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Band Photo: My Chemical Romance (?)

Formed: 2002
From: Newark, NJ, United States
Last Known Status: Active


With their name taken from a book title by author Irvine Walsh, My Chemical Romance were put together in 2002. Soon after forming, they were signed to New Jerseys idependant label Eyeball Records. They released their debut album entitled "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" through that same label. Then they went out touring with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, and Boys Night out.

After a lengthy and rigorous tour schedule they took some time off to write some new material. Two years after their debut album was released they recorded another album. They came bearing a new record label, Reprise Records, and bearing a more mature sound. The music MCR plays is very unique and filled with every emotion possible.

With their new album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" out in stores now, they've set out on tour again. This time taking out Boys Night Out, Nightmare of You and Driveby. Soon after this tour ends they'll be taking part in Warped Tour this year as well. After Warped Tour they'll be taking part in a tour with legendary band Face To Face. Be sure to check 'em out when they come near you!

Latest My Chemical Romance News

Below is our complete My Chemical Romance news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Asking Alexandria Streaming 2 New Cover Tracks

Asking Alexandria has launched the official streams of the band's cover versions of Slipknot‘s "Duality" and My Chemical Romance‘s "Famous Last Words" below.

The Slipknot cover appears on Metal Hammer‘s recently released 30th anniversary album, while the My Chemical Romance cover was recorded for Rock Sound‘s tribute to My Chemical Romance‘s "The Black Parade". Check out "Duality" below.

Asking Alexandria - Famous Last Words (My Chemical Romance cover) can be streamed here: More...

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Leathermouth Sets Release Date For Debut Album

New Jersey hardcore group LEATHERMOUTH, who recently signed to Epitaph Records, will release their debut album, "XO," on January 27, 2009.

In 2007, Iero, guitarist of the hugely popular band My Chemical Romance, reached his tipping point and created LEATHERMOUTH with Rob Hughes, a friend from Iero's home state of New Jersey.

"I think there is a void of bands that are outspoken on things that actually matter," explains Iero. "There's too much bad hair and white belts. Sometimes it nice to turn your brain off and just listen to someone sing about girls. I'm not knocking it. I do think there is a time and a place. But LeATHERMOUTH isn't like that...it's about hate. Hate that boils up inside and eats away at you, if you don't vomit it up you know it will eventually destroy you."

"I would say this record is about trying to wake people up to what is happening right in front of their eyes," Iero continues. "We are all trying our hardest to pretend bad things don't happen to good people, and that there is some higher power looking over us...but it's bullshit. Stop covering your children's eyes. Everything is fucked, and pretending it's not isn't making things any better. I'm tired of people praying for a change when it's up to them to get off their asses and make a change."

LeATHERMOUTH will be touring sporadically in support of "XO" in 2009, in between Frank's duties to My Chemical Romance.

Here is the "XO" tracklisting: More...

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Leathermouth Signs To Epitaph Records

New Jersey hardcore group LEATHERMOUTH have signed to Epitaph Records with plans to release their debut album in early 2009.

Featuring founding members Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance (vocals) and Rob Hughes (guitar) along with various friends who have toured and recorded with them, LEATHERMOUTH was formed in a garage in New Jersey in 2007.

"For me LeATHERMOUTH is how I can vent about all the bullshit that I see going on in the world that makes me ill," says Iero. "I try to belabor the topics people want to forget exist. LeATHERMOUTH is where I can vomit out all the aggression that has built up inside. After recording or playing a LM show I feel empty of all that hatred that's been bottled up. It's a pleasant, cathartic experience. I would love to not feel the way I do about certain things, and have rainbows and birds chirping in my head, but that's just not the way I'm built. I am embarrassed by my emotions and originally wanted to keep LeATHERMOUTH anonymous... but fuck it, none of us are perfect, the world is going to shit, and someone has to say it. I think it would be worse if I hid from it."

Once the group had finished recording they approached Epitaph Record's founder and president Brett Gurewitz about signing to the label. After listening to the sheer intensity and songwriting of the music Gurewitz was sold and signed the band to the label.

