The songs, "Vermilion" and "Vermilion Pt. 2." Shoots for both the videos should wrap today.

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Metal Musicians Guest On Horrorcore Rap CD

The following guest musicians will be appearing on MC Necro's new album, "The Pre-Fix For Death":

Jamey Jasta and Sean Martin of Hatebreed , #0 of Slipknot aka DJ Starscream (Sid Wilson), Trever Perez of Obituary, Away of Voivod, Dan Lilker of Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Brutal Truth, and Danny Diablo of Crown of Thorns, Scarhead.

Necro's official biography says the following: More...

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Ozzfest Report - July 18 in Bristow, VA

On Sunday, July 18, 2004 I enjoyed one of the best Ozzfests I've witnessed at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, Virginia, despite a day that started off pretty bad. To put it all in perspective, I'll start at the beginning. I awoke to prepare for the day and immediately noticed that my right eye which was slightly irritated the day before was swollen half shut. After 30 minutes or so of being awake, I was developing a serious headache from the pressure of my swollen eyelid being open. Although I had fully intended to arrive at Ozzfest by 9:30 and see every band perform, I quickly resigned to going in to the hospital to have my eye checked out. The decision was an easy one because the headache was already terrible and I could only imagine the situation worsening throughout the day as dust, rain, sweat, and/or sun screen got into my eyes.

After two hours in the hospital to get some antibiotic eye drops, I was on my way. One side effect of the eye infection was that I was forced to wear glasses instead of contacts, which totally sucks - it's kind of hard to headbang with glasses on.

Factoring in travel time, I arrived at Ozzfest just two hours into the show. The weather was overcast and comfortably cool 70's. They were calling for a 60% chance of rain, but the weather was holding, despite passing through some rain on the drive to Bristow. More...

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Aggressive Music Festival Video Posted Online

Albany's Capital News 9 has posted a two-minute video report from this weekend's Aggressive Music Festival, which featured performances from a number of national heavy metal bands, including Slayer, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Chimaira, Superjoint Ritual, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed and Life Of Agony. Watch the video here.

Around 4,000 music fans from the Capital Region and as far away as California packed the Glens Falls Civic Center for the festival, which was organized in part by Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta. Back in May, a group of local people went around getting residents in the Glens Falls area to sign petitions (watch video here) against the concert due to some of the groups' questionable lyrics. But organizers, bands and fans said there's nothing wrong with this type of music.

Promoter Ted Etoll said, "They took one little isolated lyrical content and made everybody here to look like demons, which they aren't."

Mark Wellington of Queensbury said, "You know a lot of people were shaky about having guys like us come up here and have a festival, but overall it's just fans coming to listen to good music."

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Headbangers Ball CD Tracklisting

The tracklisting for the forthcoming Headbangers Ball Vol. II, which will be making it's way onto store shelves in late September: More...

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Ozzfest Report - 12 July in Mansfield, MA

So, after quite some time and many doubts I have finally decided to share my thoughts about this year's Ozzfest. Actually, it's my first time on this festival since I'm from Europe and I've only been living in U.S. for two years now. Please, do consider this as you read along :)

I got to the Tweeter Center around 10:15 in the morning. Being my first time there, I wasn't sure how the whole thing was gonna go. The first thing that looked very weird were all those people on the parking lot who had brought BBQs and coolers and were hanging out by their cars. Very American, I thought. More...

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Lots More Ozzfest Setlists

Some setlist info is starting to filter in from bands at this years Ozzfest. Here they are so far:

Bleeding Mascara
Someone's Standing On My Chest
Right Side of The Bed
Lip Gloss and Black

Force Fed
Anti Hero
Better Days
Broken Promise More...

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