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Formed: 1990
From: Beilen, Netherlands
Last Known Status: Active


God Dethroned was formed by mainman Henri Sattler in 1990. After one demo they released their debut album “The Christhunt” in 1992 on a tiny German label. Due to problems with the other band members and the record company, Henri decided to split the band. He then formed Ministry Of Terror and released the “Fall Of Life” album with them in 1994. After a European tour Henri left the band and re-formed God Dethroned. With new band members and better songs in his back, Henri and the new God Dethroned recorded “The Grand Grimoire” and inked a deal with Metal Blade. Many successful tours followed in Europe, the U.S. and Japan with great Death and Black Metal acts like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Immortal, and Marduk, just to name a few.

In the meantime most of the renowned festivals were played: Dynamo Open Air, Wacken, Graspop and Summer Breeze. Drummer Roel Sanders left the band after the US tour promoting “Bloody Blasphemy”. Nile’s Tony Laureano played on the “Ravenous” album, but couldn’t stay. Janne from The Crown played on the tour and finally new drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek came in, whose first recording experience with the band was “Into the Lungs of Hell”.

Bassist Beef and guitar player Jens didn’t have the motivation any more to keep on touring and playing, so they decided to call it quits after about 8 years. About 2 months before the recording of “The Lair of the White Worm” bass player Henk joined the band, and 2 weeks before the recording axeman Isaac came in.

Latest God Dethroned News

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Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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God Dethroned Streaming Song From New Album

Dutch death metallers God Dethroned have announced that Bravewords.com will be premiering the second track from "Under the Sign of the Iron Cross," entitled "Storm Of Steel." The song perpetuates Henri Sattler's lyrical WWI theme and describes what it was like to go over the trench and be a part of a charge in the war of attrition style warfare for which WWI was best known. You can check out the song here. "Under the Sign of the Iron Cross," the bands 9th album, was recorded at the Soundlodge Studios in Leer, Germany.

Comments singer/guitarist Henri Sattler: "Musically the new album turned out to be one of the most extreme records we ever did. Nevertheless with the very recognizable God Dethroned hooks present in all the songs.Producer Joerg Uken outdid himself this time, because our new album is in my opinion the best produced album we ever had. Extremely raw, heavy, but crystal clear and super dynamic at the same time."

The "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" track listing:

1. The Declaration of War
2. Storm of Steel
3. Fire Storm
4. The Killing is Faceless
5. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
6. Chaos Reigns at Dawn
7. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
8. The Red Baron
9. On Fields of Death

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God Dethroned Moves Back CD Presentation Party

Dutch act God Dethroned is set to release the new album "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" on November 23rd, 2010 through Metal Blade Records. The band has issued the following update about moving back the previously scheduled CD presentation party to Christmas Eve:

"Yo! What could be a better day for a CD presentation than Christmas eve? Due to the Eindhoven Metal Meeting which is being held at the same day as our originally scheduled CD presentation, we decided to reschedule our party by one week so you can enjoy both events. See you then."

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God Dethroned Posts New Song Online

Dutch death metallers GOD DETHRONED have launched a landing page for their upcoming new album "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross." The page features the title track of their upcoming album, also embedded below.

Comments singer/guitarist Henri Sattler on the title track, "The 1905 Schlieffen Plan made by the Prussian Count von Schlieffen after England signed the previous Entente Cordiale in 1904 with France. The plan was based on a battle between Hannibal and the Roman army in 216 B.C. that was later modified and eventually failed when put into practice. It remains uncertain if the changes to the Schlieffen Plan or the plan itself was the reason for not being successful."


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God Dethroned Reveals New Album Tracklisting

Dutch death metal act God Dethroned has revealed the tracklisting to it's forthcoming studio album. The album, titled "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross," is set for release on November 23, 2010 through Metal Blade Records.

"Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" tracklisting:
1. The Declaration of War
2. Storm of Steel
3. Fire Storm
4. The Killing is Faceless
5. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
6. Chaos Reigns at Dawn
7. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
8. The Red Baron
9. On Fields of Death & Desolation

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God Dethroned Announces New Album Release

Dutch death metallers God Dethroned have finished the recordings of their new album "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross." Singer/guitarist Henri Sattler stated:

“Just like with our two previous albums, we've been recording at the Soundlodge Studio's in Leer, Germany with producer Joerg Uken. 'Under the Sign of the Iron Cross' is another concept album about World War One. Having done a concept album about this topic before didn't make it an easy job, but reading Ernst Juenger's 'In Stahlgewittern' (Storm of Steel), which is his biography of his daily experiences in the trenches during the war, gave me so much inspiration that I managed to do a good job on the lyrics and I'm really satisfied with the result, but this is of course something you will have to check out for yourselves.

