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Formed: 2007
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

Latest Miasmal News

Below is our complete Miasmal news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Miasmal Creates A "Deception" In New Video Clip

Swedish death metal act Miasmal issued a music video for the new track "Deception." The song appears on the band's new album "Tides of Omniscience," which drops today via Century Media Records.

The track list for the release is:

1. Axiom
2. Deception
3. The Pilgrimage
4. Venomous Harvest
5. Perserverance
6. Key to Eternity
7. Earthbound
8. Dark Waters
9. Fear the New Flesh
10. The Shifting of Stars More...

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Exhumed Announces New Live Invasion

The West Coast gore hounds in Exhumed will take to the streets this Fall on another rash of live incursions with extreme metal technicians Carcass and manic death thrashers Noisem.

Slated to kick off on October 24th in San Diego, the Inked In Steel Tour 2014 will trample nearly two dozen cities with additional sonic devourment from death metal legends Obituary and Macabre on select dates.

From there the band will march overseas for more onstage devastation with Aborted, Origin, and Miasmal. See confirmed shows below.

Comments Exhumed's Matt Harvey: "We've been enjoying a rare few months of quiet in the Exumed camp, but we're finally emerging from the death metal equivalent of cryo-sleep to make some noise again. We're totally psyched to be back out amongst all you mutants and maniacs again for some beers, laughs and our usual brand of heavy metal mayhem. It'll be great to worm our way back into your little black hearts. We couldn't ask for a better tour package than with Carcass and Obituary, and our solo dates will allow us to unleash a full spectrum of stuff onstage - more songs, more production, more Marshall cabinets. It's gonna be a blast (beat). See you fuckers there! Bring beer!" More...

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Eindhoven Metal Meeting Reveals Full Band Lineup

The Eindhoven Metal Meeting is very proud to announce that with the addition of In Solitude, Valkyrja, Thanatos, Skyforger, Dust Bolt, The Committee, and Miasmal, the line-up for this year's edition - set to take place December 12 & 13th, 2014 at the Effenaar venue in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - is now complete.

The Dutch all-female death metal band Sisters Of Suffocation will also perform on Friday, December 12th at the official after party at the Dynamo Club together with the cover-bands Mercyfull Fake and Forever Twisted. Entrance is free with an Eindhoven Metal Meeting ticket!

The full festival billing is as follows (in alphabetical order): More...

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Miasmal Releases New Video

Gothenburg's Miasmal recently released sophomore effort "Cursed Redeemer" worldwide via Century Media Records, and today the band is premiering a first music video from the album via Decibel Magazine.com.

Check out the "Excelsior" video clip below. Recorded at Studio Fredman, "Cursed Redeemer" contains eight tracks of relentless death metal in a traditional yet fresh style. More...

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Origin Announces New Tour Dates

Iconic death metal outfit Origin will return to Europe for a 31 date tour throughout 15 countries in September and November. Side to side with Aborted, Exhumed and Miasmal, the U.S. metal giants will invade The Old Continent for the first time since 2012's crusade with Suffocation. The band commented:

"Some bands are just made to tour together! This November, Origin has the pleasure of going out with two bands that we have toured with in the past, Aborted and Exhumed. It's always a treat for any band to link up with old friends that they have shared the road with…as long as it was a good time! We have had great times on the road with both bands. Aborted, 2 years ago, and Exhumed wayyyyyy back 14 years ago! All on one bus, one big mess of psychopaths howling at the moon! If the bands are getting along and having a good time, then the shows for the friends and fans are going to be that much more ripping. This tour is going to positively melt faces. I've heard people say 'Hell, I'm over Europe' .....but not me, because this is HELL OVER EUROPE! With Exhumed and Aborted!"

The Hell Over Europe tour will kick off on the 20th of September in Nurnberg, Germany. Detailed tour dates can be found below.

Origin's upcoming 6th album, "Omnipresent," is set to be released on July 4th in Europe via Agonia Records (July 8th in North America via Nuclear Blast). More...

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Miasmal Posts Entire Album Online

"Cursed Redeemer," the new album by Gothenburg's Miasmal, is seeing release today in North America via Century Media Records.

Recorded at Studio Fredman, "Cursed Redeemer" contains eight tracks of relentless death metal in a traditional, yet stunningly fresh style. The album is now available online in its entirety and can be heard below, thanks to No Clean Singing. More...

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Miasmal Streaming New Track

Cursed Redeemer, the new album by Gothenburg's Miasmal, will be released on May 13th in North America via Century Media Records.

The album, which was recorded at Studio Fredman, contains eight tracks of relentless death metal with cover artwork created by by Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Vampire).

For a preview of "Cursed Redeemer," check out the album track "Call Of The Revenant" in the player below, courtesy of Noisey.Vice.com.

Pre-orders are available over here, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Cursed Redeemer
2. Call Of The Revenant
3. Whisky Train
4. Excelsior
5. A Veiled Remembrance
6. Until The Last (streaming here)
7. Frozen In Time
8. 2013 More...

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Miasmal Streaming "Until The Last"

Gothenburg's Miasmal has launched the first track from upcoming album, "Cursed Redeemer," which is due out April 21st in Europe and May 13th in North America via Century Media Records. Check out "Until The Last" below, thanks to Terrorizer.com.

Recorded in no more than 7 days with Fredrik Nordström at the mighty Studio Fredman, Miasmal's sophomore effort, "Cursed Redeemer," continues the band's aim of unleashing straight-forward death metal upon the masses. The track listing is as follows:

1. Cursed Redeemer
2. Call Of The Revenant
3. Whisky Train
4. Excelsior
5. A Veiled Remembrance
6. Until The Last
7. Frozen In Time
8. 2013 More...

