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Peruvian Metal Bands

We've covered 34 Peruvian metal bands, which you can browse below. We're always expanding our database so check back often. If you are in a metal band from Peru, please see our F.A.Q. for tips on how to get your band listed on Metal Underground.com.

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Band Formed City/State Status Articles
Anal Vomit   Active 2
Ancestral Dawn   Active 3
Anima   Active 2
Avoidant   Active 1
Ayahuasca Dark Trip 2010  Active 1
Blizzard Hunter 2006  Lima Active 6
Ch'aska 2000  Arequipa Unknown 1
Cobra   Active 1
Cotard Syndrome   Lima Active 1
Crimena Bathory   Lima Active 1
Desvirginizagore   Active 1
Don Juan Matus   Active 0
El Hijo De La Aurora   Lima Active 1
Fervent Hate 2008  Arequipa Active 2
Flor de Loto   Active 1
Gangrel   Lima Active 1
Goat Semen   Active 2
Katari   Active 2
Mauser 2006  Lima Active 3
Maze of Terror   Active 6
Mirthless   Active 2
Morbid Slaughter   Active 3
Morbosatan 2013  Lima Active 1
Mortem   Active 0
Nautiluz   Active 1
Necropsya 1989  Lima Active 1
Non Serviam   Active 2
Nostalgia   Active 2
Raped By Pigs   Active 9
Reino Ermitano   Active 3
Sordid   Active 1
Temptation Xplodes   Active 1
The Fallen Symmetry   Active 1
Two Face Sinner   Lima Active 2

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