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Shroud Of Despondency

From: United States
Last Known Status: Active

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Prezir Debuts Full-Album Stream Of Brand New EP

Milwaukee's Prezir debuts the full-album stream of the band's brand new EP "Contempt", out now via Bandcamp. Featuring guitarist/bassist Rory Heikkila (Shroud of Despondency), vocalist/lyricist Luka Djordjevic (Khazaddum), and drummer Brian Serzynski (Pigs Blood), "Contempt" is an iniquitous and undeniably feral blend of death, black, and thrash metal with influences inclusive of early Emperor, early Enslaved, Grand Belial's Key, Arghoslent, Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Destroyer 666.

Check out now "Contempt" in its entirety below.


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Shroud Of Despondency Streaming New Release

Milwaukee, WI extreme metal entity Shroud Of Despondency will self-release a double album journey into the abyss called "Tied to a Dying Animal" on February 12th. While 2012's "Pine" and 2011's "Dark Meditations in Monastic Seclusion" were very well received as black metal albums, "Tied to a Dying Animal" is a more expansive beast.

What better way to exaggerate that commonality than with an absorbing double album, inclusive of four bonus tracks? Guitarist Rory Heikkila tells the two-part tale as follows:

Part 1: "For Innocence, Beauty, and Those Who Defile" is the metal portion recorded at Howl Street Recordings by Shane Hochstetler. Here a variety of metal sub-genres can be heard. Influences of black metal (Emperor and Enslaved), death metal (Immolation, Morbid Angel, and Bolt Thrower), thrash metal (Slayer, Megadeth) can be heard alongside Mercyful Fate or Root. Some King Crimson influence can even be heard.

Part 2: "For Those Who Leave and Find Better Devils", is an acoustic affair recorded across three studios. Neo Classical acoustic guitar instrumentals and American Folk music are both on display along with a variety of percussive instruments, vocals, synths, and even a Theremin.

The only rule that applies to both albums is that they explore the despair and alienation of city life. Each set of lyrics has a character struggling to reconcile moral urges with the natural savagery of human existence, a conflict exasperated by the constant motion of civilization. Each song pits the individual against the group.

For a more intimate exploration of lyrical themes and inspiration, a detailed explanation of all the friends and musicians who helped with the effort, and to stream Parts 1 and 2 of "Tied to a Dying Animal" in full please visit this location or stream all seventeen tracks below.

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Grip Of Delusion Radio Releases Doom Compilation

April 1st, 2012 saw the release of one of the biggest free downloadable compilations ever to be produced. This compilation is a celebration of the first year of the station Grip Of Delusion Radio, that thumbs its nose at all the conventions of what a radio station should be. The soundtrack to the rapture contains over eleven hours of music brought to you by 114 sludge, stoner and doom centric artists.

Such diverse artists as Ararat, Shroud of Despondency, Elliot's Keep and Undersmile are featured in the massive roster of bands on this three-part series. You can download and stream all three parts to it over here. The first one is the Gospel of the Chosen and the next two parts are Compil-ex Volumes One and Two. Stream the first part down below. Also, check out the programming at Grip Of Delusion radio at its website.

“As the seventh chord was strummed on the First of April, the Book was opened to a great swelling of sound!” ~ Heathenicus 69:33:16

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Shroud Of Despondency Added To NYDM 5-State Bash

Wisconsin-based black metal outfit Shroud Of Despondency has been added to the NYDM 5-State Spring Bash III, which is set to take place April 6th & 7th at On The Limiter in Cudahy, WI. Shroud Of Despondency will join the likes of Cianide, Cardiac Arrest, Impaler, Blood Feast, Absconder, Burial Ritual and many more. For more info, visit this location. Shroud Of Despondency is scheduled to perform on Saturday, April 7th at 10:05 PM. Erik Stenglein from Milwaukee's Northless will be filling in on drums for the band.


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Shroud Of Despondency Streaming Album

Dark Wisconsin black metallers Shroud of Despondency will be releasing their new CD "Pine" on March 1st. The digital version is already out and may be streamed below. "Pine" consists of eleven tracks, and those who officially download the album will get a bonus disc from Shroud of Despondency titled "Cavalcade of Crows."

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Shroud Of Despondency Posts New Song Online

Shroud of Despondency has posted a new song online titled "Seeing One Last Ray Of Light," which is off the band's upcoming album "Dark Meditations In Monastic Seclusion." You can hear the new song here. The new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Seeing One Last Ray Of Light
2. Homo Homini Lupus
3. Parting Of The Way
4. Sybil
5. Sullen Murmur Oppressive Stillness
6. Flicker Of The Ardent Light
7. To Glisten In All The Colors Of Distress

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