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Formed: 1981
From: San Francisco, CA, United States
Last Known Status: Active


Metallica was first formed by Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and future Megadeth member Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney. They first played in L.A., but later found themselves at home playing in the San Francisco Bay area. The band later replaced Ron with Cliff Burton and Dave with Kirk Hammet as late as 1983.

On September 27, 1986, on the European leg of the Master of Puppets tour, Cliff Burton was killed in a bus accident in Sweden en route to their next show's location. Tragic as this event was, Metallica continued on and Cliff was replaced by Jason Newsted, who remained part of the band until 2001, when he finally annouced he would leave Metallica because of the damage he had done to his body touring and headbanging for fourteen years.

More than any other band, Metallica and their albums have been the yardstick with which to measure other heavy metal releases. Metallica practically defines "heavy metal" as a sub-genre of metal itself, although their music ranges from NWOBHM to Thrash in their earlier days. However, in the 1990s and beyond 2000, Metallica evolved a more mainstream sound, which helped them become a household name and the seventh biggest selling act in history.

Latest Metallica News

Below is our complete Metallica news coverage, including columns and articles pertaining to the band. Some articles listed may be indirectly related, such as side projects of the band members, etc.

Note: We began associating news directly with bands in late 2003. Therefore, earlier band news may not be listed on this page.

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Metallica Video Of Black Sabbath Induction

Video clips of METALLICA inducting BLACK SABBATH into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and performing a medley of SABBATH songs during the induction ceremony held on March 13 at New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel have been posted online at YouTube.com. Check them out:

Performance ("Hole in the Sky" / "Iron Man")
Speech (Lars Ulrich / James Hetfield)

The following is the full text of Ulrich's and Hetfield's induction speech:

Lars Ulrich: "Let me start off by saying that, if I'm doing my math right, we are gonna celebrate BLACK SABBATH tonight a decade or so late, but that's another conversation and another argument.

"Oh, by the way, Sharon, if I fuck this up in any way, please no eggs. This is my finest leather, this is my finest leather.

"Anyway, I wonder how many times on this very night in the last 20 years that the words 'If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here' have been uttered. Well, here we go once more. Bill, Geezer, Ozzy and Tony, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here. Obviously if there was no BLACK SABBATH, there would be no METALLICA. If there was no BLACK SABBATH, hard rock and heavy metal as we know it today would look, sound and be shaped very, very differently. So if there was no BLACK SABBATH, I could possibly still be a morning newspaper delivery boy — no fun, no fun. So thank you for meeting, thank you for knowing each other, and thank you for forming a band so I would have something relevant and important to do on this Monday night in 2006. More...

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Korn "Live & Rare" Track Listing Revealed

Billboard.com reports that Korn has rounded up a host of live tracks and odds and ends for the appropriately titled "Live & Rare," due May 9 via Epic. The set features 10 cuts drawn from a 2003 show at New York club CBGB, a live cover of Pink Floyd’s "Another Brick in the Wall" taped in St. Louis and two songs from Korn's 1999 performance at the Woodstock Festival.

"Live & Rare" is rounded out by covers of Metallica's "One" and Cheech & Chong's "Earache My Eye," plus the B-side "Proud."

Here is the track list for "Live & Rare": More...

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Lee, Newsted, Clarke Search For 'Rock Star'

Jonathan Cohen reports for Billboard.com:

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke have formed a new band, Supernova, and will utilize the CBS reality show "Rock Star" as the vehicle by which to select a lead singer. The show will premiere this summer.

Once a singer has been selected, Supernova will hit the studio with producer Butch Walker (Pink, Avril Lavigne) to record an album that will be released in the fall. A world tour will follow in early 2007.

Guitarist Dave Navarro and actress Brooke Burns will return as the show's hosts. Navarro promises appearances from Slash, Macy Gray, Moby and Rob Zombie during the competition.

Last fall, "Rock Star" debuted as a talent search for a new INXS frontman. With winner J.D. Fortune in tow, the group has revived its career with a new album, "Switch," and an extensive tour.

