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Unearthing The Prolific-Yet-Unknown Underground

Every Monday we take a look at three bands in the metal underground that deserve to be heard by a wider audience.

While normally the various bands unearthed are all grouped together by sub-genre or geographical location, this week we’re headed into slightly different territory to examine three bands that don’t necessarily share a similar sound. Instead, these three groups all have a common thread in that they are highly prolific artists with many releases under their belts, but somehow still haven’t managed to become highly known in the metal community.

Check out the music of Root, Transmetal, and Senmuth below and decide for yourself if you’d like to join these band’s relatively small but loyal fanbases.


This Czech Republic act is a bit of a cult hit in the underground, developing its own unique sound that isn’t quite black metal or avant-garde or ambient or anything else, but has echoes of all those styles and more.

Root has a solid nine full-length releases under its belt scattered throughout a 20+ year history, having just dropped the new album “Heritage of Satan” (reviewed here). Until recently, Root was almost completely unknown by fans of European dark metal acts, only starting to see more exposure after a series of re-releases through I Hate Records in 2008.

For more info on Root, head over to the band’s official website here, or listen to a sampling of songs off “The Temple in the Underworld” and “The Book” below.

“Casilda's Song”

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Senmuth Releases His 20th Studio Album Of 2010

Russian multi-instrumentalist/post-metal artist Senmuth has released his new studio album, "TE-E-MA," which marks his 20th studio album released in the 2010 calendar year. "TE-E-MA" is also his 76th studio album released to date, since his debut "Cognitive Discord" was released in 2004. A press-release states:

"Senmuth is a Russian multi-instrumentalist who makes uncompromising and experimental music with guitars, ethnic instruments and electronics. He is also a fequent collaborator with several other experimental Russian bands. His musical output can best be described as eclectic, ranging from ethnically fused ambient to progressive rock. His origins however lie predominately in doom and industrial metal with a healthy dose of ethnic music; whereas his newer albums are more progressive and experimental.

"Senmuth's compositions are musical journeys, expansive trips into history and the unknown transporting the listener through distant lands and ancient cultures. The sheer volume of work that Senmuth creates is staggering, having released over 60 albums in less than ten years of active recording, or making about ten albums per year. All of his work is generously released free of charge, and can be downloaded through his website."

Here is the "TE-E-MA" tracklisting:
1. Contour of Events
2. My Pantheon
3. Songs no More
4. Astrocytomia
6. The Climaticshift
7. Stygmatography
8. Mute Syntagma
9. AmGod vs doGmA
10. Soulclusters
11. Divine re-Equivalent
12. Pantheism
13. The Catalyst (Linkin Park remix)

You can download any Senmuth's 76 studio albums, free of charge, at this location. A comprehensive list of the exstensive Senmuth discography is available here.

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