"That was a real no brainer," Iero adds. "I've been a fan of the label ever since I was young. They take chances with the artists they work with, and they let their artists be themselves. I have a great deal of respect for Epitaph, and when I decided that I didn't want to release the LeATHERMOUTH record myself there was only one other label that I felt would be right for this project. I feel honored to be accepted into the Epitaph family, it is something that I've thought about ever since I was a kid. I hope I don't fuck it up."

More information will be released in the near future regarding the release of LEATHERMOUTH's debut album coming in 2009.

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Download Named Festival Of The Year

The United Kingdom's Download festival in Castle Donington, England, produced by Live Nation U.K., was named top festival at the fourth annual Billboard Touring Awards, held tonight (November 15) at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. Live Nation received the top promoter nod.

The Download festival is a three-day rock/metal/punk festival held annually at the spiritual home of rock music in England — Donington Park, which hosted the Monsters of Rock festivals between 1980 and 1996, and 2002's Ozzfest. It takes place in early summer, and is owned and managed by Live Nation.

This year's Download festival — which was headlined by IRON MAIDEN, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and LINKIN PARK — was reportedly attended by 80,000 people.

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Linkin Park Win Best Band At MTV EMAs

LINKIN PARK was honored in the "Best Band" category at MTV's European Music Awards Thursday night (November 1) in Munich, Germany. Other nominees in the category were MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, FALL OUT BOY, TOKIO HOTEL and GOOD CHARLOTTE.

AS previously reported, LINKIN PARK is working to help Southern California recover from the recent wildfires that devastated the region through its charitable organization, Music For Relief. According to MTV.com, the band has contributed $50,000 to Direct Relief International, a non-profit organization based in Santa Barbara that has been providing medical supplies to victims of the blazes. LINKIN PARK bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell said in a statement, "The wildfires are an unfathomable tragedy. Being able to help victims of a natural disaster like the wildfires is exactly why Music for Relief was founded."

LINKIN PARK guitarist Brad Delson told The Pulse of Radio that fans can also help by making their own contributions through Music For Relief online: "It's MusicForRelief.org, and you can get all the information you need to help make a contribution that will go to help relieve suffering among victims of natural disasters."

Music For Relief was started by LINKIN PARK to help victims of the 2005 Asian tsunami. The organization has also contributed to relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina and other emergencies, and has also launched awareness campaigns about climate change.

LINKIN PARK is currently on tour throughout Asia and is expected to return for another U.S. tour in February of 2008.

The California-based group is supporting its third full-length album, "Minutes to Midnight", which was released last May.

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Emo Fans Angry Over Machine Head Award Win

MACHINE HEAD's official web site has been updated with the following message:

"MACHINE HEAD's 'Best Album' win at last Thursday's Kerrang! Awards over pop-rock powerhouses MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and FALL OUT BOY has apparently cut deep with fans of both bands, prompting a flood of angry whining and sad-faced emoticons on the Kerrang! message boards. MACHINE HEAD's upset victory over the multi-platinum softcore acts sent their inherently sensitive fans into an emotional frenzy, building into a tizzy of unparalleled proportions. Wrought with dismay, polished fingernails the world over lashed out at the band and metal as a whole with diatribes the likes of 'MCR really should have won!!! I'm mad now!!!!' 'What a load of shit, who the fuck listens to them?' and "Stupid MACHINE HEAD!!' at times stooping so low as to say the competition was fixed, and often gravely endangering the integrity of their carefully sideswept hair with posts like 'I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL, I H8 METAL.'

"Not surprisingly, MACHINE HEAD fans responded en masse to the tirades, lashing back in defense of the band and the undisputed quality of the album, citing critical praise, technicality, songwriting and fan response to 2007's 'The Blackening', as well as the band's influence on and history within their genre, with the occasional 'MACHINE HEAD piss all over anything MCR have ever done" thrown in for good measure.

"To much less Internet-based commotion, the band also took home the 'Hard Rock Hero' award, netting them two Kerrang! awards for the first time since 'Burn My Eyes' where they received 'Best International Band' and 'Best Video' for 'Davidian'."

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Judas Priest And Machine Head Win Kerrang! Awards

According to BBC News, Welsh rock act LOSTPROPHETS has been named "Best British Band" at the Kerrang! awards for the second year in a row.

