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Halford Signs New U.S. Distribution Deal

JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford and his Metal God Entertainment have announced their new United States film and music distributor Super D Independent Distribution of Irvine, California. "Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" is Super D's first new Halford title, set to debut September 11, 2007.

"Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" features 13 dynamic heavy metal tracks from Rob Halford's FIGHT and HALFORD solo releases. The HALFORD band's first new songs in more than four years "Forgotten Generation" and "Drop Out" are also featured; as is an exclusive 2007 remix from FIGHT co-producer Attie Bauw "Hypocrisy U.S. Remix".

Super D is the only worldwide one-stop distributor of CD music and DVD movie titles servicing more than 24 countries. Super D's U.S. release of "Metal God Essentials - Volume 1" includes a full-color, 20-page expanded booklet and bonus Metal God DVD featuring eight HALFORD promotional videos in a double-jewel case. A limited and numbered edition, with enhanced eight-panel digipak, including an original Rob Halford autograph, will be available for a very short period (edition: 5,000).

"Super D Independent Distribution grew its core business distributing a lot of metal music," says Rob Halford. "I am looking forward to re-connecting and meeting many of Super D's accounts. This relationship brings a new and powerful U.S. partner to Metal God Entertainment's new film and music releases being produced for the global rock and metal audiences. Collectively, the relationship will bring Super D and I closer to my retail consumers throughout the U.S., and that has been one of the most important elements of my search given the many changes seen at the retail-level."

This fall, Metal God Entertainment and Super D will debut "Fight War Of Words - The Film" a 5.1 documentary and concert DVD of Rob Halford's decision to leave metal legends JUDAS PRIEST in 1992 and embark upon an ambitious and un-equaled solo career. Release configurations include a bonus CD, "War Of Words - Remixed / Remastered 2007".

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Rob Halford Talks About Judas Priest Legacy

Bernard Perusse of The Gazette recently conducted an interview with JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On coming out as a gay man in 1998:

"I kind of blew the doors off the myth that all heavy metalheads are Neanderthal and very limited in their ability to take on subject matter of any human depth. That's ridiculous: Metal fans are just as compassionate and caring and tolerant as any other form of music fans are. (The support) made me feel great. (But) I couldn't have done it while I was a drunk and a drug addict."

On becoming clean and sober on January 6, 1986:

"I was snorting cocaine left, right and center. I'd get whacked out of my mind before I went on stage. During the show, I'd be knocking back vodka and tonic and doing lines behind the amps, then come off stage and have a bottle of Mot & Chandon and start on 16-ounce cans of Budweiser. It just got so bad that I'd be back home in Phoenix, just literally punching walls, trashing rooms — and just severely unhappy."

On two young PRIEST fanatics, James Vance and Ray Belknap, who attempted suicide and whose parents subsequently filed a civil suit against JUDAS PRIEST, which was dismissed:

"The American reaction was phenomenal — the support we had from the fans every day, to and from the courthouse. But it was very difficult to sit there and listen to the attorney basically saying: 'These guys over there killed these kids.' (We thought) 'What are you talking about?' It was surreal, but we knew we had to stand up for what we believed in: We had absolutely no association with their death. We kept them alive for a good period of their lives. We were a lifeline (from) the s--- life that they were living."

On heavy metal being invulnerable to trends:

"Isn't it great? It's never going to go away! It's been here through the '70s, through the '80s, got stronger in the '90s — and even more so now."

On JUDAS PRIEST's longevity:

"We can either rip your face up with 'Painkiller' or we can play this beautiful thing called 'Last Rose of Summer', from 'Sin After Sin'. And people love us for that because they don't really know what to expect. It's a very broad-based display.

"I really think that PRIEST is unique. I don't think there's any other metal act in the world — I can only say that now because I've lived it for 36 years — that can do what we've done in PRIEST."

