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Below is our complete Monsterworks news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Monsterworks Debut Pre-Release Full-Album Stream

Scale and Probability, the forthcoming metal opus (and 16th album) from Anglo-Antipodean MONSTERWORKS is now streaming its entirety. Check it out ahaead of its Maqy 4th release below:

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Monsterworks Releasing "Black Swan Annihilation"

Monsterworks just announced the June 24th release of new album "Black Swan Annihilation." The album will be available as a free download, or as a CD with bonus tracks and 5.1 Surround / HD stereo mixes.

"Black Swan Annihilation" carries a theme about the rise of man and destruction we could face as the consequence of an unpredictable disaster. There are many "Black Swan" events throughout history which have caused profound change, and this time humanity is taken to the brink of extinction.

1. Immortalist
2. To Have Done What Must Be
3. Unbridled Force of Nature
4. Black Swan Annihilation
5. Vanishing Point
6. Unbeheld
7. Archivo Omnia More...

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Monsterworks Releasing "The Existential Codex"

Eat Lead & Die Music is pleased to announce the release of Monsterworks' "The Existential Codex" on February 27.

The six-track, 42-minute digital version of the album will be available as a free download, while the physical version of "The Existential Codex" is a 73-minute double-CD that comes in bonus Blu-Ray 5.1 Surround and HD stereo mixes. Vocalist/Guitarist Jon Higgs had this to say about the album:

"'The Existential Codex' is a natural progression from our previous release, Overhaul, and picks up/expands various ideas from that and, in fact, the last several albums. Musically, we are pushing our boundaries in all directions, although it is definitely metal at its heart. Lyrically, there is some kind of abstract story weaving through the album with a meaning that is a mystery to everyone involved, including me. As always with Monsterworks there is a common theme but no definitive answers. Nevertheless, hopefully 'The Existential Codex' will spark some independent thought along the way.

“From a technical standpoint this is the first time we have successfully gone all the way with a 5.1 surround mix which I believe is an interesting way to listen to music and opens up new possibilities. Not only that, it is worth mentioning that we strive to maintain dynamic range in metal and James Plotkin helped out again with a mastering job on the main stereo mix which does not crush the life out of it. If you know about the ‘Loudness War’, you know what I mean and, in fact, any true metal head should make it their business to demand the best possible source material for their headbanging pleasure.”

1. Higgs Field
2. Ripple Effect
3. Engine
4. Temple of Distortion
5. Tapping the Void
6. The Ride More...

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Monsterworks Posts New Track

UK supermetallers Monsterworks has teamed with New Noise Magazine for the exclusive premiere of a brand new track off the band's forthcoming album, "Overhaul." Titled "Penultimate," the song is now playing here.
Overhaul is set for release on August 26th. The album will be available as a download and 180g gatefold vinyl signed by the band, with lyrics. Vocalist/Guitarist Jon comments on the upcoming release:

"Test pressings of the LP arrived the other day and it sounds fantastic. I mean, it was not like magical steel butterflies swarmed out of the speakers just because it was vinyl, but it is pretty cool to hear our hard work cut to wax. Really excited for the release of this one and getting the full 12 inches of artwork for the first time.

We are scheduled to release on August 26th, although it could be a few days after that when the LPs actually arrive. In any event we will take orders via Bandcamp from that day and you will get an immediate download of the album."

Read the complete set of lyrics from Overhaul at this link.

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Monsterworks To Release New Album "Overhaul"

New Zealand metal act Monsterworks announced that the band's new album will be entitled "Overhaul" and will be issued via Eat Lead and Die Music on August 12, 2014. "Overhaul" will be available as a download and 180g gatefold vinyl signed by the band, with lyrics.

The new track "Trial of the Sentient" was premiered exclusively via GunShyAssassin.com at this location.

Vocalist/Guitarist Jon had this to say about the themes surrounding the album:

"This is our follow up to Monsterworks :: Universe from earlier this year. It was hard to go thematically vaster than the Universe, so we took a step back and started looking at mankind and civilization itself. Overhaul is effectively about the change we have to go through as a species in the hope of avoiding annihilation. There are definitely some common themes being explored that started to emerge in the last album; mostly about projecting where we will ultimately end up by the time the Universe ends in a few trillion trillion years or so. This side of it was inspired by an Asimov short story: The Last Question.

"Musically, this one is a little more stripped back and is perfect as the first release we will do on vinyl. Releasing an LP is particularly exciting for the band and special thanks go to James Plotkin for handling the mastering. James has a vast body of work, but recently did the re-masters for ISIS (awesome post-metal band, not Islamist loons) which are great.

We continue to aim to produce music/lyrics that will exercise the grey matter, but first and foremost this is a metal album we are really proud of."

The track list for "Overhaul" is:

1. Educate the Masses
2. To Do What Must Be Done
3. Overhaul
4. Trial of the Sentient
5. Penultimate
6. Resolution More...

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Monsterworks Posts New Video

UK-based supermetallers Monsterworks have posted the music video for "Voyager" off their upcoming album, "Universe." Watch it below. Footage for the video is taken from various documentaries about the Voyager space mission and the 'grand tour' of our solar system undertaken by its two spacecraft. Voyager 1 is the furthest from Earth of the two probes and has now entered interstellar space.