"Musically the new album turned out to be one of the most extreme records we ever did. Nevertheless with the very recognizable God Dethroned hooks present in all the songs. Producer Joerg Uken outdid himself this time, because our new album is in my opinion the best produced album we ever had. Extremely raw, heavy, but crystal clear and super dynamic at the same time.”

"Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" will be released the 19th/22nd of November 2010 via Metal Blade Records in Europe and on the 23rd of November in North America.

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God Dethroned Comments on New Album, New Guitarist

Death metal band God Dethroned is currently in the studio working on their tenth full length. Via their MySpace Page they have briefly commented on the new album, their new guitarist and their recent tour:

"It's studio time again.
We've been working hard on a new album lately and just finished songwriting.
Our second album with a World War One theme.
Mike and Henri will start laying down drum and guitar tracks at Soundlodge Studio's (Germany) with producer Joerg Uken.
It's our third time recording there as we have been very pleased with the results of the previous albums.

We would like to thank Ian Jekelis (Abigail Williams) for playing guitar with us on the Killfest tour in the U.S. where we supported Overkill on many great and succesful shows.
We also would like to welcome Danny Tunker as our new lead guitarist.
Danny already played with us on a few shows and festivals and we decided to give him the chance to show his skills on our new album.

More news soon.

Cheers, God Dethroned"

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Evile Issues Tour Report

British thrashers EVILE are getting well acquainted with the American touring circuit, having just finished a North American tour with German legends KREATOR and now making their way around once again with New Jersey's OVERKILL.

EVILE are currently in the midst of the Killfest tour, which also features VADER, GOD DETHRONED, WARBRINGER and WOE OF TYRANTS.

EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE reports from the tour:

"Currently sat in bed in a Japanese hotel in San Francisco. This place is awesome! Love San Francisco. We played the Regent Ballroom last night and had a brilliant time. We felt very welcomed, and in such an amazing venue. Me and Ben walked around San Fran at about 3am looking for food - we even tried to be a car to go through the Burger King drive-thru. Day off today
as the Vegas show was cancelled (boo!) and to be honest I need it. I ate some American fish n' chips, and that didn't go down well. As I've said before, leave fish n' chips to England!"

"Got a lot of ideas for album 3 - we basically have the title and album art concept decided too. Got a very good feeling about the new material!" More...

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Abigail Williams Working On New Album

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS has completed recording of individual performances for their still untitled second full-length. Captured at Conquistador Studios in Cleveland, Ohio, eight new songs were laid down with vocalist/guitarist Ken Sorceron and engineer Cole Martinez controlling the audio takes. The songs are currently being mixed by Peter Tagtgren (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Celtic Frost) and are expected to be completed later this month.

Commenting briefly on the new material, Sorceron notes, "There are a lot less keyboards on the new songs. They are far more guitar-driven and have a bit more of a traditional sound in some ways but still very Abigail Williams sounding. We let ourselves have much more room with writing this album; kind of a more open, free environment than any we have employed before. The studio experience this time round was very natural to us. We recorded everything with much more ease and I think it has helped in capturing a very honest vibe." More...

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God Dethroned Checks In From The Road

God Dethroned have checked in from the road with the following tour report:

"Hey dudes, We're 10 days into the tour, time for a little heads up. Killfest, Overkill's 25th anniversary US tour is doing very well. The tour has a strong line up with some very established names, as well as a number of 'newer' bands who's popularity is growing very strong recently. That, and the amount of die hard Overkill fans showing up every night has made the turn-outs great so far.

"There has been a great atmosphere between the bands, a lot of drunken nonsense going on, but every band is very professional, and it has made this tour extremely easy going and a lot of fun. We are having a great time and we're also extremely happy to see a lot of new fans, and old ones. We hope to see you somewhere on the road in the next coming weeks!"

God Dethroned's upcoming tour dates are as follows: More...

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God Dethroned Re-Signs With Metal Blade

On the heels of their recent release "Passiondale," Metal Blade Records has extended their contract with Dutch death metal act God Dethroned. The band will be campaigning across North America, supporting Overkills' 25th Anniversary Killfest tour throughout April. The tour starts April 1st in Philadelphia at the Trocadero.

Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel comments, "We are very happy to continue our long and great relationship with God Dethroned. We've been working with the band and Henri for over a decade and we look forward to more great music from them in the future!"

Henri Sattler, God Dethroned guitarist and vocalist adds, "Once you're in it, you're in it for life, the head of Metal Blade in Europe once said to me. It was already a dream come true to sign our first deal with the label back in '97, and now 13 years later we just put our signature on our third contract with them. It's just as exciting as it was back then and we're very proud of earning their trust and support after all these years. We are halfway through the writing process for a new album, which we will record starting end of May. First, we'll play on the Killfest tour in the U.S. supporting Overkill together with label mates Woe of Tyrants and many other great bands. Abigail Williams' axeman Ian Jekelis will take over touring duties for Susan, with whom we parted ways last January. We will announce the name of our new shredder right before we play our first European festival in May."

