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From: Sweden
Last Known Status: Active

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Below is our complete Anachronaeon news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Anachronaeon Streaming New Track

Swedish outfit Anachronaeon has posted the second track off the band's upcoming album "The Oracle and the Keyholder."

Check out "On This Final Journey You Hold The Wheel" in the player below, or you can listen to the previously posted track "Trading Youth of the Soul for a Crown of Thorns" at this location.

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Anachronaeon Streaming New Song

Anachronaeon has released the first track off the upcoming 2014 album "The Oracle and The Keyholder." Check out the song "Trading Youth of the Soul for a Crown of Thorns" in the player below.

Anachronaeon 2013 consists of:

Patrik Carlsson - Guitars/Vocals
Andreas Åkerlind - Drums
Kenneth Johansson - Guitars
Mattias Balk - Bass

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Anachronaeon Taking Break Due To Injury

Swedish act Anachronaeon has posted the following message online about drummer Andreas Åkerlind being injured at work:

"So... Andreas chopped off a fingertip at work, so we are taking a break till January to charge batteries and to heal basically. We are glad he is not a guitarist. So, if nothing awesome happens we wish you guys a merry Xmas, loads of beer and a happy new year!"

Anachronaeon also recruited a new guitarist during the summer, and you can check out footage of the band members jamming together in the player below. More...

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Anachronaeon Welcomes New Guitarist

Anachronaeon has posted a video clip online welcoming new guitarist Kenneth Johansson, which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"This is a video to welcome our new guitarist Kenneth. This is also the 4th time we rehearsed with him ever, so we decided to make this clip to officially 'out' him as our new permanent member and to show the world that we are learning our material for upcoming live situations. The song 'Mary' is taken from 'The Ethereal Throne' (2012)."

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Death Zone Compilation Volume 2 Lineup Revealed

Poland's Escape From is the latest act to be confirmed for the new Death Zone Compilation Album Vol 2, presented by Bloody Symphony. You can check out the first compilation volume at this location or in the bandcamp player available below.

The currently announced lineup for volume 2 is as follows:

Isolation In Infamy (USA Death Metal)
Vale Of Pnath (USA Death Metal)
Arsenide (Israel Melodic Death metal)
Lago (USA Death Metal)
Viscral (Indonesian Death Metal)
Bloody Symphony (Indonesian Death Metal)
Symbolik (USA Blackened Death Metal)
Agnostic (India Death Metal)
In Case of Carnage (Italy Technical Death Metal)
Death Stumble (Indonesian Death Metal)
Dark Desolation (India Black Metal)
Balescream (AUS Melodic Death)
Writhing (USA Death Metal)
Anachronaeon (Swedish Dark Metal)
Stark Denial (India Black Metal)
Escape From (Polish Death Metal)

The organizers of the compilation are currently looking for more Indonesian metal bands to include on the album. To submit your band, send an email to bloody.symphony@rocketmail.com. More...

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Anachronaeon Comments On New Album Release

Patrik of Swedish act Anachronaeon has checked in with the following statement about the release of "The Ethereal Throne" and the album being posted online:

"Now our album is spreading in the download world, and just like last time before we even have the albums ourselves. But we cannot fight this, and see no reason to either. We consider it free promotion, and truly hope that if someone download it and love it, that they will support us somehow so we can keep this up.

"The entire album is now on youtube uploaded by a few users such as this one here.

"I have chosen to befriend them rather than report them, it's every person with their own conscience here."

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Anachronaeon Comments On Upcoming Album

Swedish act Anachronaeon has issued the following brief announcement about the release of the band's upcoming new album:

"All right, so it is comfirmed. 'The Ethereal Throne' will be a January 2012 release. The CDs are pressed and on the way to us, but the booklet inlay that was damaged in delivery will be reprinted first thing January." More...

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Anachronaeon Vocalist Appearing On Bane Album

Anachronaeon front man Patrik has been recruited as a guest vocalist for an upcoming album from Serbian act Bane. Patrik performs on the track "Existence in Denial," which will appear on the follow-up to Bane's debut "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness."

Footage of the vocal recording has been posted online and can be viewed below. Additional details on the new Bane album will be announced as they are made available.

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Xtreme Zine Posts Free Compilation Album Online