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Rob Halford: "I'd Like To Do Some Extreme Metal"

Norway's Imhotep recently conducted an interview JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

On when he felt it was the right time to come back to his roots:

"I think it was after we released the TWO record. We went on tour, and everything that I get involved with I give it a 1000%. You know, I stand by everything that I do, and to me it's not about commercial success or failure, it's just going through the whole process. And after I'd done the TWO release and the shows that we did in different places, I think that's when I fully understood that I just needed to get back to where I just got the most out of the music, and that's what I did after we did the final TWO shows — I just thought about what else was available. And there were other things that one could potentially get involved with. I still want to do some extreme forms of metal, like black/ death metal at some point in my career, since I'm a huge fan of that kind of music. But by then I'd already made my mind up to look for players that would help me put this 'Resurrection' release together."

On what Rob Halford would sound like singing extreme metal:

"I know that what I do as a metal singer, it's very strong for me to do this style of singing, firstly that I do with PRIEST, then what I do with HALFORD. But when think of death metal, I don't want to sing like most death metal singers. I don't know, it would be different."

On his duet with Bruce Dickinson on "Resurrection" on the track "The One You Love To Hate":

"Yeah! That was great. I was up in L.A. working with Roy Z on the 'Resurrection' album, and Bruce was in town. He stopped by the studio and we had some drinks and food together. We've known each other since MAIDEN and PRIEST began, and we're good mates. We just said, 'We've never really had the chance to do a song together!' Then Roy Z came in, and he said, 'What're you guys talking about?' We told him, and he said, 'Fuck, let's just do it, let's just put a song together!' So that's just basically how it happened — within a day we'd got 'The One You Love To Hate' written and the bulk of it came from Bruce, and then we kind of put the words and the melodies together. Then we went to the studio and made it all down. It only took about a day or two to complete. But it was a real bit of metal magic, that was! It's a really good song. I listened to it again last night for the first time in years. Really cool track!"

On the rumored project involving Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, and Rob Halford:

"That never really got off the ground. That me and Bruce and Geoff from QUEENSRŸCHE were gonna put this band, this trio of singers together and go out and have one backing band, and then we would all do each other's songs, do our own songs, cover songs and just mix it all up. One of us would go out and sing a song, somebody else would come out and sing a song, and then we'd do duets or trios together, whatever. But we never left the launch pad, unfortunately, because we were all so busy and immersed in our separate worlds it just never became a reality! But I've never forgotten that and I still think that if there's an opportunity to do it. We should do it, you know, because it'll be really special and different."

On what he thought of Tim "Ripper" Owens singing with JUDAS PRIEST:

"It was a combination of two things — like, fuck I wish I was doing that. And at the second time, I felt like, all this is brilliant, another JUDAS PRIEST record with a great singer. It was just two sets of feelings for me really. I like Tim's vocals very much. I think he's a great singer! . . . We've met twice or maybe more and he was a very nice guy. I don't understand this whole thing of current and past members of a band bashing each other. I believe respect is something very important and if you have problems with someone, keep them to yourself, you know? You don't need to spread it, to go on public. I've always respected every musician, and I think we, as human beings, should try to respect each other a bit more."

On the reaction from PRIEST fans to his announcement that he was gay:

"It was fantastic. Nobody really cared. I think in today's world, it's a lot easier to be accepted, although there is still a lot of bigotry and a lot of hate. You know, [directed] towards gay people, to different people of different colors, to different people of different religions; and I can't understand that there is still so much hate and resentment in the world. So when I made that statement about my homosexuality, I just think it was important as much as it was for me as a gay metal singer, but also to try and break down some more intolerance and prejudice against gay people. And of course, all my straight metalhead fans, like I said, they were just really supportive. They said, 'Rob we don't care what you are. To us you're the Metal God, you're a great metal singer, and that's all that matters' I was really happy for the reaction because it sent a strong message that the metal community is very accepting. That metalheads can come together at a concert from all different age groups, all different colours, all different religions, all different jobs, all different kinds of sexuality, and they can just come and have a great metal together! So I think I kind of exploded the myth about the metalheads not accepting like myself because that's not true. That was a great thing to do! I'm not an activist, or someone that holds the flag of the gay community, but I'm who I'm, and I think it's important to be open and to be honest, to not hide anymore, just to respect each other, really!"

