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Advent of Bedlam

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Advent of Bedlam Premiere New Song

Costa Rican death metal outfit Advent of Bedlam premiere a new song entitled "The Ever Watchful Eye", taken from their upcoming new album "Human Portal Phenomenon", which will be out in stores May 4 via Horror Pain Gore Death.

Check out now "The Ever Watchful Eye" below.

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Advent of Bedlam Premiere New Song "Olympus Mons"

Costa Rican tech/progressive death metal outfit Advent of Bedlam premiere a new song titled "Olympus Mons", taken from their upcoming new album "Human Portal Phenomenon", which will be out in stores May 4 via Horror Pain Gore Death.

Check out now "Olympus Mons" below.

Says guitarist Max Gutierrez: More...

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Advent Of Bedlam Releases New Lyric Video

After releasing new single "Creatures of Yore" and joining Destroyer 666 on a face-melting Mexican tour, Advent Of Bedlam now officially premieres a lyric video for the track.

"Creatures of Yore" will not only give you the metal fix you've been looking for but also showcases some mysterious ancient art that's portrayed through the band's lyrics and music. Advent Of Bedlam also comments on recent live shows:

"As a Latin American band and because of the buzz surrounding D666 before the tour, we were really intrigued about how this experience would be. After sharing stage, hotels, van, meals and beers with them, all we can do is confirm what Mike Hamilton (Deeds of Flesh) said to us in Slovakia where we were having some backline problems when sharing stage with Exhumed, Rotten Sound and Magrudergrind: 'This is the Underground and in the Underground bands supports bands.' Both experiences were milestones for us and have allowed Advent of Bedlam to grow tremendously as a band." More...

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OEF America 2014 Line-Up Revealed

The Obscene Extreme Festival America 2014 preliminary line-up has been posted at the All Metalfest site. Below is a list of the bands that will be appearing, ranging from Ratos de Porao, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus and Doom to Vaginal Bear Trap. The 2014 edition of the popular festival will be taking place in Los Angeles from August 29th-31st. Get more information on the event over at the Obscene Extreme official website.

The OEF Europe, held in Trutnov, Czech Republic, has spawned the American, Australian and Asian versions of the event as well. Last year, the American OEF 2013 took place in Valle de Las Monjas, Mexico and featured an act that will be back at this year's edition - Mexican pornogrind band Urtikaria Anal. Check out the band's 2013 album "Kamikaze Orgy" in full after the line-up of bands. More...

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Advent Of Bedlam Posts "Nimrod's Rebellion" Video

Costa Rican death metal act Advent of Bedlam has been selected to perform at the first Obscene Extreme America 2013 Open Air Festival taking place March 28th - 29th, 2013 in Valle De Las Monjas, La Marquesa, Edo De Mexico. The band will also be performing alongside such acts as Napalm Death and Dying Fetus.

Advent of Bedlam has also released an official video for the song “Nimrod's Rebellion,” taken off the “Flesh Over God" release, which can be seen below. The band comments on the clip:

“We wanted something simple yet self explaining, we wanted to depict rebellion against dogmas using religious characters and compare them with worms, so we went to Andres Carrillo (Pandemonium MetalTV) and told him our ideas, he did a brilliant job with the video and we are extremely pleased with the result.” More...

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Advent Of Bedlam Streaming Recent Album

Costa Rican death thrashers Advent Of Bedlam have been streaming their entire eight-song second album "Flesh Over God" at Bandcamp.

You can also stream the entire first album "Reborn in Chaos" at that site as well. Advent Of Bedlam is gearing up to be one of the support acts for the June 10th Malevolent Creation show at the Latino Rock Cafe in the capital city of San Jose. Also on the bill are two other Costa Rican bands, Corpse Garden and Reborn In Chaos. More...

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Advent Of Bedlam Providing Music For Supremacy MMA

Advent of Bedlam has revealed that a few of the BAND'S songs will appear on the new XBox/PS3 game Supremacy MMA. Guitarist Max Gutierrez had the following to say:

"The game is based upon mixed martial arts. Gamepro magazine has stated that this is the most brutal of the MMA series. Our songs, such as 'Awaiting the Chaos,' 'Vessels of Sin,' and 'Enlightenment of the Forsaken' will accompany many of the individual battles." More...

