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From: Belgium
Last Known Status: Active

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Plaag Releases New Lyric Video

Plaag - a name you recall from our op/ed a few years back examining the divide between black and unblack metal bands that caused the metal scene to explode - has a new lyric clip online taken from Misantrof AntiRecord's annual "Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" compilation.

Check out Plaag's annual Christmas carol "They Have Gone Retarded" below. Misantrof also comments: "Barely 24hs after the release, the mighty Plaag released the lyrics video of its track featured on our Holy Fucking AntiChristmas volume 9. Enjoy the evil!"

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Misantrof's "Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" Released

It's finally here - the annual Misantrof ANTIRecords "Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" compilation has officially arrived! Stream or download your copy at this location. The 2016 edition's track listing is as follows:

01. 26z – “Six Fold Symmetry”
02. Azgaal – “Claws”
03. Picture Ann – “Stench”
04. Blodsgard – “Forpestede Tro”
05. Gebrechlichkeit – “Nekromantie”
06. Djiwo – “Nogosari”
07. McMoon – “Tales From The Leather Nun”
08. Plaag – “They Have Gone Retarded (Another Christmas Carol)”
09. NahemiA – “9mm”
10. Impaled Martyr – “Christian Slut”
11. Marco Cella – “Boys of Detention” More...

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Misantrof Releases 2013 Anti-Christmas Compilation

Carrying on the tradition that it started in 2008, Misantrof ANTIRecords has, like every year so far, released its Christmas compilation, titled "Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas Volume 6." Misantrof comments:

"The album takes an irreverent poke at what Christmas has become. This year's compilation is again, for your pervert delight, a double CD release, thanks to the amazing interest it has arisen among bands, and then it contains 30 tracks of varying genres, wantonly based on the sick meanings of Christmas. The tracks have been newly written and recorded for this release and like all Misantrof releases this compilation is available for completely free download...

"Regarding the ANTIChristmas albums: If you are reading this you probably don't really love Christmas and its meanings. Humanity is great in creating sick things for everybody to believe. It is such a pity that last year the armageddon did not happen as we wished with our 2012 compilation. So, doomed to live on, our xmas joy reaches such unholy levels in knowing you'll love this new stream of free music, and since Christmas has lost whatever religious significance it had, and it has become a sick orgy of exploitation where everyone is encouraged to spend money to buy stuff they don't need and probably cannot afford, this makes us definitely proud."

The compilation features the following lineup: More...

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"Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" Volume 5 Released

The fifth annual "Holy Fucking AntiChristmas" compilation has now been posted online for free streaming and download via Misantrof ANTIRecords right here. Misantrof also comments:

"If you're reading this, doomsday is cancelled, or who knows? Maybe the armageddon will come later today. So either you want to celebrate the fact you are still alive, or you want to die happily later today, this is the only soundtrack you need.

"Our sole concern is that it seems we're about to get another money based Christmas. Once again. Christmas has now lost whatever religious significance it had to all but a small handful of people, and it has become a sick orgy of exploitation where everyone is encouraged to spend money to buy stuff they don't need and probably cannot afford.

"We just want to give everyone something for free, and hopefully at the same time make people sit back and realize that there are ways to have fun that do not require vast sums of money."

The lineup on the two disc features a variety of punk, rock, and metal acts including: More...

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Misantrof Reveals Anti-Christmas Compilation Art

Misantrof ANTIRecords, run by Daniel Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest, has now revealed the cover artwork for the upcoming fifth "Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas" compilation. The release, which will feature a variety of new and unreleased songs displaying a distaste for the Winter holiday, is due out on December 21st, 2012.

Details on the band lineup and track listing will be announced as they are made available. You can also stream or download the full compilations from previous years past at this location. More...

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Plaag Posts New Track Online For Streaming

Belgium's Plaag has posted the new song "Stitched and Stapled" online, which will appear on the band's upcoming "Ironic Twists And Tales" EP. Check out the song below.

Further details on the release date and track listing will be announced as they are made available. Plaag also commented:

"Since it is taking such a long and unforeseen time to have this EP released we decided we no longer wanted to keep you Plaagies in the dark (no pun intended). So here is one brand new song for you guys 'n gals that is on the upcoming EP! Bang hard and enjoy!"

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"Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas" Compilation Available

Carrying on the tradition that in started in 2008, Norway’s Misantrof ANTIRecords has, for the fourth year running, released its Christmas compilation. Titled “Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas Volume 4”, the album takes an irreverent poke at what Christmas has become.

This year’s compilation is a double CD release and contains 18 tracks from 18 bands of varying genres, loosely based on the various facets of Christmas. The tracks have either been newly written and recorded, or adapted especially for this album. Like all Misantrof releases the 18-track compilation is available for free download, together with cover art and information about the bands involved at this location. Contributing artists are as follows:

Side Shit (Disc 1)

Air Raid Control
Dim Aura
Ion Vader
Jesus Hitler One Man Gangbang Band

Side Piss (Disc 2)

Legion of Crows
Lydia Laska
Dos HellHypnosis
The Small Penis Syndromes
Throne of Malediction
Unknown Johnson
Vrangsinn More...