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Riot Signs Rob Halford, Announces Coming Releases

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has signed an exclusive deal with Riot! Entertainment involving the licensing and distribution of all Halford and Fight film and music releases. About the deal, Rob Halford said this:

Hello metal heads throughout Australia and New Zealand: I am pleased to announce my label/production company Metal God Entertainment has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Riot! Entertainment this month (May 2007). Together we will provide all future Halford and Fight film and music releases to the Metal lands down under. Many thanks to everyone at Riot! Entertainment for the great journey we are about to make together. I'm looking forward to seeing all you crazy Australian and New Zealand metal worshipers in the near future with both Judas Priest and Halford.

And on the same topic, Riot! Entertainment CEO & Owner John Howarth:

This is a huge boost for Riot! and one that is an absolute honour! I have been a massive fan of the Metal God since I was a kid and now to work closely with a legend like Rob Halford is very exciting and one we are all extremely looking forward to. I mean this is the Metal God and to have Rob on board is amazing, I am still stunned with the approach and the deal. It’s a great feeling to know people like Rob Halford want to work directly with you!

The first release of the deal, debuting in Australian and New Zealand in early July, will be the Metal God Essentials Volume 1 CD&DVD. The package features a full-colour twenty-page booklet, bonus DVD, thirteen remastered Halford and Fight tracks, two new Halford tracks and a new Halford remix, "Vendetta Remix". Following this will be three films, all with 5.1 audio, with the first two seeing release in late 2007 and the third early in 2008. They are titled "Fight: War of Words: The Film", "Halford Live at Rock in Rio III", and "Halford Live Crucible World Tour".

Finally, with details yet to be announced, there will be some Halford re-issues, a new album in the works, and an Australian tour.

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Halford Says Latest Priest Album Could Be A Double

JUDAS PRIEST is currently recording a concept album about the 16th Century French prophet Nostradamus. In a recent interview with Rockdetector's Garry Sharpe-Young, Rob Halford admitted the band's often perceived secrecy was sometimes intentional. "Look, I love the Internet as a tool for knowledge gathering and for its amazing marketing possibilities but sometimes you have to step back a bit and present something in a better way," he said. "Just because the Internet allows you to give everything instantly does not always make that the right choice. I believe that if you go along to see a concert by your favorite band, as a fan, you hunger for that anticipation — what are they going to play? What's the stage look like? All those things. It's the same with a new record for us. We've whetted the appetites by revealing the Nostradamus concept. That's a big deal for us, actually. I could give you song titles and intimate details of the story and each track but we don't want to ruin it for fans. Just remember the last time you bought a record that you had been wanting to get your hands on for months and that magical moment when you hear the first note. We'd like to bring some of that excitement back. Metal in particular thrives on that kind of fan-driven word of mouth. It worked very well for us with 'Screaming for Vengeance' and very much so with 'Painkiller'. Fans were talking to each down the pub and saying, 'You really need to hear this!' We had it back in the very early days too when we were playing every pub and club that would have us. It was word of mouth that generated that huge support from all over the country that the London media suddenly saw manifest itself at the Reading festival in 1975."

Rockdetector.com: OK, without giving too much away then, what clues can you tease us with for "Nostradamus"?

Haford: "Not a lot, except that it's absolutely massive in its scope. I mean, it really is a very big concept, even possibly a double album. We're all totally into the whole idea and researching the man's life has opened up so many possibilities. Right now Glenn [Tipton] and Ken [K.K. Downing] have all the music written but we have to construct all of that into a meaningful story. It's hugely ambitious but I know the fans will be blown away."