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Between The Buried And Me To Issue Covers CD

Between The Buried And Me will be releasing an album of cover songs in June called "The Anatomy Of", which will contain the following tracks:

Pantera - "Cemetery Gates"
Sepultura - "Territory"
Soundgarden - "The Day I Tried to Live"
Mötley Crüe - "Kickstart My Heart"
Pink Floyd - "Us and Them"
Queen - "Bicycle Race"
Metallica - "Blackened"
Faith No More - "Malpractice"
Doors - "People Are Strange"
Depeche Mode - "Little 15"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Geek U.S.A."
Blind Melon - "Change"

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Hetfield Honored With Stevie Ray Vaughan Award

Metallica's James Hetfield will be honored as the recipient of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his dedication and support of the MusiCares MAP Fund and his devotion to helping other addicts with recovery process. Bill Silva will be the recipient of the MusiCares Heart Award for his unconditional friendship and dedication to the mission and goals of the organization. The evening will feature a buffet dinner and performances by a range of special musical guests.

The second annual MusiCares® MAP Fund benefit concert, will be held on Friday, May 12, 2006, at The Music Box in Hollywood, CA. Tickets are offered at three price levels: floor placement in a private living room grouping of 10 for $10,000; floor seating individual tickets for $1,000 each; and balcony seating individual tickets for $250 each. All proceeds will benefit the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation. More...

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Metallica To Spend Six Months Writing

RollingStone.com is reporting that METALLICA have hunkered down in a San Francisco studio, breaking ground on their ninth studio disc, with producer Rick Rubin (SYSTEM OF A DOWN, AUDIOSLAVE, SLAYER). After opening two shows for the ROLLING STONES last November, 'TALLICA got the itch to stitch together a new album. "We've been writing, jamming, hanging for about two months," drummer Lars Ulrich tells RollingStone.com. "Right now it's me, James [Hetfield] and Rob [Trujillo] — Kirk [Hammett] shows up once in a while." On their last album, "St. Anger", the band wrote and recorded simultaneously; this time, they'll first spend about six months composing brain-rattling riffs and mining recordings of pre-show jams from the "St. Anger" tour for material. The boys are currently booking some one-off summer dates to break the monotony. "Japan, South Africa, Bumfuck — we'll play anywhere," says Lars. "I'll draw the line at bar mitzvahs, but backyard keggers for sure."

As previously reported, sources close to METALLICA recently told Launch that the band will not play any U.S. shows this summer, despite speculation that the group would either headline Ozzfest or mount their own stadium tour. While METALLICA are playing three concerts in South Africa later this month and have a string of European festival appearances lined up for June, their schedule has been empty for the rest of the summer, leading to rumors of some sort of U.S. jaunt. However, the sources say that the band will enter the studio in July with producer Rick Rubin to begin recording its ninth studio album.

METALLICA will make its South African debut on March 18, March 21 and March 25 as part of a massive music festival called the Coca-Cola Colab Mix.

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Metallica To Induct Sabbath Into Hall Of Fame

Metallica have posted the following message on their official website:

"So there we are, hanging out at HQ getting ready for our first visit to South Africa, and a call comes in wondering if we can leave a few days early and stop by New York to induct a bunch of guys from Birmingham, England (they're called Black Sabbath, you might've heard of them) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It took us all of 3/4 of a second to say 'fuck yeah!!'
Black Sabbath wrote the book on heavy music, and like many other snot-nosed kids, we read it religiously over and over again. For all of us in Metallica, Black Sabbath are a major influence not only on our music, but on our lives, and as you can imagine, we're psyched to join Bill, Geezer, Ozzy, and Tony for the induction ceremony on Monday, March 13.

"Not only will we be inducting Sabbath, we are going to make a humble attempt at playing some of their songs live in front of the gathered masses, including, most humbling of all, the four members of the band themselves.

"If you want to check it out, VH-1 will be there with their cameras. For show times look here." More...

