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Formed: 1978
From: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Former Dokken Bassist Has No Desire To Rejoin Band

Jeff Pilson, perhaps best known for his bass and backing vocals work in Dokken, talked candidly with ElectricBasement.com about why Dokken does not fit into his future plans. He explains why the oft-derided "Shadowlife" album didn't work and how the problems persisted since. "It's a little too simple to simply blame guitarist George [Lynch] for that one," Pilson said. "We were really a band in chaos at that point, way too divisive. George did want to keep his distance from Don on that one, so in that way he added to the divisiveness. But we had generally worked up our records without Don at first, then he would come in at some point. But this time it didn't work. We also made too much of an attempt to NOT be Dokken, which was a mistake. And [producer] Kelly Gray was only doing his job of trying to make what we wanted, but that went way too far. Kelly and Don did work out a lot of the final vocals, which didn't work out well either. So I wouldn't just blame George. I know I tried to add a progressive element to it, which didn't really work, odd time signatures, etc. Plus the sounds were just not vintage Dokken — another mistake. Really it was an example of a band who had no focus and had lost its working chemistry. That's probably a big reason why I'm not too excited at the thought of working with Dokken again. I don't see the point. I would rather work with George where I know we still have our chemistry."

Pilson recently laid down bass tracks for the new Dio album, "Master of the Moon", and had this to say about the material and how it compares to his previous Dio collaborations, "Strange Highways" and "Angry Machines", "It's more like classic Dio than those two records. They were a bit more 'modern' and experimental. This new one is classic Dio — great songs. Dio fans will love it. I think there are a few songs on it which are masterpieces, and I don't use that word lightly." Bassist Rudy Sarzo was unable to record with the band due to prior commitments, but is now the permanent member, currently touring in Russia.

Read Pilson's entire interview with ElectricBasement.com at this location.

Read the full article at ElectricBasement.com.

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New Dokken E-Card Online

Dokken has posted a new e-card featuring 4 of the 12 tracks from their upcoming album 'Hell To Pay', to be released July 12 in Europe and July 13 in North America. You can listen to 'Escape', 'Don't Bring Me Down', 'Prozak Nation' and 'Care For You' right here.

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Dokken Drummer: Last Album Should Have Been Solo

In an interview with Electricbasement.com , long time DOKKEN drummer MICK BROWN dissmissed the band's last studio album as not being a true Dokken effort, "...that was an interesting time where maybe we were kind of writing to today’s kind of music at the time. It should have been a Don [Dokken] solo record."

Ironically, the band has been in favor with some modern heavy rockers according to Brown, "Actually, we did a radio show with STAIND and SEVENDUST. It was cool. They were at the side of the stage watching us. They said, 'You're our idols.' That was kind of cool."

Other topics include the possibility of GEORGE LYNCH returning in the future, why he thinks JEFF PILSON and REB BEACH left and more.

Read the full article at Electric Basement.

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Headline News

Jeff Pilson To Join Dio, Enter Studio In April

It's official - bassist JEFF PILSON will be reuniting with DIO to record the as-yet untitled album. The band will be entering the studio the middle of April, with a tentative June 2004 release date. Pilson is replacing long time basisst JIMMY BAIN, who has left to pursure other projects. Pilson, known for his work in DOKKEN, also appeared on the Strange Highways and Angry Machines Dio albums in the mid 90s. While appearing on the syndicated EDDIE TRUNK radio show Friday night, vocalist RONNIE JAMES DIO said the album would be a cross between Magica and Killing the Dragon with many fast songs. He also said that the Dio catalog will be remastered soon.

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War & Peace 'The Walls Have Eyes' Tracklisting

The latest additon to the Z Records Roster WAR & PEACE, featuring JEFF PILSON (Ex-DOKKEN, DIO) have confirmed that a total of fourteen tracks will now be featured on their forthcoming album The Walls Have Eyes which will be release on April 19th.The track listing will include an exclusive European bonus track which is a new version of Dokken's Walk Away.

The track listing will now be: More...

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Pilson Speaks About Dio And Dokken

In a members only Q&A with the DIO fan messagae board ( http://dioboard.proboards4.com/index.cgi ), bassist JEFF PILSON talked about his experience with the leadership dynamic in DOKKEN and DIO, two bands he was a part of for several years, "Well Dokken is (at least when I was in the band) a leaderless democracy, which can be good and can be bad. The major trouble I tended to have with Don was when he tried to take control in situations he wasn't always that well equipped for. He often tried to make it FEEL like he was the leader, when in fact he really wasn't- and things would get very scattered. Now that's not saying Don doesn't have wonderful qualities, but the best work we did was usually when there wasn't the ego drama and people created and contributed in a freer way. With Ronnie, it's quite the opposite. No doubt he's the leader, but he never forced that feeling unless he had to. He maintains control while still allowing the individual to flourish. Sure he has his moments, like anyone, but I think he really enjoyed when the band would jam and it really felt like a band. Ronnie is absolutely the best band leader I've ever seen or been around..."

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Marten Andersson Gets Lynched

Lizzy Borden/Legacy Bass player MARTEN ANDERSSON has joined Dokken/Lynch Mob Guitarplayer George Lynch for the upcoming US tour. "Marten feels very honored and privileged to get this opportunity to join George on his tour, it will be a great time!"

Here are the confirmed dates: More...

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