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Plaag Posts "All That You See Song" Song Online

Plaag has posted the song "All that you See" online, which is off the band's "UGH!" album. You can check out the song in the player below.

You can also listen to the song "Blessed by Fire" here or head over to this location to check out live footage of the band.

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Plaag Performance Footage Available Online

Footage has been posted online of Belgian act Plaag performing the song "Sombers Out," which is off the band's "UGH!" album. You can view the video clip below. Plaag recently made "UGH!" available as a free download, with details available here. You can also check out Plaag's interview earlier this year about true Norwegian black metal and religious "unblack" metal at this location.

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Plaag Posts "Blessed By Fire" Song Online

Plaag has posted a video clip online containing the song "Blessed By Fire," which is off the band's new album "UGH!" You can check out the song in the clip below.

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Plaag Releases New Album As Free Download

Belgian act Plaag, which recently took part in a series of interviews for Metalunderground.com dealing with "unblack" metal, has now released the new album "UGH!" through Misantrof ANTIRecords. “UGH!” was recorded during 2009 and 2010, and was engineered and produced by Plaag founder and front man Somber, with mastering being carried out by Carpathian Forest bassist Daniel Vrangsinn.

“UGH!”, which is described by Somber as a “a piece of pure, get down and have a good time Black ‘n Roll," is available both in CD format, and, in keeping with Misantrof’s policy, is also available for free download in high quality MP3 with complete artwork at this location. The CD version is available directly from the band here.

Misantrof ANTIRecords commented on the band:

"Originally formed as a one man project in 2009 by Somber, who performs vocals and plays all the instruments on the album, Plaag is inspired by early black metal, but with a touch of twisted humour. A live line up featuring Razend on Drums, Triest & Mist on Guitars and Lava on Bass came together in 2010, and will make its live debut during 2011.

"Although 'UGH!' is the first full length release from the band, it is not the first time that PLAAG has appeared on Misantrof, having contributed tracks to the label’s tongue in cheek annual 'Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas' albums in both 2009 and 2010."

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The Unblackening Of Metal

From the very beginning, heavy metal has been about rebellion against established norms and restrictive social institutions. That theme has never prevented metal from being influenced by the greatest of mankind’s various systems of organized repression, however. Using a guitar and a microphone to express discontent over the actions of parents and governments inevitably led to bands expressing their disgust with the beliefs behind those actions. Whether musicians are singing about it, railing against it, or just simply partaking of it in their free time, religion has an undeniable role to play in nearly every sub-genre of heavy metal.

Plenty of bands have been built up around an anti-religious atmosphere, whether a simple general sentiment or a full-on fervor that drives the music. Despite metal being frequently identified with an anti-religious standpoint, the style has more than its fair share or religious spokesmen. Famous musicians such as Dave Mustaine of Megadeth have never been particularly quiet about their Christian faith, even if they don’t expressly promote it in any given song. Explicitly Christian metalcore acts are also rapidly gaining widespread attention, with groups like August Burns Red taking over Hot Topic and acts like I The Breather touring the U.S.

In general, it would seem the thrash metal world either doesn’t care about Mustaine’s religious affiliation or is willing to overlook it for the sake of the music. Thrash certainly has its share of anti-Christian songs, but it’s a genre that’s more concerned with social issues or an overall aggressive musical feel than anything dealing with supernatural belief systems.

As any fan of metal can easily attest, not all genres are built equal, and what appeals to one metal head is a serious turn off for another. Black metal is easily among the most infamous of all metal styles, having cut its teeth in the early ‘90s across a back drop of church burnings and sensational media stories of power struggles between Satanic leaders. Names like Emperor and Mayhem were starting to make waves and become recognized in the underground not only across Europe, but also in the U.S. and abroad. More...

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Misantrof Releases New Anti-Christmas Compilation

After the release of the 2009 "Holy Fucking ANTIChristmas," Misantrof AntiRecords has returned with a new edition of the free anti-Christmas themed compilation. Founder Daniel Vrangsinn of Carpathian Forest commented on the new compilation:

"Misantrof ANTIRecords proudly presents the third edition of the annual HOLY FUCKING ANTIChristmas compilation. During this commercial shit time of the year you will at least find this one thing to make some sense of this ridiculous holidays - This year we worked extra hard to prepare one hell of a package for you! 15 bands - 55 minutes of free music. Check out the band web pages for more information. Enjoy!"

All 15 tracks can either be streamed or downloaded for free at this location. The track listing is as follows:

Electronic Chaos – We Eat So We Kill
A Waste of Talent - THIS SHALLOW WORLD
Ignotus – Existence Nihil
Paal Potet – Gjer Faen I Jul
The Small Penis Syndromes – Christmas Penis
Vrangsinn – Your Average Jesus
Ion Vader – Resist the NWO
Jesus Hitler One Man Gangbang Band – Jesus Der Nacht Der Welt
Glomb – Nachten
RH- – Lamb Song II
Phoebusnex – Stolen
Nierty – Ballistic Angel

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