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Lars Ulrich Comments On Ozzfest Rumors

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has commented on the rumors that the band will headline this year's Ozzfest alongside special guests SYSTEM OF A DOWN. In a March 2, 2006 video update posted on The Metallica Club (official METALLICA fan club) web site (and subsequently obtained by BLABBERMOUTH.NET), Ulrich said about the group's upcoming touring plans, "I can tell you that pretty much everything that I know about is already announced — there's not super-secret things being planned out in some warroom somewhere about all these other tours and all this other stuff. There's one or two other things that's brewing but it's not like big tours or anything… It's pretty much all been announced. There's the rumor about the Ozzfest… Everybody thinks we're playing Ozzfest, which, I mean, would be a great thing one day — or a fun thing [to do] one day — but it hasn't shown up my radar [yet]."

As previously reported, sources close to METALLICA have told Launch that the band will not play any U.S. shows this summer, despite speculation that the group would either headline Ozzfest or mount its own stadium tour. While METALLICA is playing three concerts in South Africa later this month and has a string of European festival appearances lined up for June, its schedule has been empty for the rest of the summer, leading to rumors of some sort of U.S. jaunt. However, the sources say that the band will enter the studio in July with producer Rick Rubin to begin recording its ninth studio album.

METALLICA will make its South African debut on March 18, March 21 and March 25 as part of a massive music festival called the Coca-Cola Colab Mix.

The band's June festival itinerary includes stops in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and the U.K.

METALLICA announced last month that it will record its new album with Rubin, who has worked with SYSTEM OF A DOWN, SLIPKNOT, the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, AUDIOSLAVE and others.

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Rare 'Ride The Lightning' Vinyl Sold For Over $2K

A limited-edition vinyl copy of METALLICA's "Ride the Lightning" LP, featuring the band's logo in red, was recently sold on eBay for a whopping $2,247! The LP was apparently one of only 500 copies that were pressed up in 1989 by the band's European record label, Phonogram/Vertigo, and features an individual numbering sticker. You can view the auction page here.

Commented the seller: "I bought this record from a friend who owned a record shop back in early '90s when I lived in Germany.It was unused and all new when I bought it, but I don't think it came shrinkwrapped. I have only played it a couple of times, and besides that it has been in my vinyl shelfs for 16 years or something now! The sleeve shows signs of age, but it's nothing major. Anyway, I think it will be a long time untill you will see this one for sale on eBay again!!"

For more information on this rare promotional item, visit metallipromo.com (see record listing number 42).

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Just For Fun

Antimusic.com Has Fun With Ozzfest Rumors

With all the rumors going around about the bands on Ozzfest, Antimusic.com thought it would be fun to look at some of the latest rumors:

Guns N' Roses - We now know that Axl and company are making the rounds at European festivals this Spring but will they headline Ozzfest? It could happen but then again they could easily sellout the same venues on their own and keep all the cash instead of sharing with Sharon.

AC/DC - Given that Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, two bands that do well on their own, have done the tour in the past it's not too crazy to think of AC/DC heading the fest but again they might be better off on their own.

Korn - Since they aren't drawing like they used to on their own this might make be a good fit.

Alice in Chains - Judas Priest used Ozzfest for their comeback but a Layne-less AIC might not attract enough $$ for Sharon.

System of a Down - Given how much they love greedy capitalist like Sharon, who knows?

Body Count - Ice T supposedly told a radio DJ that they are doing it. Would be kind of cool to have a credible rap rock band on the tour for a change.

Tool - would be cool but they are supposed to have some conflicting summer gigs already in the can.

Metallica - management killed this rumor. Maybe they will team up with Guns N Roses again and do stadiums? Hey we can start rumors too, just look at the next section!

Since rumors are so fun, we're gonna start our own. Sharon wants to expand Ozzfest's reach and wants to sell as many tickets as possible so what about these bookings? Backstreet Boys, 50 Cent and Britney Spears. Think it's a stretch? Sharon did put Crazy Town on the main stage one year and let's not forget about Linkin Park and Adema.

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Metallica's Management, Label Reject Ozzfest Rumor

Representatives for Metallica's management (QPrime) and record label (Warner Bros.) have both rejected as "false" rumors that the band will be headlining this summer's Ozzfest.