Rockdetector.com: With your enthusiasm to build the excitement for this record, it seems you embrace both old style promotional tactics and you are obviously very keyed into the present game with your website and this new round of HALFORD solo releases.

Halford: "You have to be. I'm only looking at what works. Of course you have to have a great product in the first place, which is why the HALFORD albums and this new crop of releases has had so much effort gone into them. I didn't just want to rehash the existing albums so there is a lot of attention to detail. I actually think the possibilities for music distribution in the future are going to be wonderful but of course the whole industry is in a very painful transitional stage right now. Music consumption is going up very fast, but CD sales are going down. More people are coming out to shows too, so the world wants music. The question for the labels is how they deliver it. Won't won't change is that JUDAS PRIEST will be out there delivering the goods on stage"

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Halford Post New Song Available For Streaming

A brand new HALFORD song, entitled "Forgotten Generation", has been made available for streaming at MP3.com. The track, which was officially released yesterday (Tuesday, November 21) via iTunes, is the first new HALFORD song in more than four years. Rob Halford wrote the tune and another new cut, "Drop Out", with the HALFORD band this year during downtime from working with JUDAS PRIEST on their upcoming album "Nostradamus". "We just thought it would be nice to offer fans an earful of new HALFORD stuff and let everybody know we're still around," he said, according to MTV.com. Both new tracks will be available on "Halford: Metal God Essentials - Volume 1", which comes out November 28. The album will contain 15 songs spanning Halford's solo career and will also be available exclusively through iTunes. Also on November 28, Halford will release the entire HALFORD catalog ("Resurrection", "Live Insurrection" and "Crucible"), plus the FIGHT demo "K5 the War of Words Demos". "We love iTunes," Halford said. "It's a tremendous format and they're really looking after the Metal God in a really great way." More...

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Rob Halford To Debut New Solo Material

On November 21, Rob Halford will debut the first new Halford song in more than four years, "Forgotten Generation," on iTunes. The metal god wrote the tune and another new cut, "Drop Out," with the Halford band this year during downtime from working with Judas Priest on their upcoming album Nostradamus. "We just thought it would be nice to offer fans an earful of new Halford stuff and let everybody know we're still around," he said. Both new tracks will be available on Halford: Metal God Essentials - Volume 1, which comes out November 28. The album will contain 15 songs spanning Halford's solo career and will also be available exclusively through iTunes. Also on November 28, Halford will release the entire Halford catalog (Resurrection, Live Insurrection and Crucible), plus the Fight demo K5 the War of Words Demos. "We love iTunes," Halford said. "It's a tremendous format and they're really looking after the Metal God in a really great way."

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Halford Creates Company, Reissue Solo Releases

Rob Halford has purchased his ground-breaking, critically acclaimed Halford catalog from Sanctuary Records U.K. The three albums under the band name: Halford include 'Resurrection' (2000), the two-CD concert recording 'Live Insurrection' (2001) and 'Crucible' (2002).

The Halford titles were acquired January 2006, and they will be the first music releases to possess The Metal God's new corporate imprint: 'Metal God Entertainment' (MGE) an entity which will act as exclusive production company and label for Rob's future solo music and film releases. Under new licenses, much of Rob's existing and new titles will release through global-label partners whom have worked previously with The Metal God. Additional details available late-summer 2006.

The Roy Z. Produced Halford titles: 'Resurrection' (2000) and 'Live Insurrection' (2001) have been Re-Mastered. Roy and John Baxter (Rob Halford's Manager / Executive Producer) recruited Denmark Producer / Mixer Tue Madsen to Re-Mix and Master one of Rob Halford's finest
releases: 'Crucible' (2002). Additional details available late-summer 2006.

In 2007, Metal God Entertainment (MGE) will release: 'Fight, War Of Words - The Film.' Recorded throughout 1992 and 1993, this 5.1 surround-sound film presents a view of Rob Halford as he makes his decision to leave Heavy Metal legends Judas Priest, record and tour with his first solo band: 'Fight.' The band's original audio-demonstration recordings (1992) will appear on a separate Fight soundtrack release. You can watch a promotional trailer for "Fight, War Of Words - The Film" here.