Eat Lead and Die Music will be releasing "Universe" on March 11th. The album will be available as a download and special-edition, numbered digipak 5.1 surround mix on DVD signed by the band, with lyric booklet. Read the complete set of lyrics from "Universe" here.

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Monsterworks Streaming "Universe"

13.7 billion years in the making, Eat Lead and Die Music is pleased to announce the impending release of Monsterworks' "Universe" on March 11th. The album will be available as a download and special-edition, numbered digipak 5.1 surround mix on DVD signed by the band, with lyric booklet.

GunShyAssassin.com has posted the exclusive premiere of the title track from Universe. Listen now at this location. The cover art and tracklisting of the seven-song "Universe" is posted below. Vocalist/Guitarist Jon had this to say about the themes surrounding the album:

"This is our follow up to 'Monsterworks :: Earth' from last year. We wanted to top ourselves conceptually, so how to surpass an album about the life cycle of Earth from birth to death? It could only be an album about the life cycle of the Universe from birth to death.

At least it started out that way with lyrics exploring big bang to heat death, but it gets a little philosophical along the way considering the path mankind might take in its evolution. It is a bloody long time until the last black hole evaporates.

'Universe' is an ode to the great void and everything in it. We aim to produce metal which blurs the boundaries between preposterousness and the familiar while hopefully initiating a little independent thought along the way."

Read the complete set of lyrics from Universe at this location.

The Bridge
Heat Death
Outside Time More...

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Monsterworks Issues Bonus Track To Fans

Following good reviews for the new Monsterworks epic "Earth," the band is releasing a bonus track for free download to compliment the digital release. The track "Vaporized" is available here for streaming and download at this location.

Vocalist/Guitarist Jon says: "This track is essential for completion of the timeline of the album because whereas the rest of the songs are about the birth and development of our planet, this one is about the end of the world....when it is expected that the Sun will expand to a red giant in a few billion years and 'vaporize' the Earth.

But that is a long way away....so in the meantime, have a nice day. Despite the grim subject matter it is a bit of a fun song using a riff we used to joke around with in the jam room at least ten years ago. It sounds like Celtic Death-Techno."

"Earth" is available through all the usual digital outlets and with a digipak CD signed/numbered edition with lyric book (and two bonus tracks) available direct from the band via its webstore. A set of visuals to accompany the title track of the album is posted below.

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Monsterworks Streaming Full "Earth" Album

Eat Lead and Die Music has recently released "Earth," the newest achievement from UK-based super metal entity Monsterworks. The album, which features the band's blend of modern thrash and progressive metal, has been available via the Monsterworks' webstore since last month, with digital distribution now offered through the usual digital retailers. The album is also being offered as a special edition numbered digipak CD signed by the band, with lyric booklet and two bonus tracks.

GunShyAssassin.com has just posted the album, in its entirety, on its page for online consumption. To stream this eight-track opus, visit this location. For a chance to win a copy of "Earth," along with its predecessors "The God Album" (2011) and "The Album of Man" (2012), check out the newest contest at DeadRhetoric.com. The site is accepting entries until Friday, September 13th for one lucky winner to receive a copy of all three. To enter, visit their site. More...

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Monsterworks Unveils New Album

4.5 billion years in the making... Eat Lead and Die Music has announced the impending release of Monsterworks' "Earth," available on August 20th with digital distribution through the usual outlets on August 30th. The album will be offered as a special edition numbered digipak CD signed by the band, with lyric booklet and two bonus tracks. Vocalist/Guitarist Jon had this to say about the concepts surrounding the album:

"I am intrigued by evolution, not just of biological organisms but also how the physical world changes over time, so it was not that much of a stretch to consider doing an album themed around the life-cycle of Earth; beginning with its origin 'From Dust and Gravity' where a clumping together of rock and minerals left over from a supernova explosion formed a globe orbiting an infant star.

Each track progresses chronologically, from an early period called the 'Late Heavy Bombardment' which is thought to have delivered water and seeded chemical elements that developed into life and what was to be our 'Last Universal Ancestor.' Then we move onto a time where cyanobacteria started to photosynthesize and a process of 'Oxygenation' paved the way for more complex animals to evolve, 'Powered by Fate' as it were. Explosions of life, even when resulting in huge animals like dinosaurs, were often 'Bookended by Extinction' events that wiped the slate almost entirely clean until our chance came in the present 'Aeon of Man.'

Earth honors the seemingly miraculous yet naturally occurring planet on which we live. The title track is the only song that gets a little preachy about our responsibility as custodians of the environment; the rest is just a tale of the sequence of events that got us this far. So take from it philosophically what you will, Monsterworks primarily aims to produce metal which blurs the boundaries between preposterousness and the familiar while hopefully initiating a little independent thought along the way." More...