Xtreme Zine has posted a new 40 track compilation album online, which is currently available as a free download. You can snag all the tracks from the compilation by heading over here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Lost Another - Perang Suci (Indonesia)
2. Havenside - Havenside (USA)
3. Authority - Corpse Of Bucthery (Indonesia)
4. Road to Ransome - Blinding Lights (Australia)
5. Dead People Dance - Dansa Manusia Suci (Indonesia)
6. Shock Therapy - Sparrows (India)
7. Anachronaeon - Wasting Love (Sweden)
8. The Last Outlaw - Fast Animal Slow Children (Australia)
9. Eyecult - Skuld (Sweden)
10. Trophy Knife - Gun Knife Snake (Australia)
11. Satanized - Terror Prophecies (Turkey)
12. Death Remains - Laid To Waste (UK)
13. Blood Stained Host - Hatred (Italy)
14. Aegnor - Aegnor (Turkey)
15. Damned Spring Fragrantia - Breathe (Italy)
16. Define Our Fate - The Truth (USA)
17. Zora - Hipocrisy (Italy)
18. Nightred - When We Collide (UK)
19. Last Vigil - Soaking Intestines Fluids of the Dead (Philippines)
20. The Unanswered - Two Face (UK)
21. Phlegmatic - Conscientious Outcast (India)
22. The Obscene - The Final Silence (UK)
23. Exaleips - Putrefaction Of Insane (Indonesia)
24. Hollow Demise - Darkness Turns The Faithful Blind (UK)
25. Blemish Gore - Bloody Human Tortured (Indonesia)
26. Escape Through Decades - L.O.V.E (Italy)
27. Putrified J - Contagium (Canada)
28. Rebirth Of Triumph - Lamia (Indonesia)
29. Raped By Pigs - Let Me Penetration You (Peru)
30. Descend the Gods - Etheric Impregnation (USA)
31. Vortex Of Clutter - The Land Without Sunshine (Turkey)
32. A Catalyst For Destruction - Waking Lucaya (USA)
33. Requiem For A Nightmare - Gorrila's Dont Exist (USA)
34. Deprive The Deceased - Full Moon Bloodthirst (USA)
35. Tortured - Oyagna Bumi Ku Dosa Sia (Indonesia)
36. Nephrolith - Abandoned Essence Part II (Slovenia)
37. Rùsùah - Sinner (Indonesia)
38. Decrepancy - Silent Armageddon (Serbia)
39. Praying For Suicide Tragedy - Incest (Indonesia)
40. Reflections - Advance Upon Me Brethren (USA) More...

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Anachronaeon Posts New Album Cover

Sweden's Anachronaeon has revealed the cover artwork for the band's upcoming album "The Ethereal Throne" through Death Metal Baboon. You can check out the artwork below. A teaser trailer for the album is also available by heading over to this location.

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NoCleanSinging Discusses Pros And Cons Of Covers

NoCleanSinging.com has posted an editorial online on the pros and cons of covers, after hearing the Anachronaeon cover of Iron Maiden's "Wasting Love." An excerpt from the editorial can be viewed below.

Song covers that just faithfully reproduce an original song don’t add anything. Why would anyone listen to a reproduction when you can listen to the original? That point seems inarguable. So, if a cover needs to be different from the original to be worth hearing, what makes a cover succeed and what makes it fail?

I think the answer depends to some extent on the popularity of the original song and how you, as a listener, feel about it. If it’s a great song, a well-remembered song, the kind of song that welcomingly unfolds in your head as soon as you hear the first few notes, then a band that alters that song in a cover is playing with fire. I think for a cover of that kind of song to work, the cover band almost has to change it dramatically. Making minor alterations around the edges can be jarring — you mind is playing one thing in your head from memory, and here and there the cover recording is doing something else that you’re unlikely to hear as an improvement on the original.

On the other hand, changing a beloved original song in dramatic ways can be equally off-putting — or it can be a wonderful surprise. It all depends on whether the cover song can stand on its own as something interestingly different, on whether the cover band has found something in the original that it can run with, maintaining a connection to the original but spinning out a variation that can stand on its own two legs as a good piece of music. There’s no formula for how to do this.

Two covers I’ve heard recently (and written about) jump to mind as examples of what works. One is Amon Amarth‘s cover of System of A Down‘s “Aerials”, which appeared as a bonus track on Surtur Rising. Another is Torture Division‘s cover of a Mastodon song called “Iron Tusk." Both songs imprint the cover band’s own particular style on the original, creating something different and good, without completely losing connection with the originals.

For additional info on Anachronaeon, you can check out our review of the band's album "The Futile Quest for Immortality" here, or navigate over to our interview with the band at this location.

Read the full article at No Clean Singing.

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Anachronaeon Uploads Iron Maiden Cover

Sweden's Anachronaeon has issued the following update about posting an Iron Maiden cover song online:

"Hey guys... it's been a while since we've updated this site but now we actually have something.
We are releasing a cover song as a free download... Iron Maiden's 'Wasting Love' (you can also hear it here at MySpace).

"In our version it is not a ballad anymore, and we interpreted it freely, so don't expect a version true to the original. You can download the zip-bundle (includes the song in .mp3 and .wav format, a little cover, and some release notes for the song) here. You can view a crappy video that we made for it below.

"Smerdulak has begun working on the cover art for 'The Ethereal Throne.' We are so eager to see what he will come up with... it is said to be really dark. Hopefully the release plans of getting this album out in 2011 can be true.

"Soon we begin working on the next album. We're gonna have a little break for two weeks, then we get to work! Join us on facebook (since that's where the most action is today, like it or not) here. Thanks for supporting us!"

A teaser trailer for "The Ethereal Throne" is also available for viewing at this location.

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Anachronaeon Posts "The Ethereal Throne" Trailer

Anachronaeon has posted a teaser trailer online for the new album "The Ethereal Throne," which can be viewed below. The band also commented:

"This clip contains a minute or two of each song of the forthcoming Anachronaeon album 'The Ethereal Throne' to be released in 2011 by Stygian Crypt Productions. Please excuse the crappy sound quality on this upload, but you all know how compression and YouTube work."

You can also check out the previously uploaded trailer here.

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Anachronaeon Posts New Album Trailer Online

Swedish dark metallers Anachronaeon, which features members in the black metal band Eyecult, has posted a teaser trailer about the concept of their forthcoming album called "The Ethereal Throne," to be released in 2011 by the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions.

According to the band, "'The Ethereal Throne' takes a dive into the dark religious mind of a serial killer, and follows his inner struggle on this musical journey between the boundaries of epic heavy metal and blasting extreme metal."

Watch the album trailer below:

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