Also in 2007, Metal God Entertainment (MGE) will release: 'Halford - Live at Rock In Rio 2001'. The formation of Rob Halford's new Heavy Metal band (Halford) is chronicled from studio to road in 5.1 surround sound. After releasing 'Resurrection' (2000) Halford screams through a 95-city, world-wide concert tour. The band's final-tour performance at Brazil's Rock in Rio III (2001) festival in front of more than a quarter-million Metal fans presents an up-close view of one of Metal's hardest working and innovative bands. The film's audio-only soundtrack
release: Halford - Live at Rock In Rio III - has been Produced by Roy Z. You can watch a promotional trailer for "Halford - Live at Rock In Rio 2001" here.

The anticipated Halford studio album 'Halford IV' is being rescheduled as Rob is in studio with Judas Priest collaborating on their 2007 release and subsequent tour. Additional 'Halford IV' details available summer 2008.

Halford departed Judas Priest in 1992 to pursue a solo career during which he has released seven albums thus far. He formed an uncompromising new band called Fight which released 'War of Words' (1993), 'Mutations' (1994) and 'A Small Deadly Space' (1995). Up next was the Two project with Trent Reznor at the production helm. Two released the experimental, industrial rock-flavored 'Voyeurs' (1998). The Metal God realized he missed writing, recording and performing the kind of Heavy Metal he helped invent, and the result was the formation of Halford. After 12 long years, Halford reunited with Judas Priest in the summer of 2003.

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Painmuseum To Play Free Show In New Jersey

PAINMUSEUM, the new band featuring the HALFORD/SEBASTIAN BACH duo of "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (guitar) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums), has announced a free show to kick off the band's East Coast Violence Tour 2006. The concert wil ltake place on Thursday, June 8 at The Fireside Club in Denville, New Jersey.

Commented Mike: "Free show, metal DJs spinning all night, drink specials and the evening will be topped of with PAINMUSEUM. Come out and bang heads with us."

In related news, Metal Mike will make a June 3 guest appearance on the nationally syndicated metal radio show "The Tour Bus".

PAINMUSEUM East Coast Violence 2006 Tour dates:

Jun. 08 - The Fireside Club - Denville, NJ
Jun. 11 - Big Bop Concert Hall/ Reverb Room - Toronto, Canada
Jun. 10 - Steel Music Hall Shredfest - Rochester, NY (w/ BRAND NEW SIN)
Jun. 09 - Dingbatz Club - Clifton, NJ
Jun. 08 - The Fireside Club - Denville, NJ

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Jag Panzer, Painmuseum Confirmed For Louder Harder

JAG PANZER and PAINMUSEUM have been confirmed for the Louder Harder Faster festival, set to take place June 3-5 at the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, PA. This will be a unique event for PAINMUSEUM: When drummer Bobby Jarzombek (ICED EARTH, HALFORD) was unable to cancel prior engagements for this particular performance, Paul Bostaph (TESTAMENT, ex-SLAYER, SYSTEMATIC, FORBIDDEN) was called upon to fill in for this one night only. Also performing with PAINMUSEUM will be Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X).

The highlight of the festival will be an extremely rare performance by the classic TESTAMENT lineup of Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitar), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Greg Christian (bass) and Louie Clemente (drums). The weekend of metal mayhem will also include performances by the full original lineup of New York thrash titans NUCLEAR ASSAULT and SPEED\KILL/HATE, featuring members of OVERKILL.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows: More...

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"Metal" Mike Chlasiak Joins Sebastian Bach

"Metal" Mike Chlasiak, formerly with Testament and Halford, has apparently joined up with Sebastian Bach as the new guitarist.