Four-times nominees ENTER SHIKARI won "Best Live Act", with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE securing Best International Band — also from four nominations.

San Francisco metal group MACHINE HEAD scooped "Best Album" for "The Blackening", while 30 SECONDS TO MARS won "Best Single" for "The Kill".

Birmingham heavy metal veterans JUDAS PRIEST won the "Hall Of Fame" honor.

Industrial rock group NINE INCH NAILS was presented with an icon award by Hollywood actress and rock singer Juliette Lewis in recognition of their long-standing career.

Experimental heavy rock band the DEFTONES was also honored with the classic "Songwriter Award" for "creating memorable and timeless songs".

MACHINE HEAD and ENTER SHIKARI won an additional two gongs — "Hard Rock Hero" and "Spirit of Independence" respectively.

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MCR Axeman Says Cooper Was Originator, Not Manson

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE guitarist Frank Iero has responded to claims by Marilyn Manson that the New Jersey emo titans are mere copycats.

Manson previously blasted MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, saying he was embarrassed because "these people are doing a really sad, pitiful, shallow version of what I've done."

Speaking exclusively to Kerrang! magazine, guitarist Frank Iero answered back to Manson's taunting.

"We're Marilyn Manson fans," said Iero. "I think he's really cool. The funny thing is that he seems to have lashed out at us about the make-up. That's weird to me, because I had heard of Alice Cooper before I heard of Marilyn Manson. I don't know how he could be mad at us. We never came out and said we were going to call ourselves by girl's name and then a serial killer's name.

"I'm really sorry if he feels we ripped him off," he added. "It would have been nice if he could have said something to our faces but he's been all smiles every time I've seen him. Maybe he's doing it for the press. Some people just like to talk..."

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Taste of Chaos DVD/CD

The Taste of Chaos tour will now be available to those who weren't able to attend. The Taste of Chaos tour that spanned 34- dates and went through the US and Canada and packed in an attendance of nearly 200,000 can now be viewed by DVD or hear by CD. Tracklistings are as follows:

The Used - “Take It Away”
My Chemical Romance - “Give ‘Em Hell, Kid”
Killswitch Engage - “A Bid Farewell”
Killswitch Engage - “The End Of Heartache" (featuring Ken Susi from Unearth)
Senses Fail - “Bite To Break Skin”
Underoath - “Reinventing Your Exit”
Underoath - “It’s a Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”
Atreyu - “Right Side Of The Bed”
Atreyu - “Lip Gloss and Black”
Unearth - “Black Hearts Now Reign”
Unearth - “This Lying World”
A Static Lullaby - “Lip Gloss and Letdown”
A Static Lullaby - “The Shooting Star that Destroyed Us”

Live CD:
The Used - “Take It Away”
Killswitch Engage - “Fixation On The Darkness”
Unearth - “Black Hearts Now Reign”
Opiate For The Masses - “Heaven”
Atreyu - “Lip Gloss and Black”
Bleed The Dream - “Broken Wings”
A Static Lullaby - “Lip Gloss and Letdown”
Senses Fail - “Bite To Break Skin”
My American Heart - “White Lines”
Atreyu - “Right Side Of The Bed”
Underoath - “The Impact Of Reason”
Bedlight For Blue Eyes - “Hind Sight”
A Static Lullaby - “The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us”
Nicky P. - “Before You Go”
Unearth - “This Lying World”

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System Of A Down Lead Kerrang Awards Nominations

The 2005 Kerrang Awards nominations have been announced at this year's Day Of Rock. In the middle of sets by Bullet For My Valentine, InMe, Nine Black Alps, Towers Of London and The Mascara Story, Kerrang! editor Paul Brannigan named Green Day and System Of A Down as leaders of the pack, with five nominations apiece. Coming a close second were My Chemical Romance with four nominations, including Best Band. The winners will be announced at the Kerrang! Awards on August 25 - to vote for your favourites, head for www.kerrangawards.com.

The full nominations are: More...

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Slipknot Clean Up In Revolver Poll

Heavy rockers Slipknot have slashed the competition for the 2005 annual readers' poll in rock magazine Revolver by claiming the major four prizes.