Metallica have lined up a number of European festival appearances as part of their "Escape From The Studio '06" tour, including slots at Germany's Rock Am Ring and U.K.'s Download festivals.

Metallica recently confirmed in a posting on their official web site that they have recruited Rick Rubin (Slayer, System of a Down, Slipknot, Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers) to produce their forthcoming studio LP. The news was accompanied on the site by several pictures of Metallica in the studio with a shoeless Rubin.

Metallica officially began the songwriting process for their new album late last year and are expected to spend the next few months compiling ideas before entering the final recording stage. A late 2006/early 2007 release via Warner Bros. is expected.

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Metallica, System of a Down Rumored For Ozzfest 06

METALLICA and SYSTEM OF A DOWN are strongly rumored to have secured the "headliner" and "special guest" slots at this year's Ozzfest, according to BLABBERMOUTH.NET, citing "industry insiders."

Although no bands have been officially announced for this year's festival, DISTURBED frontman David Draiman revealed during an appearance on the Seattle station 99.9 KISW in January that his band will be appearing on this summer's Ozzfest. Meanwhile, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's booking agent recently told Billboard magazine that Zakk Wylde and Co. have also been confirmed for this year's trek. UNEARTH guitarist Ken Susi told the Alternative Press on Feb. 14 that his band will be one of the rotating headliners on the second stage of Ozzfest 2006, while Jesse Hayes of the Cleveland radio station WMMS 100.7 FM announced last month during his daily "Buzzard Rock Report" segment that BODY COUNT — the heavy metal band fronted by rapper/actor Ice T — will be performing at this year's traveling festival. BLEEDING THROUGH frontman Brandon Schieppati reportedly revealed at the conclusion of the band's performance at Neumo's in Seattle, Washington Sunday night (Feb. 19) that they will be taking part in Ozzfest 2006. Additional offers to play the tour have been extended to AVENGED SEVENFOLD and ATREYU, according to recently published interviews with both artists.

The Ozzfest organizers are expected to announce the official lineup for this year's festival sometime in March.

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Metallica Confirmed to Work with RIck Rubin

Rumors of Metallica's next album being produced have been confimed. Here's a statement from the band:

"We just wanted to let our friends know that we have been jamming, writing, just plain messing around and having fun in the studio for the last few weeks. Oh, and by the way, this up and coming producer guy named Rick something-or other, has been coming by the studio every now and again to listen to some of our new stuff and throw his two/three cents in. Since this Rick dude is new to all of this, we thought it would be a nice gesture to help break him into the music business by asking him to produce our next record. We're very happy he said yes! In other words, we are psyched to share with you that Rick Rubin is producing the next Metallica album! FUCK YEAH!"

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Metallica Announce More Tour Dates

METALLICA have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We had such a great time when we did this back in the day in '95, which was . . . eh, like we had planned for '06, a year dedicated to nothing but writing and recording . . . Oh well how the best laid plans can change. So when we were asked, we figured why not do it again!!! Escape from the studio once more and spend our summer vacation hanging out at the coolest live music festivals on the planet.

"Here's what we have so far:

Jun. 03 - Nurburgring, GER - Rock Am Ring Festival
Jun. 04 - Nurnberg, GER - Rock Im Park Festival
Jun. 08 - Arnhem, NETH - Gelredome
Jun. 10 - Donington, UK - Download Festival
Jun. 11 - Dublin, IRE - Download Festival

"Please understand that we're making this up as we go along. We wanna keep you as in the loop as possible, but this shit is literally happening as we are typing, so please watch this space for more info as we get it regarding support acts, potential additional dates, change of something or other not expected as these VERY words are being typed, etc."

