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Septic Mind

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Below is our complete Septic Mind news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Three Free Doom Compilations Issued For Download

Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music and Slow Burn Records present three new 2011 promo compilations. Each compilation is the label’s summary for the 2011 year. All presented tracks are full with no cut previews this time. Compilations won’t be released on CD format and only available as free digital downloads.

The Solitude Productions compilation will feature these bands and songs:

01. Mare Infinitum – Sea Of Infinity (9:47)
02. Funeral – Your Pain Is Mine (7:47)
03. Heavy Lord – Fear The Beard (7:53)
04. Stangala – Al Lidou Esoterik An Dolmen Hud (7:36)
05. Fangtooth – Father (5:53)
06. Night Of Suicide – Desire (11:05)
07. Abstract Spirit – Post Mortem (11:20)
08. Comatose Vigil – Autophobia (23:15)
09. The Undergrave Experience – Mater Mortalis Tenebrarum (24:21)
10. Septic Mind – Doomed To Sin (18:43)

You may download it here. More...

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Septic Mind Streaming Album

Russian atmospheric doom band Septic Mind is streaming it's second album, "The True Call," online. The album is three epic, long tracks that total almost an hour total time. You may listen to it below or you can go to this location to download it. Below is the YouTube version of the first song, the twenty-five minute title track.


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Solitude Productions Releases Free Compilation

While downloading MetalHit.com's latest free black metal compilation on Amazon.com the other day, I also noticed another free compilation released in January 2011. Solitude Productions has released their own free compilation, which you can sample and download here.

Here's the "Solitude Productions Compilation 2010" tracklisting:

1. Who Dies in Siberian Slush "Leave Me" (6:35)
2. Revelations of Rain "Our Cathedral" (5:51)
3. Funeral "The Poison" (5:29)
4. Ea "Aullu Eina" (5:02)
5. Shattered Hope "Enlighten the Darkness" (4:58)
6. Heavy Lord "Fear the Beard" (5:52)
7. Ophis "Suffering is a Virtue" (6:24)
8. The Sullen Route "Gates" (4:53)
9. Stoned Jesus "Occult" (6:09)
10. Astral Sleep "Angel 2" (5:02)
11. Hellight "The Light that Brought Darkness" (4:42)
12. Septic Mind "Beginning" (6:03)
13. The Howling Void "Shadows Over the Cosmos" (6:25)
14. St Erik "Closer" (unreleased) (5:05)

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