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Axis Of Metal Releases Second Compilation

Axis of Metal has now released a second free online compilation (check out the first one here), which can be streamed or downloaded via Bandcamp or in the player below. Axis of Metal also commented:

"Axis Of The Underground Volume 2 will treat your eardrums to the thrashiest of metal, heinous black metal, putrid death metal, empowering traditional metal, methodical doom metal, boundary pushing progressive metal, the grooviest of groove metal, avant-garde madness, and bouncy folk metal among many other genres and incarnations of heavy sounds.

"We’ve loaded our heavy metal shotgun and are discharging the most comprehensive of compilations to satisfy even the pickiest of nay-sayers and nitpickers. Axis Of The Underground is our way to give back to the genre that has brought all of us years and years of elation and enjoyment. So sit back, crack a cold one, or roll a herbal cigarette and hit play on the bandcamp player below, and be prepared to be whisked away to a heavy metal nirvana. "

1. Obduracy - Virtue And Vice 04:38
2. Razorwyre - Knights Of Fire 03:23
3. Wings Denied - Clockwork 04:50
4. Desultor - Black Monday 03:13
5. Monsterworks - Freewill 04:28
6. Rusted Brain - Caught In The Fire 02:29
7. Scythia - Sailor's Accolade 03:19
8. Symptom - Into The Scalding Spring 05:43
9. Eryn Non Dae - Hidden Lotus 06:12
10. Lich King - In The End, Devastation 04:36
11. Cultfinder - Archangel Burial 02:51
12. Derelict - Shackles Of Indoctrination 05:14
13. Infiltrator - Crush The False 05:59
14. Mares Of Thrace - The Gallwasp 04:36
15. Cryptopsy - Damned Draft Dodgers 03:57
16. Entropy - Encryption 07:11
17. Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds 04:35
18. Fatality - Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep 05:25
19. Gypsy Chief Goliath - St. Covens Tavern 05:56
20. Adrenechrome - Titans Fall 03:18
21. Invective - Systemic 03:22
22. Dire Omen - Deserving Of Ash 03:09
23. Mortor - Under The Flag 03:00
24. Bushwhacker - Forest Lord 08:09
25. Abstract Violence - S.N.M. 03:25
26. Seprevation - Sea Of Thoughts 03:02
27. Luna Azure - Meadows Of Spring 06:43 More...

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Monsterworks Releases Official Video

London-based progressive thrashing band Monsterworks has debuted the video for the song "Free Will" off the band's recently released three-track DR, "Man :: Instincts." The video, which was shot at Earth Terminal Studios in Hampshire, is streaming below.

In the course of its existence Monsterworks has been responsible for albums as far-fetched as a metal space adventure concept album in two parts ("Spacial Operations" - 2007 and "Singularity" - 2009), but more recently has explored philosophical territory ("The God Album" - 2011) and an approach to recording that mostly relies on 'old-school' technology, i.e. 24 track, 2-inch tape, like the classic albums the band grew up with.

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Monsterworks Streaming New Release

"Man :: Instincts," the three song DR (digital release) from expansionist UK metallers Monsterworks, is now available for a limited time as a free download via Mortal Music. Check out all three songs on "Man :: Instincts" which are up for grabs at MortalMusic.Bandcamp, or stream it below. The band has posted a video blog featuring guitarist/vocalist Jon giving an in-depth look at the tracks on "Man :: Instincts," which follows after the widget.

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Monsterworks Releasing New Album

Chicago's Mortal Music has announced the second in its DR (digital release) series, "Man: Instincts" from expansionist UK metallers Monsterworks on July 10th. As was done with Mortal Music's first DR release, Ion Vein's "IV v1.0," the Monsterworks DR will also be available as a free download for a limited time. Visit the Mortal Music Facebook page for more updates. Below is the "Man: Instincts" artwork and tracklisting:

The Creation Dream
All Suns Die


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Monsterworks Posts "God" Video

Monsterworks has posted a music video online for the song "God," which can be viewed below. The video was compiled from band footage taken on March 26th, 2011 at Zed One Studios in Camden, London. The band also commented on the clip:

"This is the title track from The God Album by Monsterworks, released on Casket Music 28 February 2011. The general philosophy of the album is summed up well by the Marcus Aurelius quote used at the beginning. The song is a general commentary on religion but also specifically deals with the god of the Old Testament. This character could easily be considered 'unjust' according to the Aurelius definition (e.g. sending floods to drown children and suggesting putting to death anyone who works on the Sabbath etc).

"The point is, the most popular gods of today (as always) are promoted by a system of control with a threat of divine punishment to force you to follow their rules, no matter how crazy they sound. If you have had some kind of experience that makes you a true 'believer' then you can take comfort from that and hopefully use it to live a better life, but realize that religion itself is usually only a barrier to the happiness of yourself and those around you. ...enough of the philosophizing. Enjoy the metal!"

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Monsterworks Comments On New Album

U.K. based act Monsterworks has issued the following update about the release of "The God Album" and streaming teaser tracks online:

"As The God album is being released soon (28 February 2011) for a teaser check out the first tracks of our Myspace music player: Let It Go (or better yet, watch the video) and Origin. Lyrics for the whole album are reproduced here.

"However, for a more detailed insight you can download The God Album : Companion at this location, which provides an explanation for each song and the overall philosophical theme."

You can also check out a video clip for "Let It Go" below.

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