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New Judas Priest Single Available For Download

Rob Halford/Judas Priest fan site www.robhalford.de has posted the radio version of "Revolution" for download at this location. "Revolution" is the first single off the forthcoming Judas Priest album "Angel of Retribution," which will be released on February 28 in Europe and March 1 in USA.

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Halford To Record Again

He may be back in Judas Priest, but vocalist Rob Halford isn't about to give up his career with Halford the band. In fact, the Metal God is planning a new album under this name, to be recorded in late 2005.

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Testament/Painmuseum Guitarist On Clinic Tour

Former Halford and current Testament/Painmuseum guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak will embark on the next leg of the "Flurry Of The Black Notes Guitar Clinic Tour 2004" later this month. Hear the latest metal gear products and get your answers straight from Metal Mike. Attendance at the clinics is free, but get there early for best seating. A live performance by Metal Mike focused on the gear used will take place at each clinic, and there will also be question-and-answer segments as well as a meet-and-greet. The details are as follows:

November 16, 2004 (7PM)
SAM ASH - Edison
1831 Route 27
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 572-5595

November 17 (7PM)
SAM ASH - New York City
155 48th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 719-2625

November 18 (7PM)
SAM ASH - Springfield
155 Route 22
Springfield, NJ 07081
(973) 376-5161

November 24 (7PM)
762 Route 17 North
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 444-9800

November 27 (7PM)
490 Lincoln Hwy
Fairless Hills, PA, 19030
(215) 736-8055 (Includes a Master Class with Metal Mike. Call store for details and availability)

November 29 (7PM)
GUITAR CENTER - Atlantic City
560 Hamledon Commons
May's Landing, NJ 08330
(609) 383-6979

A Painmuseum record-release party will take place on Saturday, November 20 in Linden, NJ: A night full of metal and drinking devastation. Meet and bang heads with Metal Mike (Testament, Halford), Bobby Jarzombek (Iced Earth, Halford, Riot) and Painmuseum. Metal cover band all night upstairs, Metal DJ downstairs, drink specials, giveaways, brief performance by PAINMUSEUM. Two floors of metal headbanging mayhem. Sponsored by WDHA 105.5 FM "Metal Mania", The Aquarian Weekly, Thatssometal.com, Metalforever.com. Hosted by Matt Murray from WDHA 105.5 FM.

Saturday, November 20, 2004
THE CUP COMPLEX - 10 PM/ Door $5
1140 E. Elizabeth Avenue
Linden, NJ 07036
(908) 486-8925

The band will also visit WDHA 105.5 FM "Metal Mania" with Matt Murray on November 19, 2004. Listen 11-12AM for album tracks and party ticket giveaways.

Commented Mike: "Here we go again. The clinic tour is back, stronger then ever hitting mostly national chains and the Painmuseum party will surely take place in history books. That I can guarantee. We got a killer label now. CD reviews have been very strong. After the hard work on the debut album, it's good to go out and spread the news about [the Painmuseum debut CD] 'Metal For Life' and, as always have some fun with our friends again. See you there mutherf**ckers."

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Rob Halford On Reaction To His Coming Out

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently spoke to the East Bay Express about fans' acceptance of his homosexuality. "It's a myth that I received any flak from the metal community over my decision to come out," he insisted. "I have, in fact, received numerous positive responses from fans, as well as e-mails from people who were going through much the same thing. It's horrible to keep something like that secret, and I felt I had to make it public. I discovered that I was gay when I was about nine or ten. I did go out with girls for a while, but it didn't last."

Read the full article at East Bay Express.

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Halford On The Hunt For Nudist Priest

Judas Priest rocker Rob Halford is desperate to catch tribute band Nudist Priest when he tours with rocker Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath on the OZZfest tour this summer - because they play naked. The singer, who is fronting the classic British rockers again after a 12-year-break, is hoping to track down a tour list for the wacky tribute act.

Halford says, "My former guitarist Pat Lachman saw them at a club in Los Angeles, and they played naked."

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