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Unearthing The Metal Underground In Costa Rica

Many years ago, I grew up and graduated from High School in this small Central American country. Nestled between the political hotbeds of Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica has maintained it's status as a democratic bastion while it's neighbors are plagued by coup'd'etats and upheaval. Only a couple hours either way from the capital city of San Jose to both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Costa Rica has the ideal party atmosphere. The breathtaking beauty of the country coupled with the cultural tolerance they exhibit has awakened a phenomena in the metal scene.

Back in the old times, Costa Ricans ("Ticos" - as they are referred as) would clamor to several AOR stations to listen to Budgie or Judas Priest, or be found in a downtown bar shooting darts to Saxon. Yes, the Ticos love their metal every bit as much as any salsa or folklorico music. Nowadays they have definitely evolved with the times and share plenty of love for foreign metal and all things imported. Restrictions are not so hard on entrance visas to foreign musicians hereby opening the floodgates to plenty of stellar international talent. Big name acts are a monthly thing now, especially since Costa Ricans have a good standard of living and can afford to buy tickets and fill the clubs. Bookings into such venues as Pepper's Disco Club and a whole host of local bars is routine.

Back in the 80's, I had only seen Santana and Sting ever come down and perform. Since Iron Maiden played in 2008, visits from such luminaries as Anthrax, Moonspell, Therion and countless others ( Slayer this June) are now the norm. In fact, Marduk raised the hairs on the Catholic Church's neck with their visit last July. But even the priests are of a gentle nature in Costa Rica. "Don't use religious artifacts in an obscene manner on stage," implored a local monsignor.

Perhaps the godfathers of the local scene, a lot of credit must be given to Mantra. Formed nearly twenty years ago, these guys made so much possible for the younger crop of Tico musicians. Their 2003 release "Creature" marked the zenith of their creative career, spawning a couple of classic local death thrash songs. Unlike their younger counterparts, Mantra preferred to sing in Spanish and continue to do so. Nowadays, as with many bands that have been around for a long time, they have changed members and their style of metal a bit frequently. To listen to the classic track "El Ojo de Dios" from Mantra, click here.

Similar respect must be given to Sight of Emptiness who brought Costa Rican metal to the forefront with their win at the UK Open Air Bloodstock festival in 2007. They are usually the opener for most of the international acts that come, and we have posted plenty of news articles and videos about them in the past five years. If you are not familiar with their melodic techno thrash sound, listen to the video for "Desolation Whispers" here. Last week they were one of 27 bands to inaugurate the new National Soccer Stadium.

In January, the Documentary "Heavy Metal 506" was produced, showcasing the talents of Costa Rica's heavy hitters in the metal scene. (The title, incidentally, gets it's name from Costa Rica's country calling code). You can listen to the trailer right here. Also, the four part compilation "Costa Rican Metal" includes twenty bands from genres ranging from commerical metal, symphonic black metal, demonic thrash, brutal death and atmospheric. The first part has links to the other three parts and can be listened to here. Today we will take a look at a few of the bands that are also stirring up the Costa Rican scene.

Advent of Bedlam

You may have heard of Advent of Bedlam, who hail from the town of Heredia, or as they have called it before, "Hell-redia," by their previous name. Together over a decade, they used to be known as December's Cold Winter. Under that name, they put out some nice symphonic black metal and an album of enjoyable tunes. Deciding to go for a more blackened thrash sound, they changed their name to Advent of Bedlam a couple of years ago and have contined to receive great mentions, attaining an ACAM Award Songwriter of the Year nomination and a win for their "Ablaze all Shrines" LP. Their song "Manipulating Human Emotions" also appeared in Zero Tolerance Magazine's covermount CD. They produced their whole new album themselves, since the average Latino producer possibly wouldn't understand where they were coming from. Check out the new one from their "Behold the Chaos" album below, along with a few others.

Advent of Bedlam - "The Stench of Your Faith"

Advent of Bedlam - "The Darkest Alliance"

December's Cold Winter - "The Alabaster Corpse"

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Advent Of Bedlam Posts New Music Video Online

Costa Rican extreme metal act Advent Of Bedlam has posted a new music video online. The video was shot for the track "The Stench Of Your Faith," which is taken from the band's latest album "Behold The Chaos." "Behold the Chaos" was recorded at Cavan Studio with producer Max Gutierrez. You can view the video below.

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