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Metallica's Official Sundance Video, Photos Online

METALLICA's official web site has been updated with photos and a video clip of the band's performance at a private party for the film "The Darwin Awards" following the movie's Sundance Film Festival premiere on Wednesday, January 25 at Harry O's on Main Street in Park City, Utah. You can check it out at Metallica.com. The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Ecstasy Of Gold (intro)
02. Creeping Death
03. For Whom The Bell Tolls
04. Wherever I May Roam
05. Fuel
06. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
07. Sad But True
08. Fade To Black
09. Master Of Puppets
10. One
11. Enter Sandman
12. Last Caress
13. Battery
14. Seek & Destroy

"The Darwin Awards" stars Joseph Fiennes and Winona Ryder and is described as "a twisted comedy about people accidentally killed in idiotic ways." METALLICA themselves appear in a scene that includes footage shot at a November 22, 2004 concert in Salt Lake City, Utah (the band apparently had to perform "Sad But True" three times for the film crew). Lukas Haas plays a drunken fan who attempts to sneak into the show, with tragic results (based on a 1998 urban legend).

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Metallica To Work With Rick Rubin?

Total Rock reports that there are strong rumours that Metallica will work with Slayer/Red Hot Chili Peppers producer Rick Rubin on their next album. If true, this would mean the end of a lengthy collaboration with Bob Rock, stretching back to the 'Black Album'.

Metallica will headine the Coca-Cola Colab Massive Mix festivals in South Africa, marking their first ever visit to the continent. The shows are as follows:

Mar. 18 - Supersport Park, Centurion (situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria)
Mar. 21 - ABSA Stadium, Durban
Mar. 25 - Green Point Stadium, Cape Town

METALLICA's follow-up to 2003's "St. Anger" is expected to surface in late 2006/early 2007 via Warner Bros.

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VH1's 'Heavy: The Story Of Metal' Details

"Heavy: The Story of Metal," premiering Monday - Thursday, May 1-4 at 9PM ET/PT each night traces the evolution of heavy metal music and culture, from its dark, grim beginnings in Birmingham, England to the worldwide force that it remains to this day. In a series of four themed hours, "Heavy: The Story of Metal," explores four decades of music, each hour examining this powerful and often misunderstood genre, from metal's pioneers to its love of glam and excess; from the fight for metal's rebellious soul to its storied flirtation with the devil:

Episode One traces metal's roots in the late-60's in the bombed-out industrial town of Birmingham England to the spectacular rise of Kiss and "glam metal" in the early 70's.

Episode Two examines metal's growing pains during the 70's when both high-brow rock critics and punk rock threatened its very existence. By decade's end, bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Def Leppard gave birth to what became known as "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal." Episode Three sees metal thrive in, of all places, sunny California. Van Halen, Poison, Motley Crue -- it's the world of hair metal. And, keeping everyone's Jacuzzi-soaked ego in check, a little film called Spinal Tap emerges.

Episode Four takes a walk on the dark side: Guns N' Roses, Metallica, thrash, grunge, and how the music and images of Marilyn Manson became associated with the Columbine massacre.

Told from the perspective of the musicians, promoters, writers and fans who have kept metal's flame alive for four decades, "Heavy: The Story of Metal," contains revealing, hilarious and sometimes shocking conversations. Interviews include Sebastian Bach, Jerry Cantrell, Phil Collen, Bruce Dickinson, Fred Durst, Ace Frehley, Rob Halford, Scott Ian, Tony Iommi, Chris Jericho, Lemmy Kilmister, Chuck Klosterman, Jani Lane, Tommy Lee, Doc McGhee, Bret Michaels, Dave Mustaine, Vinnie Paul, Mark Putnam, Riki Rachtman, Dave "Snake" Sabo, Nikki Sixx, Slash, Dee Snider, Geoff Tate, Eddie Trunk, Rob Zombie and more.

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Metallica Confirm South African Dates

METALLICA have now officially confirmed that they will headine the Coca-Cola Colab Massive Mix festivals in South Africa, marking their first ever visit to the continent. The shows are as follows:

Mar. 18 - Supersport Park, Centurion (situated between Johannesburg and Pretoria)
Mar. 21 - ABSA Stadium, Durban
Mar. 25 - Green Point Stadium, Cape Town

Other artists on the bill include seven top local artists, SIMPLE PLAN, THE RASMUS, SEETHER, FATBOY SLIM, and COLLECTIVE SOUL. Tickets are already on sale via the www.computicket.co.za web site, or by calling 083 915 8000.