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Miasmal Finishes New Album

Gothenburg's Miasmal has finished recording an upcoming second full-length album, "Cursed Redeemer."

Due out April 28th in Europe and May 13th in North America, "Cursed Redeemer" was recorded by Fredrik Nordström in Studio Fredman and contains eight tracks of ruthless, straight-forward death metal. The cover artwork was created by Mattias Frisk.

Miasmal will present "Cursed Redeemer" at a special showcase in Gothenburg with label-mates Morbus Chron and Vampire on April 5th at Truckstop Alaska. To honor the special event, Century Media will release a limited 7" split EP that offers one exclusive new track from both Miasmal and Vampire.

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Metalhit Offering Free Compilation

Metalhit.com is now offering a new free "Kult Death" compilation. You can stream the tracks below, or download the songs over at this location. The track listing is:

1. CIANIDE - Terrorstrikes 03:50
2. CRYPTOPSY - Born Headless 04:29
3. DEMIGOD - Slumber of Sullen Eyes 06:00
4. DEMILICH - Two Independent Organisms - On Suppurating Deformity 04:13
5. DEVOURMENT - Devour the Demand 04:24
6. DYING FETUS - We are your Enemy 03:45
7. GOREAPHOBIA - Grave Plagued Planet 04:07
8. HEADROT - I Gulp your Guts 03:18
9. HOODED MENACE - Fulfill the Curse 06:53
10. IMPETIGO - Boneyard 02:35
11. MASTER - Play to Die 03:14
12. MIASMAL - Mists 04:42
13. NECROPHAGIA - Abomination 04:30
14. PURTENANCE - Deep Blue Darkness 03:28
15. ROTTREVORE - Spawn of Ignorance 02 More...

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Miasmal Comments On Signing With Century Media

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of Sweden's Miasmal. According to a press release, the Gothenburg-based act caught Century Media's attention with the band's "uncompromising way of playing real, no-bullshit death metal. Theeir DIY attitude and previous releases (a demo, a 7" EP, and one studio album) have also gained them a constantly growing fan-base."

Philipp Schulte, A&R at Century Media Records, comments: "We are very happy about the signing of Miasmal. The current death metal underground scene is offering many excellent new and promising bands, but only a few have that certain edge that makes you feel there is much more to come. It's the combination of their music, style and attitude that makes Miasmal simply outstanding. When I listened to tracks like 'Kallocain', 'Toxic Breed' or the epic 'Chronicles' for the first time, I felt this band has a spirit most other bands are lacking."

Pontus Redig, guitarist and vocalist in Miasmal, comments: "We are happy to announce that we just signed a deal with Century Media! As fans of many of the label's releases and bands, we feel that we are in good company. The new cooperation offers lots of opportunities for the making of our next record which is something we are very excited about. We've just begun the writing process and plan to head to the studio during the winter to immortalize our 2nd album and Century Media debut." More...

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Miasmal Signs With Century Media Records

Gothenburg based death metal band Miasmal signed a recording contract with Century Media Records. The band issued its self-titled debut release on April 15, 2011 through Dark Decent Records subsequent to the self-titled EP of a year earlier and the highly tauted self-titled demo in 2008. The band features drummer Björn and guitarist/vocalist Pontus, both from the Southern Lord Recordings artist Agrimonia.

No official press release has yet been issued as to whether the band is working on new material or whether the self-titled debut will receive a re-issue.

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Maryland Death Fest IX Day One

I’ve only heard half-remembered memories about this festival. I really had no idea what to expect about the stage lay-out, the area of town, the people, or the bar situation. As I walked down the hill to Sonar, I gradually saw the small bunch of metalheads walking in to see the first band Witchaven. I entered the main hall and followed the crude, hand-written signs explaining where the stage was in the dark, labyrinthine building. Entering into the main room for the first time was like stepping into a metal dream; coming from the hot, sunny outdoors to a cold, pitch black massive room with seemingly no end and seeing an awesome band already in progress with ultra bright flashing lights interrupting your vision and furthering the illusion of this chamber. More...

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Maryland Deathfest To Go On At Sonar As Planned

The Maryland Deathfest organizers report that "Sonar will be re-opening before MDF, and technically they already have."

As previously reported, the venue of the Maryland Deathfest was up in the air when Baltimore's Sonar nightclub failed to renew their liquor license and closed its doors.

The organizers futher commented: "These last couple of days have been incredibly confusing and stressful, but we are currently back to the regularly scheduled program. And don't worry, beyond plan B is a plan C, because that's how we roll. See you in a couple of weeks."

As such, the set times that were previously announced should now hold.

Here's the updated flier: More...

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Maryland Deathfest 2011 To Change Venues

The ninth annual Maryland Deathfest has announced the final lineup and set times for the event. However, not long after announcing these details came word that the Baltimore venue, Sonar, unexpectedly closed its doors today. The festival organizers claim to have a backup plan that should involve little to no inconvenience to ticket holders (even those coming from out of town) and will be releasng more details soon.

Until then, the announced lineup and set times are as follows:

Thursday, May 26th
Entrance opens at 4 pm

WITCHAVEN - 4:45 - 5:15
SHITSTORM - 5:30 - 5:55
NOISEAR - 6:10 - 6:40
MIASMAL - 6:55 - 7:30
LACK OF INTEREST - 7:45 - 8:20
FLESH PARADE - 8:35 - 9:10
EXTORTION - 9:25 - 10:00
BUZZOV*EN - 10:15 - 11:00
TRAGEDY - 11:15 - 12:00
CATHEDRAL - 12:15 - end More...

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