The hardcore nine-piece claimed Best Band, Best Album ("Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses"), Best Live Act and Best Song ("Duality"), while Good Charlotte finished bottom of the pile, with dishonours as Worst Band and Worst Album ("The Chronicles of Life + Death").

Among the other winners were Judas Priest + Rob Halford (Best Comeback); My Chemical Romance (Best New Band), and Napoleon Dynamite (Best Movie).

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House Of Wax Gets Heavy

My Chemical Romance, Deftones, Marilyn Manson and The Stooges will all have songs featured on the soundtrack album that accompanies new movie 'House Of Wax', a re-make of the 1953 horror classic. Released by Maverick in early May, the record also features The Prodigy and Disturbed.

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Get The Used's Live Version of "Under Pressure"

Get The Used and MCR's live version of the Bowie/Queen classic "Under Pressure" from their recent MTV $2 Bill show by clicking here (minimum donation of $0.01 required). Bit rate for the audio is 192. All proceeds will go directly to the Tsunami Relief Fund.

You can also head over to the Raw Feed page to hear a new podcast of Bert and Gerard talking about the studio version of the track, which is coming to iTunes on April 12th.

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More Acts Confirmed For Download Festival

More acts have been confirmed for Download Festival takes place from 10th, 11th & 12th June, at Donington Park, Leicestershire.

All of these new bands are to play the Snickers Stage, with In Flames and Lamb of God playing on the Saturday, and with Motorhead, Mastodon, Chimaira, and Bullet For My Valentine all playing on the Sunday.

They join the bands previously confirmed: Feeder, Garbage, Dinosaur Jr, Megadeth, Biffy Clyro, JJ72, Billy Idol, The Used, My Chemical Romance (all Friday), Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, HIM (all Saturday - an Ozzfest day), and System of a Down, Slipknot, and Slayer.

Three-day tickets are on sale now, priced at £105, with camping costing an extra £22.50 (and with parking thrown in). Those not camping will (if required) need to buy an extra ticket to park their car, costing £5 if bought at the same time as festival tickets, or costing £10 on the day.

Click here to buy tickets.

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Open Hand To Support My Chemical Romance In UK

Open Hand will be supporting My Chemical Romance during their brief UK tour in April. Here are the dates:

4/6 Wolverhampton UK @ Wulfrun Hall
4/7 Glasgow UK @ QMU/Barrowlands
4/7 Manchester UK @ Academy
4/9 London UK @ Astoria

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The Taste Of Chaos Tour To Visit The UK

The Taste Of Chaos tour is to come to the UK in November. No dates or bands have yet been announced. Currently, Killswitch Engage, The Used and My Chemical Romance are touring the US under this generic banner.

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Vans Warped Tour Announce 2005 Lineup

The Offspring, The Transplants, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold and Thrice head the list of bands announced for this Summer's VANS Warped tour of America. Also on the bill are Dropkick Murphys, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Motion City Soundtrack, MxPx, Senses Fail, Strung Out, The Bled, The Explosion, The Matches, The Starting Line, Tsunami Bomb and Underoath. There will be a number of different stages and other attractions. Tickets go on sale via www.warpedtour.com from March 15.

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The Bamboozle 2005 Details

The Bamboozle 2005 will be taking place April 29, April 30, and May 1st at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ. Tickets are $82 for all three days or $29 for a single day. The bill seems very mixed, but there are a number of heavy bands on the bill as well. Here's the lineup: More...

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Taste Of Chaos Internet Presale

Get tickets to the Taste of Chaos tour (starting in February 2005 with The Used, MCR, Senses Fail, Killswitch Engage and more) before they go on-sale to the less internet-minded masses out there. Go to Tasteofchaos.com and get your tickets now.

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More News On Taste Of Chaos Tour

The Taste of Chaos tour, which features Killswitch Engage, along with the Used, Senses Fail and My Chemical Romance, begins February 18 in Orlando, FL and runs throughout North America.

Underoath will play the first batch of dates, beginning February 18 to March 16. Saosin will then take over and play the rest of the dates.

Taste of Chaos Tour dates: More...

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