METALLICA's follow-up to 2003's "St. Anger" is expected to surface in late 2006/early 2007 via Warner Bros.

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New Voivod Album To Include Bonus DVD

VOIVOD drummer Michel "Away" Langevin has begun laying down tracks for the group's much-anticipated new album with producer Glen Robinson (VOIVOD's "Nothingface", TEA PARTY, GWAR) at Piccolo Studios in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The drummer recently started a blog about the studio work that includes studio updates, tidbits and photos. The following is Away's newest entry:

"Day 3 - January 6th, 2006, 5:45 p.m.: I just finished songs 5 and 6. Both were pretty hard to perform. Song 5 has a very strange break in the middle, then it jumps into a killer finale. Song 6 has a weird beat going on, with a cool spy part in the middle. Snake [vocals] pointed out that it's a great spot for electronic FX. I agree.

"Snake and I had a good chat with our management about filming the sessions this weekend, to be released as a bonus DVD with the new album.

"I just saw the wife of the injured miner on TV. She said she is playing METALLICA's black album in the hospital room. It made me think of Jason [Newsted, VOIVOD/ex-METALLICA bassist]. I can't wait for him to hear the drums and all... So far it sounds epic.

"11:00 p.m.: Just got back from the studio. I think I nailed number 7, another spaced-out Piggy track, with lots of double kick. It's what Piggy and I used to call a pyramidal song: a series of riffs that peek in the middle and then the same riffs in reverse order. I'll listen to it with a fresh ear first thing tomorrow."

This is the first album in the band’s 20+ year career that will not feature founding guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour working alongside his bandmembers in the studio. D'Amour died August 26, 2005 in a Montreal hospital from complications of advanced colon cancer.

In order to record the album Away — along with singer Denis "Snake" Belanger and bassist Jason "Jasonic" Newsted — are utilizing all of the guitar parts that Piggy had recorded for the record on his laptop with ProTools before his death.

VOIVOD's as-yet-untitled new album should surface sometime later this year on The End Records in North America.

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Metallica Begin Rehearsing For New Album

On November 29, 2005, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to the Danish newspaper B.T. about his relationship with Danish Hollywood actress Connie Nielsen, in which he makes a brief reference to Metallica as well.

"Fuck, where do I begin? We have the language, the culture, the sarcasm and the irony in common. We have…yeah, the whole package, because she understands me," Ulrich told the newspaper in a phone interview while being driven from New York City to JFK Airport.

The couple had been in town to celebrate Connie's son Sebastian's 15th birthday and were now returning to the Ulrich's estate in the wealthy Tiburon district in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Yes, it looks like Connie has moved in with me," the drummer confirmed. "We're taking everything day by day, but she's sitting next to me right now.

"Connie has been — how would you say it in Danish? — a pleasant addition to my life over the last couple of years. It's been nice to have had the Danish side of me become more prominent. To take short trips to Denmark and have a summer vacation with her family in Nordjylland."

Is it because you're afraid of losing touch with your roots that the "Danishness" has become more important to you?

"You know what? That might very well be the case. At any rate, it's something that you definitely want to hold on to and that becomes more and more important when you're a 41-year-old living abroad."

Upon Ulrich’s return to San Francisco later on November 29, METALLICA were due to start the very first rehearsals for the band’s ninth studio album.

"I wouldn't say that I have a plan or an idea of where we're headed, but to kickstart METALLICA once again makes me happy like a kid."

Lars and Connie will be celebrating Christmas in San Francisco together with Connie's son Sebastian and Lars' two sons, Layne, 4, and Myles, 7 (with estranged wife Skylar Ulrich). Joining them will be Lars' father Torben Ulrich, who will be accompanied by his wife Molly.

Do you want to get married again?

Lars: "Yeah, well, first I have to get divorced [laughs], so let's take everything nice and slow, OK? Very, very slow."

Your girlfriend has told one of the other [Danish] newspapers that she would love to have more children, so now you are forced to oblige…

"What? She has what? That pleases me, that pleases me," chuckles Lars.

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