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From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Rottrevore Announces "Hung By The Eyesockets" EP

Although the comeback EP of U.S. death metal act Rottrevore was recorded back in March 2011 and planned for a summer release through Xtreem Music, several problems made it impossible to see release until now.

The "Hung by the Eyesockets" EP is now coming in August 2013, and was recorded & produced by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studio in Florida. The initial release will be on CD format, with a special vinyl edition coming down the line. Xtreem Music comments:

"One of these problems that delayed this release was the cover artwork and after trying three artists, the band decided to use the skills of Juanjo Castellano who again proved to be one of the most renowned artists in extreme Metal, creating another sick piece of art.

"Originally entitled 'Blind Sided Attack,' this EP changed its name to 'Hung by the Eyesockets,' so for those who might think this is a different release, don't worry it's the same one. This release will coincide with Rottrevore's very first and only European appearance ever at KillTown Deathfest in Denmark next 30th of August."

The release date for "Hung by the Eyesockets" is planned for August 8th and an advance track can be heard below. More...

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Metalhit Offering Free Compilation

Metalhit.com is now offering a new free "Kult Death" compilation. You can stream the tracks below, or download the songs over at this location. The track listing is:

1. CIANIDE - Terrorstrikes 03:50
2. CRYPTOPSY - Born Headless 04:29
3. DEMIGOD - Slumber of Sullen Eyes 06:00
4. DEMILICH - Two Independent Organisms - On Suppurating Deformity 04:13
5. DEVOURMENT - Devour the Demand 04:24
6. DYING FETUS - We are your Enemy 03:45
7. GOREAPHOBIA - Grave Plagued Planet 04:07
8. HEADROT - I Gulp your Guts 03:18
9. HOODED MENACE - Fulfill the Curse 06:53
10. IMPETIGO - Boneyard 02:35
11. MASTER - Play to Die 03:14
12. MIASMAL - Mists 04:42
13. NECROPHAGIA - Abomination 04:30
14. PURTENANCE - Deep Blue Darkness 03:28
15. ROTTREVORE - Spawn of Ignorance 02 More...

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Xtreem Music Posts New Sampler For Free Download

To commemorate their 100th release on their 10th anniversary, XTREEM MUSIC is giving away a free "double CD" label sampler for download. The fourth label sampler, this free download showcases 24 bands from past, present and upcoming releases on the XTREEM CULT SERIES, spanning almost two hours. Cover artwork is courtesy of Finnish cult artist Turkka Rantanen (Demigod, Demilich, Paganizer, Adramelech, Depravity, Ribspreader...)

Here's the tracklisting:

CD 1:
1. Demigod - As I Behold I Despise
2. Rottrevore - Conspiracised
3. Funebre - Shiver
4. Revenant - The Burning Ground
5. Sacrilege - Insurrection
6. Dissect - Gals of the Eternal Solstice
7. Adramelech - Heroes in Godly Blaze
8. Morpheus Descends - The Way of All Flesh
9. Lethal Aggression - Outcast/Proud Johnny/I'll Fight
10. Unbounded Terror - Dreamlord
11. Cartilage - Why Do I Watch the Dawn?
12. Apparition - Curse of the Sunrise

CD 2:
1. Demilich - The Echo (Replacement)
2. Supuration - Hypertrophy - Sordid and Outrageous Emanation
3. Multiplex - Raise the Ecstatic
4. Purtenance - A Dark Cloud Arises
5. Necrophiliac - Gorefruit Trasure
6. Killing Addiction - Omega Factor
7. Abhorer - Abandonment of Chastity
8. Disgrace - Unity's Interlude Dyes Blind Tomorrow
9. Apostasy - Fraud in the Name of God
10. Phlegethon - Ornaments
11. Altar - Nothing Human
12. Absorbed - Off-World Endeavour

Stop by the Xtreem Music compilation page to get all four of the label's samplers for free download.

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Rottrevore Signs To Xtreem Music

Xtreem Music has issued the following announcement about inking a record deal with Rottrevore:

"Xtreem Music is incredibly proud to announce the signing of recently reformed legendary U.S. masters of the heaviest death metal Rottrevore!

"Over the past 16 years a lot has happened with Chris Weber (vocals/ guitarist), Chris Free (bass) and Christian Easley (drums). The band was on a hiatus for almost all of the years from Dec 1995 - Dec 2010. The unreleased tracks, which there are 10 of them, were actually preserved by Chris Weber and were only recently tapped into to reconstruct in Dec 2010. Four of those songs are now going to be recorded and they have the old feel from back when with a new modern feel for today. They have the old school chainsaw guitar rhythms, which they are known for, but also a more technical and of course heavy approach to ensure that they keep the heart of Rottrevore alive.

"Over the years Chris Weber had pursued instrumental solo projects, Chris Free had played bass for a few bands, very technical ones to say the least and Christian Easley had started his own band, Pulsepherion in 1999 which lasted until 2005.

"Rottrevore have now reformed and have been pushing themselves to the limit to still bring you the some of the heaviest music ever made. Through musical progression and the likeness to chainsaw guitars, distorted bass, guttural vocals and thunderous drums, they are now working on releasing their first 4 song mini CD release since 1993. The recording for them will be handled by no other than Erik Rutan at his own of Mana Recording studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. The recording dates are scheduled for late March 2011 and the release should be in late summer, early fall. More...

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