"some music was meant to stay underground..."

Heir To Madness

Formed: 2008
From: TX, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Heir to Madness is Jason Wiscarson's solo project. It's a dark and brooding melodic whirlwind. Commanding, yet sophisticated drums augment ethereal and sometimes scathing guitars. Clean and other-worldly vocals top it off for an unusual counterpoint of haunting beauty and unforgiving aural assaults.

But HTM is not just about the music, it’s about music with something worthwhile to say. Being a medium for growth and change is intrinsic to the music’s purpose. The name “Heir to Madness” was not coined by accident. We are all heirs to the madness of this world. The madness that destroys the earth, kills millions, lets millions die, that separates, hordes, and gives rise to the ego.

HTM’s first release, The Citadel, is about that ego, the mind-construct, and all its intricacies. The ego is much like a citadel. It is the stronghold of our person, our idea of our self. It is to be defended at all costs. High walls and weapons-at-the-ready protect the fragile idea of our imagined importance and keeps us “safe”. Yet that “safety” has an extremely high price. That price is your very self. When you enter the citadel you relinquish your freewill, to be subjugated to the holy ego forevermore. Some will pay homage to it, others will anger it. Either way, you will be at its every whim.

The ego has a peculiar way of clouding your perceptions. You’ll see what it wants you to see. You’ll hear what it wants you to hear. Revoking the ego’s supremacy is the key to leaving this self-made fortress, and in doing so, we end the master/slave relationship and escape everything that society, parents, school systems, clergy, and government has drilled into us since birth. Freedom from the ego is freedom from every distorted idea you ever had about yourself. Without the ego, we have nothing to defend, and with nothing to defend, we have nothing to fear.


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