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Overkill Adds More Tour Dates

New Jersey thrash metal veterans Overkill will embark on their 25th anniversary North American tour, dubbed Killfest 2010, in April and May 2010. The trek will span the length of the U.S., hitting spots in Canada, with one final show at New York City's Nokia Theater. Support on the tour will come from Vader, God Dethroned, Warbringer, Evile, and Woe of Tyrants.

Commented vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth: "The road never ends, and that's a good thing kids! We've all been tearing this up for over 25 years now and still going strong. April it starts again and this time it's 'Ironbound', live and in your face, let the games begin!!"

The currently confirmed tour dates are as follows: More...

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Tales From The Pit: Sea-Sick w/o the Cruise Ship

We've been talking to bands and fans everywhere to get their favorite mosh pit stories. This week’s story is from Henri Sattler of God Dethroned:

"We played Quito (Ecuador) on the South American part of our War Propaganda World Tour 2009 and there we had a slamming pit in which the whole crowd was participating. I felt like we were playing on a floating island since the whole stage was moving from its place! Even the sound desk moved from one place to another in the venue. Amps tumbling over, etc. I was the biggest madness I’ve ever experienced in my life on stage, and i was happy to leave the stage with all my teeth being in my mouth still..."

God Dethroned was recently confirmed for Austria's Kaltenbach Open Air 2010 festival and has an extensive US tour planned with Overkill, Vader, Evile, Warbringer and Woe of Tyrants early this year as well.

Check back every Tuesday for more tales from the pit.

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Parsifall Confirmed For Kaltenback Open Air 2010

German metal band PARSIFALL has been confirmed for Kaltenbach Open Air 2010, which takes place on July 17 in Austria. Here's a statement from the band:

"We're proud to announce that we've been confirmed for this year's Kaltenbach Open Air in Austria! It'll be our pleasure to burn the stage with extreme metal masters such as DYING FETUS, DARK FUNERAL, ABORTED, DARKANE, GOD DETHRONED and many more! This is our return to our label’s home country Austria since one and a half years. To all the Austrian Fans we gained back then in late fall 2008 on tour with Darkfall we can only give the advice to show up and go crazy together with the band!"

In the meantime, check out the band on their MySpace page.

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Evile Announces New North American Tour Dates

British thrashers, EVILE have recently announced that they will be embarking on their first major North American tours with such legendary acts as KREATOR and OVERKILL. EVILE frontman/guitarist, Matt Drake recently took some time to proclaim his (and the band's) excitement to hit the road across the pond in March through early-May:

"Well it's about time it happened, we can finally say that we are coming to the USA!! It's been a long time coming because we've tried before, we've had a few plans made in the past to get to the states but they always fell through but it's finally confirmed and happening. We couldn't be happier that we get to lay waste to peoples senses on a nightly basis with such legendary bands that we have nothing but respect for, we're looking forward to meeting people who have listened to our cd's but never had the chance to see us live and we're also looking forward to introducing ourselves to a lot of new people and instead of easing ourselves into it by doing a week or so we're going for a full on two month straight tour with only a few days off, the way it should be!! I'm personally looking forward to being able to visit such iconic places as New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco as these are the kind of places i never thought i would be lucky enough to see. Ladies and gentlemen the British are coming!!!!" More...

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Overkill Announces North American Tour

New Jersey based thrash metal legends Overkill has announced that they will be heading out on the roads of North America at the beginning of April next year. They will be bringing plenty of bands with them for the ride, including Vader, Evile, God Dethroned, Warbringer and Woe Of Tyrants. This tour is in support of the bands forthcoming new studio album, "Ironbound" which will be released in January through Nuclear Blast Records.

The tour dates are as follows: More...

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God Dethroned Changes Tour Date Venue

God Dethroned has announced that the Oldenbang Festival has been canceled. The band will still be playing at the Backstage in Munich on November 14th. God Dethroned's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

11/12 AT -- Rockhouse Salzburg
11/13 AT -- Kwadrat Klagenfurt
11/14 DE -- Backstage Munich
11/28 DE -- Thrash Inferno Giessen
12/12 DE -- Satan’s Convention Lengerich

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God Dethroned Adds Extra French Show

God Dethroned has announced an extra French show at Le Korigan in Marseille on Thursday 29th of October. The band will be playing alongside Endstille and Hollenthon. God Dethroned's upcoming tour dates are as follows:

10/28 IT -- Club 71 Milano
10/29 F -- Le Korigan Luynes, Marseille
10/30 ES -- Sala Mephisto Barcelona
10/31 ES -- Sala Ritmo y Compas Madrid
11/1 ES -- Jimmy Jazz club Vitoria - Gasteiz
11/2 FR -- Glaz ’Art Paris
11/4 DE -- Sägewerk Neukirchen
11/5 DE -- Juz B58 Braunschweig
11/6 DK -- Aalborg Metal fest Aalborg
11/7 DE -- Roxys Flensburg
11/8 DE -- Steinbruch Theater Mühltal bei Darmstadt
11/9 DE -- Werkstatt Köln
11/10 BE -- Biebob Vosselaar
11/11 DE -- Club Cäsar Neunkirchen
11/12 AT -- Rockhouse Salzburg
11/13 AT -- Kwadrat Klagenfurt
11/14 DE -- OldenBang Festival (Halle der Kulturetage) Oldenburg
11/28 DE -- Thrash Inferno Giessen
12/12 DE -- Satan’s Convention Lengerich

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God Dethroned Posts U.S. Tour Blog

God Dethroned has posted two live video clips online, which can be viewed below. The band has also issued the following tour blog from their U.S. tour:

"Time for a recap of the second and last part of our US tour. These last 12 days simply flew by and we played many cool shows in the meantime.

"On my birthday we played a very cool show in Seattle! A big thank you to everyone in the crowd for the nice birthday wishes and for wanting to hear so many of our songs so that we ran out of them in the end, haha! The other bands and our tourmanager Erin bought me a doughnut (with a very special shape, hehe) and I got a nice birthday card and a bottle of whiskey, which we shared on the bus since we had a very long drive from Seattle to St Paul that night.

"We played a very good gig at Station 4 and met many friendly people there. One day later we played in Milwaukee at the Rave which is an amazing venue with a very beautiful, yet eerie atmosphere at the same time, since it is claimed to have haunted cellars. Opposite the venue was the place where Jeffrey Dahmer used to live and he supposedly got rid of the dead bodies via underground tunnels to the other side of the street, where the Rave is situated, so obviously we did a a full tour through the underground tunnels with all the bands during which Matt and Shaun of Woe of Tyrants proved to be really professional touring guides, haha! More...

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Hollenthon Posts New Song Online

Austrian metal band HOLLENTHON has posted the song, "Tyrants and Wraiths," at this location. The song comes off the new MCD, "Tyrants and Wraiths," which includes 4 songs and 2 live videos and will be released on October 30th.

HOLLENTHON "Tripe Headliner Tour" dates with ENDSTILLE and GOD DETHRONED are as follows:

23.10.09 NL - Enschede / Atak
24.10.09 DE - Essen / Turock
25.10.09 NL - Breda / Mezz
27.10.09 CH - Pratteln / Z7
28.10.09 IT - Milano / Club 71
30.10.09 ES - Barcelona / Sala Mephisto
31.10.09 ES - Madrid / Sala Ritmo y Compas
01.11.09 ES - Vitoria-Gasteiz / Jimmy Jazz club
02.11.09 FR - Paris / Glaz'Art
04.11.09 DE - Neukirchen / Sägewerk
05.11.09 DE - Braunschweig / JUZ B58
06.11.09 DK - Aalborg / Aalborg Metal Fest
07.11.09 DE - Flensburg / Roxys
08.11.09 DE - Mühltal bei Darmstadt / Steinbruch Theater
09.11.09 DE - Köln / Werkstatt
10.11.09 BE - Vosselaar / Biebob
11.11.09 DE - Neunkirchen / Club Cäsar
12.11.09 AT - Salzburg / Rockhouse
13.11.09 AT - Klagenfurt / Kwadrat
14.11.09 DE - München / Backstage

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God Dethroned Posts Tour Blog

God Dethroned has posted a series of photos from their American tour dates online, which can be found here. The band also issued the following road report:

"We are into the first week of our American tour and things have been going pretty smoothly so far. After having relaxed for 6 days at a hotel in Tucson we were all energized and ready to start this tour. We played our first show at the Rock in Tucson and met our tour manager Erin Lynch, aka The Queen of Booze, the guys and girl of Abigail Williams, who we are sharing our tour bus with, and the guys of Woe of Tyrants.

"The second day we played in Mesa and the third day in Vegas we went to the Strip, saw lots of casinos and the watershow at the Ballagio hotel. We played our show at the Cheyenne Saloon and met up with the guys of Augury. The show at the Galaxy Theatre went really well for us and the audience was great!

"After a cool show at the Key Club the day after we went for a drink at the legendary Rainbow and since we were in Hollywood we weren't surprised to see any celebrities, but we didn't expect to see this guy ;-) (together with Ron Jeremy at the Rainbow, LA)

"The atmosphere at Thee Parkside in San Francisco was very rock 'n' roll and we played a very good show. We found out afterwards that we had played in front of people from Origin, Stratovarius, who were celebrating a day off, and there was also a member of Whitesnake and Death Angel. I would love to have seen the Golden Gate bridge but sadly we went another way out of the city, so maybe next time. More...

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